Extension between Lions, Stafford very close


The Lions are close to locking up another one of their top-two draft picks from past years.

In 2012, it was receiver Calvin Johnson.  Now, it’s quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported, and PFT can confirm, that a deal between the Lions and Stafford is very close.

Contrary to Schefter’s characterization of the deal as a “blockbuster,” however, it would be closer in the grand scheme of things to a Band Aid.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it would be a three-year extension of Stafford’s rookie deal, which currently has two years remaining.  And the five-year package would pay Stafford more guaranteed money than the $23.5 million he’s due to earn over the next two seasons combined and Stafford’s franchise tag for 2015, which would be a 20 percent increase over his 2014 cap number.

The guaranteed money will be in the range of $43 million.

The deal isn’t done yet.  For now, though, the momentum is pointing toward a three-year extension for Stafford, which would put him under contract through 2017 — and setting him up for another new deal just after his 30th birthday, at the very latest.

UPDATE 2:42 p.m. ET:  The three-year extension will be worth $53 million, pushing the five-year haul to $76.5 million.

36 responses to “Extension between Lions, Stafford very close

  1. He has already shown that he is more than capable. Give him a decent line and a RB (oh wait, sorry Reggie) and he should throw for another 4500 yds.

  2. Throwing for 5000 yards holds more value than winning more than 4 games a season, it seems.

  3. And yet, we are laying off the police, fireman and teachers. people are struggling to pay their bills. Detroit is bankrupt from crooked politicians. The deficit is at an all time high. And worst of all, they are raising beer price. Damn it !!!

  4. Well it’s all already started so I’ll just clarify again:

    No, 5,000 Yards doesn’t mean he’s great.

    A losing team (a team stat) doesn’t mean he’s awful.

    Stop using those as the only 2 metrics to judge him.

  5. Thanks for the news Florio.

    Now I’m going to be dreading hitting the refresh button every time for the next few months. Can’t I sue anybody for this cruel and unusual distress? There has to be some kind of Michigan tort law being violated here, or I think perhaps 1/3 of the Bill of Rights is being infringed upon that can be shown through creative lawyering. Think people think! Oh woe is me. *smh*

  6. Good move for the Lions. Stafford is a great QB and they don’t want to be trying to make this deal happen 2 years from now.

  7. Stafford is a super bowl caliber player. End of story. There are 21 other positions and he was drafted to a 0-16 team (losing not all on him). Nice extension kitty city, let’s get that trophy!

  8. Look, he may not be Great (yet), but he’s a top ten talent—despite what Jaworski says—at the most important position in football…and maybe in sports. So, you pay him. Let’s move on.

  9. 7 4th quarter comeback wins in the last 2 seasons.

    While yardage does not make a qb good bad qbs don’t total 10,000 yards in 2 seasons.

    It’s not a top end deal, he makes 15% less than Flacco and Flacco isn’t the top of the market.

    Who else would you have play qb in Detroit?

    This is a good deal for everyone involved.

  10. The Lions are the team to bet on bringing the pain this year. And to think they look good now after what happened last season. Crazy.

  11. I hope it’s a bigger deal than the one Romo got. Maybe that will make desperate-for-attention-strategexpert’s head explode.

    Locking him up for 5 years and getting cap room is a bandaid?

  12. Ozzie’s no dummy. Flacco’s contract continues to push the market.

    Flacco wasn’t overpaid. It’s the “new normal.” It’s the price you need to pay for a SB MVP QB.

    As other teams extend/sign thier top QBs to meet or exceed Flacco money (as apropriate) the rising tide will ensure a nice overall increase to the salary cap 2-3 years down the road…

    Well done, Ozzie!

  13. WOW, that’s a lot of money for an average at best QB.
    He is just like Culpepper, big arm and a GREAT receiver. Just like Culpepper if you take away that great receiver he would be nothing.

  14. He’s already the best QB the Lions have ever had. This was a no brainer, they’d do anything to keep him a Lion-4-Life. Oh, and I’m calling it now. Stafford is a future Hall of Famer.

  15. Great News! Now let’s hope he dwindles that down to about $76.4999M by heading over to Great Clips to cut that mop.

  16. It’s funny that there’s so many Lions haters on here. Don’t your teams post anything worth while to read about to keep you busy? Just wondering because you should be worried about your teams. Not ours.

  17. gooch80 says: Jul 9, 2013 2:31 PM

    He has already shown that he is more than capable. Give him a decent line and a RB (oh wait, sorry Reggie) and he should throw for another 4500 yds.

    Who cares how many yards he throws for? Can he win games and make the right throws instead of throwing his goofy sidearm garbage and lobbing it to Megatron every play. The yards will be there because they are built to pass the ball 50 times a game, not a good strategy but they don’t have many other choices.

  18. To bsandersislegend20 and others: There is a vast difference between being a realist and a hater. Realistically, Stafford has had one superb season, has a tremendous arm strength and has the physical skill set to be a top ten QB. However, keeping it real, he does not read defenses well enough, does not check down to secondary receivers often enough, has not shown sufficient growth in the football IQ department, takes too many unnecessary risks and leaves too many points on the field. This year he should have a healthier stable of WRs and RBs so he should be able to utilize more within the offensive scheme and,menace, this year should reveal what kind of QB he really can be but the jury is still out on him and there are at least 12 other teams that would rather take their chances with their own guy and would probably be right. This is coming from a Lion fan who has season every snap Stafford has taken and is still waiting for him to take the next step towards consistency.

  19. @lionsdraftguy says:
    Jul 9, 2013 2:59 PM

    Not really, no need to. Only maybe is Stafford wasnt loyal to his team and wore another teams hat, then yeah maybe.
    Some day Stafford can show his loyalty to the lions by actually winning rather than just sporting lions caps.

    Somehow, you may not relate to that.

  20. Perfect deal for all parties, including the fans. Most of us assume that he’ll be even better as more talent surrounds him. Me too.

    We are finally seeing deeper talent in Motown. If this trend continues, Stafford could win the Super Bowl and really cash in the year after. Say want you want about Ford, but he is loyal.

    It certainly just happened in Baltimore, but I think the Ravens got “unlucky to win the Lombardi” in the timing aspect. I think eventually, Stafford > Flacco. Of course, in 3 years it will probably take 30 MIL to keep a top QB happy.

    Go Lions.

  21. This article and subsequent comments proves 3 things:

    1. With Stafford at QB the Lions will continue to be a .500 or less team.

    2. Judging my the amount of thumbs down there is an insane amount of Lion fans who troll this forum.

    3. Vegas will continue to win loads of money each year as long as the same people who gave thumbs down bet on games.

    Wake up people Stafford is nothing without Megatron!!

  22. koolaidcircusbeast says:
    Jul 9, 2013 7:24 PM
    The most alarming stat nobody has mentioned is that chubby is only 1-23 against teams over .500.

    Yikes, that’s bad.
    @lionsdraftguy should enjoy this one.

    Lions are almost as bad a franchise as sea chimps.

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