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Meyer breaks silence on Hernandez

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Five days ago, former Florida coach Urban Meyer previously had nothing to say about former Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez.  Now, with mounting criticism of his program in Gainesville as more negative information about Hernandez emerges, Meyer has broken his silence.

“Prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim,” Meyer, now the head coach at Ohio State, told Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch via text message.  “Relating or blaming these serious charges to the University of Florida, myself or our staff is wrong and irresponsible.”

As it relates to alleged drug use, Meyer is right.  But a recent ABC News report raises real questions regarding whether a September 2007 shooting properly was investigated by Gainesville police or the football program.  Hernandez, then 17, reportedly declined to be interviewed by police, invoking his right to counsel.

When a 17-year-old invokes the right to counsel while being questioned about a shooting, that’s more than enough for his college football coach to get to the bottom of the situation.  If that had happened (and by all appearances it didn’t), perhaps Hernandez would have learned at a young age the connection between his conduct and consequences.  Instead, Hernandez (if the current allegations are true) may have developed a sense that things will always work out, no matter what he does.

Meyer didn’t address the unsolved shooting in his text messages to the Dispatch.

“I just received an email from a friend where there is an accusation of multiple failed drug tests by Hernandez covered up by University of Florida or the coaching staff.  This is absolutely not true,” Meyer said. “Hernandez was held to the same drug testing policy as every other player. . . .

“He was an athlete at Florida 4-7 yrs ago and there are some comments being made that are not correct.  Our staff, myself and our families worked very hard to mentor and guide him.”

The last time someone close to Hernandez complained generally about incorrect reports (his lawyer, Michael Fee), Hernandez was arrested for murder roughly 36 hours later.  So until Meyer provides specifics, we’ll assume he’s just saying what he thinks he needs to say in order to wiggle out of an awkward situation.

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90 Responses to “Meyer breaks silence on Hernandez”
  1. bennyb82 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:27 AM

    Has there ever been a coach who has had .41 players arrested for every game he has coached? That is an astounding average…

  2. bennyb82 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:28 AM

    (.41 at Florida)

  3. GenXJay says: Jul 6, 2013 10:29 AM

    there’s nothing more exciting than propping up a killer in the making throughout the school system just because of talent.
    Society, more hand-outs please?

  4. snarcasms says: Jul 6, 2013 10:29 AM

    Whatever makes you sleep better at night Urban.

  5. turtlehut says: Jul 6, 2013 10:30 AM

    Ohio State fans will happily accept all the bad behavior from Urban Meyer’s recruits if he can win them a championship or two.

  6. SAV says: Jul 6, 2013 10:30 AM

    Well I guess its clear that Urban Meyer wrote the holy book and what is right and responsible. So when’s the book dropping Mr. Meyer? Can’t wait to read it and compare it to other books like the Bible etc.

  7. betterandbetterthan says: Jul 6, 2013 10:33 AM

    Regardless of his potential involvement, it is normal for an individual, especially one from where he is from, to ask for counsel. Him asking for it is not a red flag.

  8. mantastic54 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:34 AM

    That’s really stretching it by saying Hernandez may have learned the consequences if UF looked in to the incident in 2007. Bottom line is the guy supposedly murdered someone and dumped the body within a mile from his house, you can’t fix stupid.

  9. bigtrav425 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:34 AM

    Why in the hell are you more or less accusing him of being partially responsible for one of the biggest idiots and douche bags we have seen in awhile….If your going to do that you need to also start blaming Kraft,Belicheck and Brady as well!

  10. bender4700 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:35 AM

    When did anyone blame Florida, Meyer, or New England?

    Dude is just mad because people have been talking about how many issues he had at Florida.

    This guy is an egomaniac who cannot handle anyone calling him out.

    He had a lot of players in trouble at Florida, he abruptly left Florida for “health” reasons, then took a new, equally high pressured job a year later. Does he not get why people have a hard time believing him?

    Writing is on the wall Urban, you aren’t at fault for Aaron Hernandez, but you sure capitalized off his talents despite the many early warning signs.

  11. nyyjetsknicks says: Jul 6, 2013 10:35 AM

    “Prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim,” Meyer, now the head coach at Ohio State, told Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch via text message. “Relating or blaming these serious charges to the University of Florida, myself or our staff is wrong and irresponsible.”

