Ray Allen believes weekly “spotlight” healthy for the NFL


The exposure and marketing of the NFL’s 32 teams has a fan in Miami Heat guard Ray Allen.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post‘s Dan Steinberg, Allen said the NBA would benefit if all teams, not just its most successful ones, drew the same sort of interest that he believes NFL teams of all kinds are getting.

“I think the NFL does a great job of that,” Allen told the Post in a story published Thursday. “You talk about every team, every Sunday.”

Allen said more focus on every NBA team would be healthy for the competitiveness of the league.

“You can’t be a basement-dwelling NBA team if people are talking about you over and over again and putting the pressure on you to be good,” Allen told the Post. “We get that in the big markets; you’re gonna get enough pressure put on you where you’re gonna have to put a contender out there, and you’re gonna have to spend money.

“In the NFL, every team is in the spotlight one game a week, every Sunday, so you’ve got to put on your best show and your best face to get better continually.”

Allen’s mention of the NFL came in a discussion started by Steinberg on the topic of “bandwagon fans,” and Allen’s thoughts on the topic are worth a read. His comments on the NFL are compelling, too, considering his viewpoint from inside a competing sports league.

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  1. It also helps that you need more than three players and then a few role players to win a championship. Also, the NFL has the best and friendliest salary cap for promoting an even playing field.

  2. Says the guy who joined forces with the Heat, the quintessential super team who keeps NFL type parity a pipe dream.

  3. The Washington Redskins are the standard of brilliance in professional football today. That’s why they have 5 primetime games and the 2-3 additional primetime slots that come in the playoffs. There is ZERO doubt that Robert Griffin the 3rd is the flagship player of the sport. #TheRG3urrectionwillbetelevised

  4. I should also add that while the NFLs commish may be trying to ruin the NFL, he isn’t out playing favorites trying to get certain players rings. It’s easier to balance it out when you just let then play without influencing the outcome!

  5. If the NBA had no guaranteed contracts, it would be more popular. The NBA, MLB, and NHL will always lag behind the NFL since the NFL can cut dead weight.

  6. The NBA is the worst league in professional sports. The salary cap is like Obama’s health plan, the officials are crooks, the commissioner is treats the league like his personal fiefdom. and players only want to play in Hollywood, New York, or warm weather markets. Other than that, it’s great!

  7. Pro BB hasn’t been worth watching since Dr. J was throwing down dunks with a red whit and blue ball. NBA is boring and played by a bunch of self promoting divas.

  8. A group of people reading a football blog in the middle of July won’t be the most impartial audience for these comments of Mr. Allen’s…

  9. Maybe the NBA should shorten its “season.” Between preseason, regular season, and playoff season it feels like the NBA is playing some version of a season for about 10 months a year.

  10. raynman49 says:

    Who is Ray Allen?


    He’s the guy who almost single handedly changed the outcome of game 6 of the NBA Finals with a huge three; which allowed the Heat to force a game 7 and and win the NBA Championship. You should have seen it.

    And arguably the greatest three ball shooter in the history of the universe.

  11. The NFL plays a season that is a little more than 1/5th the length of the NBA season. The NBA has a season that is about 1/2 the length of the MLB and NHL seasons.

    The NFL still has the lowest average career length at about 3.5 yrs. The NBA is about 4.8 yrs, and the other two in the over 5 1/2 yrs. It is the turnover/chance in the NFL, that your team, could win it all, that is why it is the cow it is. Nobody really wants to see the Heat win 12 yrs in a row. Ray Allen should be talking about giving up guarrentied money’s before talking about less games played in the NBA.

  12. For the next two years it will be all LeBron James talk as we are forced fed his move to Cleveland or LA. Then after he actually makes the decision to go or stay, we will hear about it for the following twelve months if he decides to actually go.

  13. I always thought it would be interesting if the NFL did like soccer. Kick the bottom 3 out of the league each year. Relegate them to the CFL, then take the top 3 CFL teams, promote them to the NFL, and have them pick the first 3 draft picks. How many owners, GM’s, players, etc. would let their teams perpetually fail knowing they can be kicked out of the league rather than just sitting back and raking in the dough? I’d say not a lot.

  14. akboot says: Jul 18, 2013 6:27 PM

    not having 9000 games a year might help


    “That’s not what OUR research shows”
    -Roger Goodell

  15. tfbuckfutter says:
    Jul 18, 2013 8:36 PM
    Comparing the NBA and NFL is like comparing a PS3 to a Sega Saturn.

    Whoa whoa whoa, some lines we don’t cross here. Don’t be dissing the Saturn now!

  16. says the guy who went to the most talked about and popular (bad or good) team in the nba. lmao is he serious?! he STOLE a ring by following lebenidict james by becoming a trader of celtics (who i despise)

    the nba is becoming a bully league– all the greats team up on one team to dominate

    thats why lebron will NEVER surpass michael jordan in all time greatness or even larry bird and magic.

  17. Go Heat. Ray Allen is a shooting king. He single handily put the Heat in position to win game 6 & 7. Thank you Ray. You are loved by all Heat fans.

  18. Except he is wrong. All the media coverage for the NFL hasn’t somehow prevented the Bills, Browns, Jags, Lions, etc from being perpetual bottom feeders.

    Yes the NFL is more competitive than the NBA, but that is revenue sharing.

    Also the claim is just numb – GMs have pride they will try to build good teams media pressure or not. All the media spotlight does is make them more likely to panic into a bad move.

  19. I might actually watch basketball or baseball if it was only 1 or 2 games a week and on Friday-Sunday. I could watch 100 games a year when I was in grade school and nothing to do, having to work and raise kids kind of puts a dent in that.

    With the NFL I can spend 6 hours watching football and pretty much know everything that went on.

    Back to the NBA, it’s is the worst with it’s so called “cap” and guaranteed contracts. Oh the excitement of guys that make 8 figures and don’t even play. The drama of trading expiring contracts for draft picks. Oh and imagine the NFL with the NBA’s foul system. Oops too many holding penalties on your left tackle, let’s kick him out and watch the backup get killed.

  20. So… If we talk about the NBA more, teams will be more competitive?

    No, sorry Jesus Shuttlesworth…. We talk about the nfl more because the regular season actually matters. Every game actually matters.

    If you want people to care about the NBA more….

    Fewer games. Cancel out the “hack-a-shaq” by allowing anyone on the court to take the free throws when the opponent if fouling people that are nowhere near the ball, or about to receive the ball.

    And it might even benefit interest to do away with 3 seconds rules on both ends of the court.

    Eliminate 2 teams, allocate those players accordingly, and that will increase the talent pool for each team.

    Get rid of Joey Crawford. No official should be out there trying to make the game about him. In ANY sport, nobody likes an official they know the name of.

  21. “The NBA has a season that is about 1/2 the length of the MLB and NHL seasons.”

    Normally, the NHL is 82 games, same as the NBA. Both run for about the same amount of calendar time, the NBA possibly slightly longer, actually. (Certainly later into the year, anyway.)

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