The Jets land at No. 27 in the preseason power rankings


The Super Bowl will be a big topic at MetLife Stadium this season, but it is unlikely to be mentioned much in relation to the Jets.

The days when the Jets could talk about advancing to the big game with at least a semi-straight face are long gone and the bigger question this season is whether the guy who said he’d shake hands with the President of the United States still has a job when it is over. Rex Ryan’s on the hot seat after last year’s 6-10 finish led to the departure of General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and several of the veterans that had formed the core of the roster.

It will be up to new General Manager John Idzik to make the call on Ryan’s future while constructing a new core of talent and we’d only expect to see him accomplish the first of those tasks this year. There’s a lot of work to be done in terms of personnel, all of which won’t mean much if the team can’t find a quarterback able to turn the ball over less frequently than Mark Sanchez has over the last couple of seasons.

Those are big obstacles and big reasons why the Jets rank near the back of the list in our power rankings. You can read our entire training camp preview of the Jets right here and then let us know whether we’ve ranked them correctly.

14 responses to “The Jets land at No. 27 in the preseason power rankings

  1. Is #1 rank “highest” or “lowest”?

    I voted “too low” meaning, I think the Jests will actually be moderately-to-significantly BETTER than the just 27th best team in the league..

  2. One thing is acurrate in this ranking, the Jets will be picking in the top 5 in the draft.

  3. Their offense will struggle, but that defense has the markings of being pretty nasty and that alone will get them to the middle of the pack. Ranking them at 27 is too low IMO…

  4. With Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez looking at a make or break season this year, potentially both of their final seasons in New York if they can’t find success, only one thing can happen.


    Over/under on Jets wins this season is set at 3.5. I’m taking the under.

  5. Worst team in the league. Qb #32, rb’s #32, wr’s #32, ol #30 AND they traded their best defensive player. Sorry. They will be lucky to win 4 games.

  6. The Jets are the worst team in the league. Sanchez sucks and so does the entire team. If they win three games all year, it will be a lot. Rex Ryan is a terrible coach and should be relieved of his duties. I believe his days are numbered.

  7. If the Jets and the Jaguars were to play a seven-game series in the same way MLB/NBA does, I would not be surprised if the Jags won the series. Same goes for every other team ranked lower than them.

    Take the Cardinals for example. The Cards have a better QB, better skill players (WR/RB), about the same on OL, and a far better defense.

  8. I’m not a Jets fan but let’s not forget the Jets went 9-7 with a rookie, turnover prone QB, and a rookie, loud mouth coach. They leaned on their defense and the Jets defense is going to be just fine this year. I actually think the hate has gone too far, either way, I really don’t care.

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