    UofF AD: Hernandez failed one drug test while at school.

    Hernandez at combine meetings: I failed multiple drug test at school.

    I have no proof but I’d bet a lot of stuff went down at UofF that we don’t know about.

  12. beretta96d says: Jul 6, 2013 10:36 AM

    Its fine to look in the past and figure out where things may have gone wrong and likely Meyer and the school did turn a cheek, but lets not put the blame on them, Hernandez is likely the trigger man. He needs to be accountable for his actions, not a former coach.

  13. jiggy3198 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:36 AM

    CYA by saying something. But come on. I have no doubt the failed drug tests the covering up of the shooting (after all the guy didn’t die) by U of F are true and that Meyers ran a shady program only concerned with winning and not the welfare of the players or community.

  14. cincy85 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:38 AM

    I’m sorry but at some point the press has got to stop blaming everybody else. Aaron made the decision not his coach, not his friends, and not his peers. It was Aaron. I mean I haven’t heard anybody say anything about the way his parents raised him?? It’s Aaron’s fault plain and simple.

  15. gb4mn0 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:39 AM

    I hear Urban plans to trade his AH memorabilia for tats, cash and cars in Columbus.

  16. granadafan says: Jul 6, 2013 10:39 AM

    If this were just ine or two incidendes, then Urbane and his wife/daughter would have a point. However, there were numerous incidences with the team which pointed to a culture of a renegade program. Urbane’s attitude was that as long as they win, they could assault coaches or other students, rape, steal, not go to classes, take drugs, deal drugs, shoot people, etc.

  17. nodaksportsfan says: Jul 6, 2013 10:41 AM

    “He was an athlete at Florida 4-7 yrs ago and there are some comments being made that are not correct. Our staff, myself and our families worked very hard to mentor and guide him.”

    Well it looks like you failed.

  18. thejuddstir says: Jul 6, 2013 10:42 AM

    Who is Meyer trying to fool? He recruited every druggie, gangsta and misfit he could if they knew how to play football. He talks about Hernandez being “held to the same drug testing policy as every other player…….” ….and that drug testing policy was what Urban…..hands off?? Florida is just as guilty as Meyer, as administration willingly turns a blind eye to a winning program. We see it at all winning programs and most recently Penn State.

  19. beretta96d says: Jul 6, 2013 10:44 AM

    It doesn’t matter if the kids come from ghettos or posh society, parents raise kids and instill values, coaches are suppose to coach.

  20. bender4700 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:46 AM

    Further point:

    Maybe Urban you feel a guilty conscience? You could have done something when he was in school under your care?

    Nobody blames you for the murder, but apparently you are picking up what everyone else is thinking, you allowed him to get away with crap in school, and look where it got him.

    Urban, you should stop blaming the rest of the world for your failures as not only a coach, but a human being.

    Back in the day, coaches used to help high school boys become men. You apparently focused more on getting trophies.

  21. urmomsmyho says: Jul 6, 2013 10:47 AM

    At least he didn’t go with the “he’s a loner” ploy

  22. wadecounty93 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:47 AM

    This guy needs to be locked up for good. Thats all I have to say!

  23. wwwmattcom says: Jul 6, 2013 10:47 AM

    I don’t blame Meyer. He isn’t the problem. He isn’t the solution. College coaches get paid when they win. Want to change all coaches mentality then change the expectations.

  24. mrpowers88 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:48 AM

    So… he was held under the same testing policy as others, but still got drafted in the 4th round because of failed drug tests- TESTS not TEST.

    He didn’t fall in the draft because of punching waiters in the head or knowing things about shootings, he fell because of failed drug tests.

    Either Meyer is or thinks everyone else is some special kind of stupid if he thinks he can deny his way out of this

  25. jagsfan1 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:48 AM

    Urban – Alabama DISMANTLED your Gators and you knew that you had NO SHOT to beat them going forward….so you made up phony health issues and family time crap and then weaseled into Ohio State.

    I will repeat from yesterday…

    I wonder how many Gator/Hernadez type scumbags on your Ohio State team right now?

    Can’t wait til they start screwing up….

  26. h0c2000 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:49 AM

    Only 4 Hernandez articles on the front page? Surely you can do better.

