Colts come in 12th in PFT preseason power rankings


Coming out of college, Andrew Luck was almost too good to be true.

The same could be said of the Colts last season.

A nine-win swing from 2011 was incredible, and coming at the same time  new head coach Chuck Pagano was battling leukemia made it seem like their General Manager was Frank Capra and not Ryan Grigson.

But the comeback was real, as are the challenges they face this year. The Colts aren’t going to sneak up on anyone this year, and their frantic offseason spending might not have made them significantly better.

But Pagano’s back, and so is Luck, a quarterback so composed it seems like he’s been in the league far more than one year. They’ve given him some help, and only time will tell if it’s enough to keep them at the level they reached in 2012.

You can read the full preview here, and tell us in the poll below if we’ve placed them in the right spot.

21 responses to “Colts come in 12th in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. Don’t get me wrong, the colts were a great story last year. But signing someone like Walden to play OLB to a big contract (did you watch the pack 49ers game, he looked lost) to help the D is almost a downgrade. Luck is great but I don’t see them being better that nearly 2/3 of the league.

  2. 12? This is a joke right, you just fat fingered the keyboard right? It should be a #1 and everyone here agrees with me and knows that is a fact.
    The Colts are the best franchise in the NFL.
    Other teams are so jealous of the ownership and coaching staff. We have more talent in our offensive line than all other teams combined. Andy Luck is the best QB to ever have played the game. Our receiver corps can’t be covered by anyone except for our own defense, and trust me, that is a titanic struggle for them. I guarantee you RGkneee wishes he played for the Colts so he can stay healthy and have some sort of career that lasts longer than three seasons. Adriane Peterson wants to be our running back but he’s just not good enough. We are COLTS and we are the best, just ask anyone from Baltimorgue how much they agree with me and love and wish this was the team still playing in their city. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!

  3. The 9 win swing really doesn’t mean all that much when you tanked the previous season for a high draft pick….

  4. At 54% completion rate, 18 ints and a hand full of fumbles, It’s hard for me to understand why a Luck led team is rated this high.

    The hype has not been lived up to, in college or in the NFL. This dink and dunk specialist, has to show me more than I’ve seen so far. Some day, he may be good, but right now, he should be compared to Tanneyhill, because Wilson and RG3 have shown to be much better in every category.

  5. let me give you the next 11:
    11. skins
    10. saints
    9. pats
    8. bengals
    7. packers
    6. ravens
    5. broncos
    4. Texans
    3. falcons
    2. hawks
    1. niners

    Am I close MF?

  6. Yes, Luck is extremely overrated. With that said since they are going to the WCO, his #’s will go up, but I don’t see the team catching the numerous breaks it got last year. It was also pushed and inflated by the story their HC went through, and I’m glad he’s made it through that ordeal so far.

    Luck’s cmp% will go up, but I don’t believe their wins will go in that direction.

  7. Hey coltswin…….logicalvoice has already patented the whole my team is the best at everything…..come up with a new schtick, loser!!!!!!!!
    #12 seems right…..behind the Bengals!!!
    WHO DEY!!!!

  8. Did you actually watch a Colts game last season? Luck’s 54% completion rate was due largely to two main factors: (1) Bruce Arians runs a 100% vertical passing game. He rarely has a short outlet option on any of his plays. (2) Luck was scrambling for his life behind what would have been a poor college level offensive line.

    Dink and dunk specialist? You do know that Luck threw the most passes beyond 10 yards from scrimmage, as well as the most passes beyond 20 yards from scrimmage in the entire league last season, right?

    Both RGIII and Wilson benefitted from strong running games and far superior offensive lines. Wilson also happens to have a pretty damn good defense. Neither of them was forced to do so much with so little, like Luck was.

    But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  9. As A Colts fan, I disagree with us not being higher than 12th.

    The Colts Achillees heel last year was run defense and the Colts have brought in Walden, Franklin, Landry, Sheppard, Jean-Francois, and Toler who are all good to very good run defenders.

    The Colts boast the best safety tandem in the league with Bethea and Landry.

    The Colts offensive line should be much improved by bringing in an NFL level right tackle and a very solid guard. Adding those key pieces with rookies Holmes and Thornton should make the addition of Ahmad Bradshaw even more successful.

    Finally, we added pure speed in DHB to go with Reggie Wayne and rookie phenom T.Y. Hilton.

    I will however, agree with qdog in saying that Luck is a bit overrated and will need to VASTLY improve his accuracy (especially with the deep ball) to go along with better ball security.

    If he does that, the Colts are a top 5 team EASILY.

    Go COLTS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Part of the reason he was “running for his life”, was because he held on to the ball too long and was indecisive with his decision making, well when he wasn’t forcing it to Reggie.

    I’ll agree that Arians’ system didn’t do him any favors, but with a QB that makes quicker decisions that OL wouldn’t have looked nearly as bad. But hey they had a chance to really improve the OL this offseason, and came up with a great big wiffffffffffffff.

  11. uh colts win…down here in baltimore we are good with what we got. to the real colts fans on here, best of luck on the upcoming season. you guys are set up to be good for a while

  12. Inspirations wears off.
    Rookie Qbs running plays get figured out (read option for example).
    Player arrests rear it’s ugly face.

    So, how is this team #12?

  13. It’s funny reading all the losers dogging the Colts on here. All it is -is jealousy. The Colts have dominated for over a decade, except for one small blip on the radar -where they were without their hof quarterback -and are set to dominate for another decade or so at least. I see Saints and Giants fans shooting off their mouths. Funny. The Saints are sad sacks who had to cheat to have temporary success, and the Giants best days are behind them. It’s all downhill from here Giants fans. Get used to losing -regularly.

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