Pat White willing to play other positions to stay with Redskins


As Pat White prepared to enter the NFL more than four years ago, he resisted the notion of moving to a position other than quarterback.  Now that he’s back in the league after a three-season absence, White is willing to do what it takes to stick.

“Whatever the coaches ask of me, I will do it with the best of my abilities,” White recently told the team’s official website, via Mark Inabinett of the Alabama Media Group.  “My heart’s set on being a quarterback, but I am willing to play other positions and will do whatever it takes to help the team. . . .

“I feel like the Redskins chose me.  I put myself out there to find the right situation, and I felt like this is the best fit for me.  The way they ran the offense really excited me.  And I was just happy for them to give me an opportunity.”

The Redskins pounced on White, a second-round pick of the Dolphins in 2009, when he was flirting with teams like the 49ers and Giants.  With Robert Griffin III recovering from a torn ACL, it made sense to have another mobile quarterback around.  Once Griffin is healthy, having White at quarterback becomes less important.
“There are some other teams that are using [the read-option], and I can also help the Redskins prepare for other teams that run it.”

The Redskins eventually will have to ask themselves whether it makes sense to devote a roster spot to a scout-team quarterback, and whether White can be taught a new position.  Until it’s clear that Griffin is healthy and will stay that way, it could make sense to keep White around and ready to play quarterback.

20 responses to “Pat White willing to play other positions to stay with Redskins

  1. Why is 3rd String QB out of the question? I love Rex but I gotta think Pat White is a better option in the read-option offense.

  2. If you have to rely on any 3rd string QB in the NFL your season is over anyway. At least White can run a style of play during practices that only RGIII is capable of doing and gets your defense prepared as more teams move to a similar offense.

  3. Perhaps he’ll be able to make the Redskins’ 53 man roster , but that still cannot change the fact that he was one of the top two or three worst draft picks in Dolphins history.

  4. He can run the scout team during the week. No reason why he can’t run some plays or be in some packages.

    Before long most teams will have an athletic read option QB. they can be the fifth receiver. Adds depth to the team.

  5. “My heart’s set on being a quarterback, but I am willing to play other positions and will do whatever it takes to help the team. . . .”

    Yeah, unemployment sure does change a man’s perspective and humility, doesn’t it?

  6. He couldn’t survive a hit from a safety when he was knocked out of the league the first time. And he’s going to line up in a position where he’s going to get hits like that all the time?

    I don’t see it.

  7. If White has any talent, there is a roster spot where the Redskins could cut someone and never miss him – the pathetic wide receiver Hankersore. This guy is a bust – worthless in games – has no impact – lazy – unprepared. Absolutely worthless – he is taking a roster space that could go to someone with a heart and a desire to do more for the team.

  8. Pat White is an exceptionally talented and exciting athlete. Under the right conditions he could prove a real asset to an NFL team’s roster

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