  27. jimmysee says: Jul 6, 2013 10:49 AM

    Certainly hope that OSU is maintaining the proper level of oversight over Meyer and his program.

  28. jimr10 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:50 AM

    He did suspend him for the first half of the college of charleston game..

  29. unclemoobaa1911 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:50 AM

    Time for Florida to hire Louis Freeh to do an internal investigation, so that the NCAA can use those findings to hand down unprecedented sanctions on Florida. Also expect Urban Meyer to be stripped of all wins and his 2 national championships while he was the head coach at Florida.

  30. peytonwantsaflag says: Jul 6, 2013 10:51 AM

    I’m thinking these tabloid type blogs that promote these people (and make excuses for them) 24/7 have more to do with these people’s sense of entitlement and invincibility than what a single coach does.

  31. mcjeff42 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:58 AM

    The same types of things will happen in Columbus now that he is in charge. How many arrests happened on his watch? How many didn’t make it that far?

  32. jayhawk6 says: Jul 6, 2013 10:59 AM

    If, as and when an indisputable connection between AH and the 2007 shooting materializes, what will he say?

    The accounts shown earlier indicate that a named person and “…a tattooed Hawaiian” were involved. It sure looks like UM chose not to ask AH about his possible involvement in attempted murder, even though it defies imagination that the Gainesville PD would not have passed that little tidbit along to UM.

    Bottom line is that it looks like OSU passed the baton from one coverup artist to another.

    Somewhere Woody Hayes is laughing.

  33. jmstt1 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:03 AM

    What’s next, blaming his 4th grade gym teacher for teaching him to catch a football?

  34. cmoney20 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:03 AM

    Urban Meyer Knows football but does not know people, or doesnt care to know. It’s pretty obvious that Urban Meyer had no control over his football teams, he can’t even control his own family. He is not being blamed for Hernandez murdering people, just for not caring what kind of people he was bringing into Florida U. He should of stuck with saying nothing.

  35. fate0111 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:06 AM

    Wow. Coaches are graded based winning %. That is on the entire NCAA. After all, that’s why all these conference changes take place… $$$$$….. and winning % gets that money. How many of the other Florida teammates have had all of these run-ins with the law since leaving the school??? I think Aaron Hernandez was just a quiet, loner head case no matter what. He at least had his shot at waking up by getting college scholarship and a chance to fulfill his dream by getting PAID in the league. This kid was going to have all these legal problems with or without Urban Meyer. PERIOD.

  36. rmc1995 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:10 AM

    Bill Belichick’s relationship with Meyer and Florida players has seemed to be lost in the need to keep the Patriots out of the news, unless of course the story is about Tebow. To think that Meyer is keeping what he knows about players from Belichick is laughable. To implicate Meyer knew of Hernandez past, but the Patriots did not, is an obvious double standard to keep the Patriots as a model organization, while quickly blaming coaches and other teams as enablers if a couple of players get caught with pot.

  37. rbell2123 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:17 AM

    If OSU had half the morals they say they do, they would fire Meyer now. But i believe OSU looks for coaches that will hide and cheat to cover up for players who are problems.

  38. hatesycophants says: Jul 6, 2013 11:18 AM

    Meyer is as dirty as any head coach in NCAA history. However, a 17 year old should invoke his right to counsel whenever he is questioned by police no matter what the circumstances.

  39. dirtydrew says: Jul 6, 2013 11:20 AM

    Are we suprised?

  40. stopdk12 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:21 AM

    @mantastic 54

    “That’s really stretching it by saying Hernandez may have learned the consequences if UF looked in to the incident in 2007. Bottom line is the guy supposedly murdered someone and dumped the body within a mile from his house, you can’t fix stupid.”

    i agree… but you really have to wonder where Meyer’s moral compass is pointed when a 17 year old is connected to a shooting… i mean, he as the coach could have gotten to the bottom of it… young athletes have a way of straightening up after losing their uniforms for a while…or they disappear…either way, the effort displayed here by Meyer was not good.

  41. micknangold says: Jul 6, 2013 11:21 AM

    Ever think that maybe Hernandez is a bad person and no one could have helped him?

