Garrett indicates Cowboys OK without a fullback for time being

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When Lawrence Vickers missed offseason workouts after back surgery, the Cowboys were left without a fullback.

Unfortunately for Vickers, the Cowboys ended up deciding going without a fullback was manageable. The Cowboys released Vickers last week, leaving them with six tight ends but not a fullback.

“There’s no guarantee that we’ll continue in that mode, but we feel good about the four, five, six tight ends we have on our roster right now, how they can compete and how the whole thing looked,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett told the club’s website in a story published Thursday.

The Cowboys begin training camp in Oxnard, Calif. on Saturday.

According to Pro Football Focus, Vickers played 305 snaps in 2012. Per NFL data, he played most often in one-RB, two-WR, one-TE formations, logging 64 snaps in this package. Overall, Dallas attempted 33 rushes and 31 passes out of this set, according to NFL statistics.

Also, per NFL data, Vickers logged 22 snaps in a one-RB, one-FB, three-TE formation (with a sixth O-lineman as third tight end). Eleven of these plays were with featured back DeMarco Murray in the lineup, and Murray converted six first downs and scored a TD out of his formation. Moreover, Dallas scored a pair of TDs in the same formation with the now-departed Felix Jones in the lineup. Overall, the Cowboys attempted 21 rushes and just one pass out of this formation in 2012.

It’s in these sort of obvious-run formations that an experienced fullback like Vickers can make a difference, even if it’s just one play a game. If Dallas can succeed without a traditional fullback on these sorts of plays, perhaps the club continues to go without a dedicated blocking back. But if the Cowboys struggle here, perhaps then a fullback is re-added to the roster.

12 responses to “Garrett indicates Cowboys OK without a fullback for time being

  1. He’s Ok without a GM too…and maybe a qb that can’t win when it matters.

    But he thinks the coach is just fine.

  2. As much as I liked Vickers as a team player, the running game was not very successful with him in there. A lot of that goes to the offensive line (which was very offensive), but when the RB says he wasn’t sure where the FB was going to follow him and that it was slowing him down, then having a FB wasn’t very successful.

    I hope Vickers finds work elsewhere with a contender, but I don’t feel losing him was a big loss for Dallas.

  3. Is he ok with once again not making the playoffs? Is he ok having a complete idiot as a boss. Is he ok with getting fired after this season? Is he ok with the GMEN ruling the division AGAIN. Is he ok with Jerry Jones calling the plays as OWNER, GM, SCOUT. AND COORDINATOR?

  4. So, from what I understand, the Cowboys don’t want a fullback on their roster during training camp because they’d rather save those spots for competitions, and then they’ll simply sign a veteran fullback once the competitions are over.

  5. Considering there isn’t a game for a couple of months. They should be just fine.

  6. Ever since they drafted a tight end in the 2nd round of the draft anyone who pays any attention to the what’s happening with the Cowboys knows they are going to a base 12 formation offense with two tight ends. Cutting Vickers was a matter of WHEN not IF.

  7. Without a fullback for the time being until they need to pick up a yard.

    The Cowboys have struggled in those 3rd or 4th and 1 situations and it’s not like they have a power back either. Every now and then you need a lead blocker.

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