New Broncos offer to Clady worth $52.5 million


Every indication has been that if a franchise-tagged player gets a deal done before tomorrow’s deadline, Denver left tackle Ryan Clady would be the most likely.

That’s based on a combination of need and the Broncos offering more cash.

According to John Clayton of ESPN, the Broncos tacked on $500,000 per year on average to sweeten their previous offer, pushing the total value to $52.5 million. They  also offered to guarantee more than half that amount.

If he doesn’t sign the long-term deal, he could sign his franchise tender and be guaranteed $9.828 million for this season.

Of course, the Broncos have more reasons to get this done than the primary motivation of protecting Peyton Manning’s neck.

Monday’s also when team executives are meeting with owner Pat Bowlen to discuss possible punishments for the DUI arrests of personnel men Matt Russell and Tom Heckert.

Making a big-ticket signing such as Clady would provide a “hey, look over there,” distraction when they have to do some less pleasant business.

5 responses to “New Broncos offer to Clady worth $52.5 million

  1. Clady will hold out for a couple more front office DUIs. If the sheriff catches Horsehead John weaving his way home from the saloon and throws him in the caboose, Ryan’s offer will probably double on the spot.

  2. I don’t see why front office personnel getting DUIs is a big deal. People aren’t buying their jerseys or packing stadiums rooting for the front office.

  3. Clady shouldn’t sign. He can get way more than this if he waits for free agency.

    1. Jake Long, Dolphins – $11,200,000
    2. Trent Williams, Redskins – $11,000,000
    3. Joe Thomas, Browns – $10,500,000

    1. Carl Nicks, Buccaneers – $12,500,000

    Clady could get 13 million per. That’s an additional 7-10 million. It’s worth waiting for.

  4. Please do sign Clady, he’s the one star that McDaniels didn’t manage to get rid of for an old Patriot retread.

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