  42. jiggy3198 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:25 AM

    Most of you are wrong. While coaches are supposed to coach they are also supposed to mentor and are responsible for the players on snd off the field. If the players conduct off the field is detrimental to the player, team, and school the coach needs to instill values and consequences for the players action. So they are more than just a coach.

  43. drewsylvania says: Jul 6, 2013 11:26 AM

    The lack of response to the whole situation is telling.

  44. bobzilla1001 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:26 AM

    The jury is still out on Joe Paterno. Oh, wait. There was no jury, no due process, and there’s been no actual evidence to support unsubstantiated theories.
    There’s little doubt that big-time college football is corrupt. Paterno was one of the game’s truly “good guys” who was railroaded while deceased, which only adds to the corruption.

  45. timocracy13 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:33 AM

    With how many players got arrested during Meyer’s tenure at Florida, it’s kind of ironic that OSU forced the Vest to resign over a relatively harmless scandal.

  46. isphet71 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:36 AM

    Should just let Urban Meyer be what he is – a football coach. And not worry about what one idiot that used to play for him did. And yeah I am a Michigan Wolverines fan, so I don’t want ANYTHING to be easy for Urban Meyer right now.

    There were 10,000 other people in Hernandez’ life that could, should, and probably DID tell him that he shouldn’t shoot or murder people. But he did it anyway, repeatedly. That’s on him.

    We can’t go around blaming everyone else around his life for Hernandez’ failings. We have ALL had siblings/loved ones/close friends grow up to be less than stellar people. Who wants to be blamed for that? It’s far too easy to play the “coulda woulda shoulda” game with every single person that’s ever lived. It’s a game that shouldn’t be played, IMHO.

  47. osiris33 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:42 AM

    I’m sorry, I must have missed where college football programs are supposed to have police units that investigate their players crimes. I always assumed that was the responsibility of the local police. Silly me.

    Clearly Meyer is to blame for multiple murders. I mean it can’t be solely Hernandez’ responsibility any more than the current state of the economy is solely Barack Obama’s responsibility, right?

  48. lions2x says: Jul 6, 2013 11:43 AM

    So incident Was reported to urban Myer who did nothing. Did not question him, punish him, nada.

    How is that and less of and “crime” they strung up joe pa over. These actions led to a guys death because the football culture turned a blind eye.

    Where is the outrage the bowl bans the loss of schollies and wins?

    Where is the NCAA. They have a duty to involve themselves in criminal matters!

  49. lions2x says: Jul 6, 2013 11:45 AM

    Osiri – the state and college police was involved in Sandusky. Argument doesn’t seem to work for JoePa

  50. fate0111 says: Jul 6, 2013 11:46 AM


    “i agree… but you really have to wonder where Meyer’s moral compass is pointed when a 17 year old is connected to a shooting… i mean, he as the coach could have gotten to the bottom of it… young athletes have a way of straightening up after losing their uniforms for a while…or they disappear…either way, the effort displayed here by Meyer was not good.”

    Watch this:
    “Aaron Hernandez would not cooperate with police and invoked his right..”
    Maybe, JUST MAYBE, the police should have gotten to the bottom of it…??? Has anybody thought about this?

  51. icanthelpitimabengalsfan says: Jul 6, 2013 11:50 AM

    I just love the holier than thou people on these boards. Hernandez is a scum bag that is also a very talented football player. He needed a better upbringing perhaps (I don’t know what kind of life he led prior to this incident, but I can guess) or he needed a mentor. However, you don’t get calibrated at age 18 when you get to college. If anything, you get more corrupt if that is the direction you were headed when you arrived. A head football coach has the responsibility to win football games, period. You want a Daddy, look elsewhere. Like it or not, the NCAA exists to make money not mold young men or women. If you think that your child who is not a honest, responsible person when he leaves your house will return from the environment that is high level college sports a changed person for the better, you are going to be wrong a hell of a lot more often than you will be right. Face it folks, we raise our kids, WE are responsible for their behavior and their demeanor when they grow up.
    In this pathetic society today, its always someone else’s fault. A large cross section of our kids don’t know the difference between ethical behavior and non-ethical behavior. They lack character and what’s worse, in an environment where we spend more public funds per child than ever before, they probably can’t spell character either. Call me jaded, but as John Wooden once said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

  52. lions2x says: Jul 6, 2013 11:50 AM


    Your right and the NCAA should investigate the coverup of a shooting like they did Sandusky.

