Hernandez jersey swap at a brisk pace


We mentioned this morning that fans were lined up outside Gillette Stadium to trade in Aaron Hernandez jerseys.

And apparently the line continues to build. According to Mike Rodak of ESPNBoston.com, a team spokesman said more than 500 jerseys were turned over in under two hours, and they’re still coming in.

The exchanges are taking place only at the team store, which is open until 9 p.m. tonight, and will offer the same deal tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

They’ve also announced that they might try to recycle some of the material, but won’t be shipping the trade-ins to a foreign country, as has been done with pre-ordered championship merchandise of teams that lose Super Bowls.

At this point, the fewer Hernandez jerseys being worn, the better.

14 responses to “Hernandez jersey swap at a brisk pace

  1. Clothes are clothes. Somebody in a third world country could get as much use out of a Hernandez jersey than when they were wearing all the 19-0 merchandise the Patriots had no use for.

  2. Actually thought it was kind of bogus that they were ONLY doing this at the Patriots store. In this day and age, when the NFL is trying to make football a more “global” game, wouldn’t they assume there are fans that DON’T live in the immediate area?

  3. Fewer the better? Sure it’s a sore subject for a year or two…but as a buffalo fan, I see my fair share of OJ jerseys. It’s acceptable here. This will be no big deal in 5 years. I think you’re being a little ridiculous Darin.

  4. Buffalo, the city as a whole loves murder. It makes sense the proliferation of Simpson jerseys in that city.

    Although I am a little surprised at the not shipping jerseys part. Some areas of the world could really use them.

  5. It’s amazing the difference in the way New England and Baltimore handled their own respective stars being accused of murders they almost surely committed. While New England and their fans have been fairly realistic and actually handled the situation with dignity and class, Baltimore and their fans still try to convince everyone to this day that Ray Lewis was completely innocent despite all the evidence and holes in the stories given by all people involved. Gotta give New England credit on this one.

  6. Why would anyone want a players name on a jersey anyways? They will eitherbe in prison or playing for another team next year. Thats the new NFL standard, prison or show me the money!

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