Mike Williams says he isn’t frustrated by contract talks

Getty Images

Near the end of last week, Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams issued a cryptic tweet about feeling like his family doesn’t want him.

That left many with the impression that Williams was expressing frustration with talks on a contract extension that Williams deemed “very close” to completion last month. Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano often uses family as an acronym for “forget about me, I love you,” a phrase Williams used in his next tweet.

Williams was back on Twitter Saturday to clarify his earlier tweet and says that it has nothing to do with football or the Buccaneers.

“These guys should stop this reading between the lines stuff if you really want to know…… I’M TALKING ABOUT ME AND MY BABY MOTHER AND HER FAMILY GOING THREW IT just ask and I will tell you what I’m talking about never once mention those words yall talking about I don’t even know what’s going on don’t c how yall do. REMEMBER WHAT “ASSUME” MAKES LOL”

That settles that, then. Left unsaid is what the remaining obstacles might be to take Williams’ deal from very close to totally done, but the Bucs and their fans can rest easier with the knowledge that one of their top receivers has no ill will toward the team with training camp right around the corner.