  53. officialgame says: Jul 6, 2013 12:04 PM

    Hernandez is a scum bag with a failed upbringing but both pro and college teams helped enable him by looking the other way in the name of winning. This is done all the time by many programs and has to stop. No sport is even close to football at accepting bad behavior despite their denials. Even the NBA has cleaned up their act and the time has come for a NFL no tolerance policy. Players convicted of a felony should be banned for life. That would clean it up.

  54. hedleykow says: Jul 6, 2013 12:06 PM

    Meyer should rehabilitate his own family with “daily bible sessions,” so they’ll have less time for daily twitter sessions, and then maybe we won’t find ourselves here. What a creep.

  55. AKA Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says: Jul 6, 2013 12:07 PM

    Poor Urban. I’m no UF or Meyer fan, but whenever anything goes wrong, it seems to be Meyer’s fault.

    “Why can’t Tebow fix his throwing motion?”

    Urban Meyer!

    “Why did Hernandez kill people?”

    Urban Meyer!

  56. wolfiereasonedlife says: Jul 6, 2013 12:12 PM

    This is the first time in history where prayer didn’t work. Amazing! If it happens again let me know so I can put some research into it as a placebo affect. Until then just remember. We can be as evil and corrupt as we want to be provided we have God on our side, and continue to win.

  57. onbucky96 says: Jul 6, 2013 12:16 PM

    Urban, I don’t believe you. See comments made by Janorus Jenkins after he was suspended by the new regime. Go pray for a better excuse. And maybe speak with your attorny IF there was a cover-up at Florida.

  58. perfect1972 says: Jul 6, 2013 12:17 PM

    According to Belicheat and Meyer, one Tebow can cancel out one Hernandez, with a remainder of a little Jesus to redeem them.

  59. wolfiereasonedlife says: Jul 6, 2013 12:19 PM

    I blame Tebow. Can you imagine how bat-s crazy you’d get being around that circus all the time. No coincidence Tebow was there both times. Smoke, fire, burning bush. Tebow’s fault. Put me on the jury.

  60. nawlinssaints1956 says: Jul 6, 2013 12:37 PM

    Compare how Meyer allegedly handled Hernandez and the other out of control players to how Les Miles dealt with Ty and the weed. Good riddance to guys like Meyer and Kiffen from the SEC; funny how their faults will continue to haunt them …

  61. usmc23112dacorps says: Jul 6, 2013 12:43 PM

    For those people that think if you ask for counsel that it makes you guilty….well I didnt and I should have because I was tried and convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. From now on guess what, I will plead the fifth and I highly encourage others to do so. A cop wanted to close a case and make his numbers look good…hey why not blame it on a hispanic in a all white area….plead the 5th people, let the judicial system work the way it was intended to.

  62. bills4 says: Jul 6, 2013 12:52 PM

    And to think he could have steered Hernadkiller in another direction but was really only could up in winning. Typical two faced Christian!!

  63. bennyb82 says: Jul 6, 2013 12:53 PM

    The real issue here is the lengths institutions will go to win. That really is the bottom line. Look at what Penn State was willing to cover up.. and in some ways, enable. I am not very religious but our society cannot continue down this path without there being awful consequences. It would be great if there was a watchdog group that would keep tabs on all college and pro athletics…but all it takes is one person to take a bribe and everything is swept under the rug.

  64. granadafan says: Jul 6, 2013 12:57 PM

    I feel sorry for the innocent students at OSU and good citizens of Columbus now that Coach Urban Meyer is Herr head coach there. Arrests will sky rocket with very little actual convictions due to some, uh agreement between the Columbus PD and Urban Meyer/OSU.

  65. dinodimes says: Jul 6, 2013 1:01 PM

    “urban was a role model for me in dealing with young men” sincerely jeffrey dahmer

  66. tfppft says: Jul 6, 2013 1:04 PM

    When I was 17 I didn’t even know what right to counsel meant.

  67. whatjusthapped says: Jul 6, 2013 1:12 PM

    He just cherry-picked the allegations that he could refute. What he didn’t do is set any consequences for his players and that is indeed a very slippery slope.

    Reap what you sow, Urban, you are as classless and you are clueless.

