Witten learned not to hot dog it with Parcells


Jason Witten’s caught more passes than any player in Cowboys history, but he wasn’t sure he was going to get that far, thanks to Bill Parcells and a halftime snack.

Witten said he was scared to death when soon-to-be-enshrined Hall of Fame coach caught him eating a hot dog at halftime of a 2006 preseason game.

Speaking at an Independence Bowl event in Shreveport, La. Wednesday, Witten recalled the game against the Saints there when he thought his career might be much shorter.

“It was raining, and I had played most of the first half, catching a touchdown pass, and we were beating the Saints pretty good,” Witten said, via Jimmy Watson of the Shreveport Times. “I figured I was finished at halftime, because starters usually didn’t play that much in preseason games. I walked under the stadium and saw the most beautiful hot dog you’ve ever seen. I dressed it all up with mustard, and ketchup and relish — then I was in mid-bite when coach Parcells walked in.

“I felt about this big. I didn’t figure I’d play another game as a Cowboy.”

Somehow or another, he survived.

The hot dog, and Parcells.

26 responses to “Witten learned not to hot dog it with Parcells

  1. The real question to ask… If that happened this season and Jason Garrett caught him eating a loaded hot dog at half time of a game, would Garrett have the authority to discipline him? Or would Jerry Jones over rule him if he decided to sit him the second half of the game? Or try to fine him? Nobody questioned that Once the season started Parcells was running his team. Nobody could say the same about the coaches the cowboy have had since Parcells left. Jerry Jones is just pulling the strings from a distance and the Witten’s and Romo’s have more pull than the coaches at this point

  2. I remember Tuna telling reporters they were making a big deal out of a one game wonder when they were surronding Curtis Martin after he after his first big game and Curtis was talking it up. He was hard on Curtis, but Curtis follwed him to the Jets.

  3. So much for me respecting the only member of the Cowboys. I don’t respect ANYONE that puts ketchup on a hotdog.

  4. Crap, I thought he said he learned not to eat hot dogs with Bill Parcells, now that would be extremely dangerous and hilariously funny. Thanks 🙂

  5. If he didn’t get mad at LT for doing what he use to do a halftime, why would he be mad over a hot dog.

  6. This story omits the part where Andy Reid showed up and ate the hot dog while Witten was distracted…

  7. Most of my favorite NFL Films clips involve Parcels giving it to his players.

    Good stuff indeed.

  8. Ok, I’m prepared to be thumbs-downed mercilessly, but somebody let me know – wtf is it you people think is so bad about ketchup (especially with mustard and relish) on a hot dog?

  9. Costello: I don’t like mustard.
    Abbott: But mustard was made for the hot dog! What did mustard ever do to you? Do you know how many people it takes to manufacture mustard? You’ll put them all out of work!

    …All because you don’t like mustard!


  10. I was wondering who ate my hot dog. I left it under the stadium at halftime, and went to wash my hands and when I came back it was gone! I was so hungry and had no more money to buy another one. I’ll get you back for this Witten, if its the last thing I do!!!!

  11. “I would have cut or traded him for putting ketchup on a hot dog. What are you? 12?”


    Do you realize that hot dogs themselves are food like products which carry zero nutritional value? They are made for the young 12 year old children of ignorant and partially lazy parents who are not up on nutritional knowledge the way they need to be

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