Vikings land at No. 16 in our preseason power poll

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The Vikings surprised plenty of people in 2012.  Those same people won’t be surprised if they regress in 2013.

They’ll regress unless they get better quarterback play from Christian Ponder, who clearly has become the man on whose shoulders the fate of the team ultimately rests in the coming season.

Sure, they have the 2012 MVP and one of the best running backs in league history.  But as the NFL becomes more and more like seven-on-seven in full pads, a competent passing attack is a must.  Ponder now has more than enough weapons to make it competent, even with Percy Harvin (who was injured for last year’s playoff run) gone.

For now, the Vikings fall right in the middle of the pack.  Whether the needle pushes toward the top or the bottom depends primarily on Ponder.

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  1. A playoff team that needed 2000 yards to get in on the last game, but has upgraded their offensive weapons and have added defensive weapons.

    Since there is no gaurantee they (by they I mean Ponder) take(s) the next step, this seems just right.

  2. Wait. You say Ponder now has more than enough weapons to make the passing game competent, but you expect the team to regress. Seems to me that if you improve your team, you’d get better. Wouldn’t it be natural to expect a quarterback to improve from his second year to his third year?

  3. I’m expecting the Vikings to be a better team this year, but not necessarily have a better record. A primary factor is they have three night games this season, and they have lost 13 of their last 14 night games (and the only win was on a Tuesday). Before that streak started, they had won three straight night games, the last of which was Favre’s first game against the Packers. Call it the Brett Favre Curse or whatever, but the Vikings have to demonstrate they can win at night before they can be expected to improve their record.

  4. This is a good spot for the Vikings.

    But it really depends on what Ponder does with his new arsenal. He shouwed alot of good things down the stretch but needs to be more consistent. He likes to spread the ball around, so Jennings and Patterson are huge upgrades and can only help. Rudolph has proven to be his go-to guy in the red zone.

    And let’s not forget about AP.

    Defense is solid as well.

  5. Yeah all that matters is passing. Nevermind that the Ravens and Niners are both better rushing than passing and played each other in the Super Bowl.

  6. This is about right were I would rank the Vikings. However I think they should make the playoffs again if things fall the way I am thinking they will.

    This will be a great year to finally find out what Ponder has. To me you can’t even count the first 2 seasons as his WR corps were laughable at best.

    Ponder has all the Weapons to make this offense work now. They added Jennings, and Patterson. Wright is going into his second year. He has an All Pro Tight End. The Oline should be top 10. And most importantly he has Adrian Peterson to take the pressure off the passing game.

    I know alot of people Hate on Ponder but like I said his WR corps was a joke. Aikman said it best, last year calling the GB game, when he said Joe Montana in his Prime couldn’t pass to the Vikings WR’s.

    I am so excited to watch my Vikings this year! 53 days until they kickoff!

  7. I would have ranked the Vikes at 13, and the Bears at 12, only because I think the Bears are more balanced overall…I could see each team finishing 10-6 again, with GB 11-5…So, just like last year, three 10-win teams in the division, and one stays home.

    The big variable for MN is Ponder, and for the Bears it’s whether the talented roster is good enhough to overcome the typical first-year growing pains of a new coaching regime.

    Time will tell.

  8. filthymcnasty1 says: Jul 17, 2013 5:46 PM

    I have them at 26 (or 17 if Ponder gets hurt).

    Who cares?

  9. I love this ranking. Stay under the radar as long as possible. Underdog all the way to the playoffs. Vikings are MUCH improved. If teams underestimate them, all the better. Ponder will quiet his critics, the game will slow down for him in this, his third year, and the Vikes will win the division.

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