  68. CKL says: Jul 6, 2013 1:47 PM

    Had Meyer simply stated his sympathies for the victim and his family, this would have been a good statement by him. But he coupled that with complaining about how he’s being treated in light of the situation. That’s a bad look, Meyer.

    Do I think he or any other coach is to blame for what AH did? No I don’t. Coaches have to one degree or another always allowed for certain things with star players that they don’t for ones of lesser abilities pros, college, high school etc. Raising kids is up to the parents and after a certain point even they don’t have a say. But acting like a smug martyr sure doesn’t help Meyer’s cause.

  69. hitdog042 says: Jul 6, 2013 1:59 PM

    This is beyond stupid to use Meyer as a reason Lloyd is dead. Grow up.

  70. fightfan1 says: Jul 6, 2013 2:01 PM

    LOL at anyone who blames the NCAA, NFL, Miami, the Patriots, his school teachers or anyone else for the decisions Hernandez made. There are a lot of troubled kids that get into the NFL. Hernandez was one of the many. Nobody knew he was going to kill someone. I’m sure he had some red flags being a bad apple, but there are so many people who do. This is a society problem, not a sports problem. So many silly remarks in this thread.

    I think people should be asking more questions about Ray Lewis and him getting off for murder and why the NFL has celebrated him over the years. Kids still wear his jersey. What a shame.

  71. ohioraider22 says: Jul 6, 2013 2:12 PM

    All I have to say is, if we blame the college coach for every player that commits a crime then every coach should be responsible. That’s just crazy. People are in charge of their own lives. Is my CEO responsible for me if I make a stupid mistake? 23 NFL arrest already. Why are you guys not blaming their coaches?

  72. doggeatdogg says: Jul 6, 2013 2:26 PM

    Oh please, come clean about your faux heart issues and quitting UF then I’ll believe you. The definition of heart issues is the loss of institutional control at UF with all those arrests and undoubtedly AH contributed to that mess. You got lucky at UF in that the NCAA prefers to go after USC, LSU and Miami. Please tell us Urban what magic pill got your heart in such shape to take the job at OSU.

  73. mrclaytonbigsby says: Jul 6, 2013 4:03 PM

    Pretty wild to think A-Aron has shot and killed more people than any Top 40 rapper out today.

  74. drjay61 says: Jul 6, 2013 4:05 PM

    Florio is completely wrong in his assessment of coach Meyer’s “not getting to the bottom…” of Hernandez invoking his rights. Urban Meyer is a college football coach. Under no situation is he granted greater rights or responsibilities than the Gainesville, FL PD to investigate or to violate the civil rights of a player. Mr. Florio, even though Hernandez was a college athlete and that status is a privilege, he is still presumed innocent until actually convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction. So, his refusal to cooperate with the GPD does not in any way deprive him of that presumption. I don’t know what you wanted Coach Meyer to do? Should he suspend a player or kick them off the squad for legally exercising their civil rights?

    I think the onus should be more appropriately placed on the GPD to have conducted a more thorough investigation of the events. After all, we pay Urban Meyer to coach football, we pay the GPD to investigate crimes in Gainesville. Shouldn’t we expect them both to do THEIR jobs instead of expecting them to do each others’ jobs? What’s next? Fire the GPD Chief because the Gators had a bad season?

  75. gpry says: Jul 6, 2013 4:47 PM

    Meyers did not pull the trigger!! Whoever pulled the trigger is at fault no one else!! Can’t believe so mny people take the bait on these shallow “articles” by shallow “journalists”

  76. bluntsmokinskinsfan says: Jul 6, 2013 5:49 PM

    How is it a college football coach’s responsibility to get to the bottom of one of his players invoking his right to a lawyer? He coaches football. Not lawyer invoking 101. It’s funny how people act like everyone is an angel. You’re at work to work, not be a model citizen.

  77. genericcommenter says: Jul 6, 2013 5:57 PM

    One should never speak to the police without counsel. Of course, Florio knows this. I don’t really get his deal with always trying to equate silence with proof, but it’s wrong.

  78. thelastpieceofcheese says: Jul 6, 2013 6:03 PM

    Vince Lombardi said that in football being number one is the only thing.

    Meyer was number one twice.

    Meyer acted according to Comrade Lenin who said “the end justifies the means.”

