Dr. James Andrews will examine RGIII on Wednesday


The Redskins report to camp on Wednesday and that’s when they’ll find out the medical evaluation of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Dr. James Andrews will examine Griffin’s knee “extensively” and make a determination about whether or not he believes the quarterback is ready for a full workload in practice. If the feeling is that Griffin’s not quite there, the Redskins could put Griffin on the PUP list until that feeling changes.

Jones reports that those close to Griffin say that his knee “feels great” and that he has continued to run and cut without either pain or limitation over the last few weeks. That’s reportedly left Griffin feeling like he’s ready to start practicing right away and he’s described as “adamant” that he not miss any time at training camp.

Going on the PUP list, even just to start, may make some sense since it would leave open the option of placing him on the regular season PUP list in the event of a setback with the knee. Once Griffin practices with the rest of the team, that option disappears.

Either way, there have been nothing but positive reports about Griffin’s rehab this offseason and it would be surprising if he’s anywhere but leading the Redskins offense come the first week of the season.

9 responses to “Dr. James Andrews will examine RGIII on Wednesday

  1. I predict Andrews will say everything is going fantastically and that he’s the most brilliant surgeon ever.

    Whether or not that has any bearing on the truth.

  2. Exactly, we need him week one, and not right now. I’d rather see him put on the PUP list for now until a week or two left in training camp and maybe 1 or 2 preseason games with a couple series at most. I want him as fresh and healthy as possible come week one.

  3. So as long as he’s on the pup list for a week or two at the begining, then he’s allowed to practice fully, then return to the pup list if the team wants any time during the season?

  4. Andrews rep is on the line especially with all the talk during the season that he didn’t get a chance to to fully assess the knee during the Seahawks game. He will say its s miracle blah blah blah …… but suggest like AP to start on the PuP as he works on explosion drills on the side.

  5. Given Shanahan’s stupidity in keeping RGIII in the playoff game last season after the injury, he’ll probably play RGIII for all four quarters of each exhibition game regardless of what the doctor says.

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