Lane Johnson doesn’t want to hold out, doesn’t want offset language


There aren’t many unsigned 2013 draft picks left around the league, although you might not know it from looking at the players selected in the first round.

Only 12 of the 32 first-round selections have signed contracts at this point, leaving open the possibility that some of the early selections will remain unsigned when their teams get to camp. Fourth-overall pick Lane Johnson hopes to avoid that fate.

The Eagles tackle says that he “doesn’t want to hold out” and thinks his deal to get done in the next week or two. The holdup, according to Tim McManus of, is the offset language that many teams seek for their first-round picks in order to avoid paying the full freight of a contract for a player that they cut before their rookie deals have expired. While the new CBA has largely streamlined the signing process for rookies, the offset question has allowed teams and players to retain something to fight about.

Neither of the top five picks that have already signed — Jaguars tackle Luke Joeckel and Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah — have offset language and Johnson wants the same for himself.

“I’m just trying to get a similar deal to everyone else,” Johnson said. “I just want to do what everyone else has done, the picks above and below me.”

The Eagles reportedly want offset language, as do the Dolphins in their negotiations with third overall pick Dion Jordan. If Johnson doesn’t sign before Jordan and Miami gets the language, as they did with quarterback Ryan Tannehill last year, it would likely allow the Eagles to be firmer in their demand that Johnson have it as well. That might stretch Johnson’s negotiations out longer than he hopes and leave the Eagles without their prospective right tackle when camp gets underway.

13 responses to “Lane Johnson doesn’t want to hold out, doesn’t want offset language

  1. With less risk than ever to draft a high draft pick, why get cute in negotiations? If you didn’t think he was that great, you wouldn’t have chosen him 4th overall. Just give him what others around him are getting. Problem solved.

  2. The Gold Standard.

    Every year the Eagles are $20M under the Cap, and every year they carry-over several Million that could have been spent to improve their roster.

    It’s little wonder they haven’t won anything since Ike was President.

  3. Look, just pay the guy $20 million a yr – I can pull my kids from middle school to work and I can get a second job delivering pizzas to pay for my tickets. No problem.

  4. None of these players should get no offset language.

    Even with the rookie scale they still get millions for the first round contracts and to want double pay in case they suck is just plain greed greed greed.

  5. Seems a little ridiculous to push for the offset language. How likely is it to pay off, and even if it does, how likely is it to be significant?

    Not many first rounders get cut before the end of their rookie contract, and if they do it’s because they’re a washout. Is anyone going to sign them for less than the minimum? Article is right, it’s just something to fight about.

  6. Seems to me the problem leading to holdouts is that the teams have nothing to give in exchange for including offset languages?

    Contracts are slotted, so amounts can’t change. Is there anything an agent can negotiate for in exchange for allowing offset language to be included?

  7. Not to worry. The defense will be so bad it won’t matter what the offense does or who plays. There are so many new guys and a new scheme they’ll look like an expansion team in its first year.

  8. You are right, they DO need something to fight about. But it doesn’t have to be either/or. They could split the different and offset 50%

  9. What is this moron holding out for more money.????? Someone tell the idiot that there is a rookie cap and that he can only get as much as the cap allows. Typical that this come from the egirls organization. I hope he hold out to make himself look silly.!!!!!

  10. I don’t get the commenters anymore. When Dion Jordan was fighting for no offset language in his contract for the Dolphins, most commenters were on the side of Fins. Now they’re on the side of Lane Johnson?

  11. The rookie contracts were put in place to help the owners. Now the owners also want to limit the risk by not guaranteeing some of the money.

    The union gave the owners a great deal on the rookie limits but now they want it all.

    Just give the kid the wording in the contract we all know he’s not going anywhere this year.

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