  79. dryzzt23 says: Jul 6, 2013 7:00 PM

    Nick Saban does the exact same things as Meyer does BUT Saban is an SEC coach so he gets a pass every time.

  80. isithockeyseasonyet says: Jul 6, 2013 7:42 PM

    These guys that look the other way for the sake of their programs are the scum of the earth but Meyer didn’t pull any trigger. We, as a society, need to stop looking to always blame someone besides he who is obviously responsible. If you really want to blame someone that’s not Aaron Hernandez, look at the parents. I have no idea if they’re decent people or not but it’s a bit ridiculous to start pointing fingers at football coaches for a guy w a bullet in the back of his head

  81. majormeatcurtains says: Jul 6, 2013 8:17 PM

    Hi, my name is Urban. This here is my brother, Rural,and his son Suburbs.

  82. carolinajimbo says: Jul 6, 2013 9:02 PM

    Think about it…Its the whole system. Its just a game. Too much money.

  83. lagg1 says: Jul 6, 2013 9:28 PM

    to drjay61-quite simply all Meyer could (or should) have done with anyone on his team under suspicion was simply suspend him-period. He is still under scholarship. Why continue to have him suit up? It is apparent through news outlets and investigative reporting that Meyer and the school looked the other way. Meyer wanted players like this-no wonder he turned down Notre Dame. They didn’t want to change their admission requirements.

  84. jfoxbebb says: Jul 6, 2013 11:47 PM

    When a 17-year-old invokes the right to counsel while being questioned about a shooting, that’s more than enough for his college football coach to get to the bottom of the situation. If that had happened (and by all appearances it didn’t), perhaps Hernandez would have learned at a young age the connection between his conduct and consequences. Instead, Hernandez (if the current allegations are true) may have developed a sense that things will always work out, no matter what he does.—-

    That is the quintessential issue. What’s the point of coaching young men to play ball if you can’t give them the lessons they need to be responsible men. Meyer is not responsible for AH’s actions but its clear that Urban Meyer is not a COACH. He’s a win at all cost and ego driven and his hiding behind “Bible lessons” exposes his hypocrisy. Shame on you Urban Meyer!

  85. jmj7741 says: Jul 7, 2013 8:11 AM

    Since when is it the University or coaches job to baby sit a player involved in athletics? Where do the parents doing the upbringing fit in ? There are far more student athletes that don’t fall into the scenario of Hernandez, than those that do. You people with your cheap shots about tat’s and cars, just show your ignorance. Success at any level, in any occupation, brings out the doubters and critics. Always has to be people looking for the chance to be mudslingers and name callers. Does anybody know the true facts??

  86. 2011dsdad says: Jul 7, 2013 11:12 AM

    So much blame for Urban Meyer when all he was doing was enjoying the fruits of the UF culture.

    The local State Attorney protects UF athletes by refusing to charge after arrests, reducing charges and/or much more lenient than general population plea agreements.

    UF athletes also have a defense attorney on retainer who partners with the State Attorney.

    The culture encourages bad, sometimes criminal behavior and it would be worse if the police didn’t look the other way a lot. Why waste time filling out arrest reports when charges won’t be filed or will be reduced to a release on own recognizance?

    Ron Zook had it before Meyer, Will Muschamp has it now – its a perk that comes with coaching UF, stop hating on Meyer for it.

  87. wausbuck says: Jul 7, 2013 1:45 PM

    Quick everybody! Go after USC and the ghost of John McKay because of O.J. ! My God people! Whatever happened to personal responsibility and and being responsible for your own actions? It’s all this P.C. bullcrap that gives our kids a sense of entitlement instead of a work ethic that contributes to this sort of behavior. Quit blaming everybody but the person responsible……HERNANDEZ!

  88. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Jul 7, 2013 2:22 PM

    Meyer is just what Ohio State doesn’t need right now. But like many coaches as long as he wins, it’s all that matters.

  89. dolfan66r says: Jul 8, 2013 3:18 PM

    Meyer is not answering any more questions! He is taking a couple of weeks off for “health reasons” or to “spend more quality time with his family” aka getting a job with ESPN until they fire Tressel!

  90. dolfan66r says: Jul 8, 2013 3:22 PM

    Maybe they can let Hernandez and OJ out of jail together to find the real killers!

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