Patriots are No. 7 in PFT preseason power rankings


The Patriots had a fairly turbulent offseason, but it hasn’t knocked them down too far in our preseason power rankings.

They came in at No. 7 in the vote conducted by the PFT staff, a spot that makes them one of the top four AFC teams in the rankings. Whether they finish the year that way will have a lot to do with how Tom Brady manages an offense that has questions at receiver and tight end as well as what the Patriots will do to find consistency at cornerback after several years of mixing and matching players without much success.

How do we think they’ll fare at those tasks? Take a look at our full preview of the Patriots as they head into training camp and then let us know if we’ve got them ranked in the right spot.

27 responses to “Patriots are No. 7 in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. I agree that New England’s preseason ranking should be top ten, but not top five. I expect the Patriots’ offense to be potent again in 2013. But will it be potent enough to offset what has, at times, been a sluggish defense—particularly in the secondary? The loss of Hernandez, though significant, is not nearly as significant as the loss of Welker, Brady’s “security blanket.” That’s compounded further given that Brady’s loss is now his archrival’s (Peyton Manning’s) gain. Unfortunately, that spells double trouble for the Patriots’ bid to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLVIII.

  2. Makes total sense. This team doesn’t play defense (25th ranking last season) and lost most of their offensive weapons.

  3. Is it true the Bengals haven’t been ranked yet? meaning they are ranked ahead of the packers and patriots?! if so, I think I’ll stop coming to this site for their “expert” analysis.

  4. 12 plus years of Elite coming to an end this year, I believe. Miami will be tougher and the Bills may put up some kind of fight. NE may win the division by default this year, due to the others teams still building for success, but the playoffs may show that time has gone by and NE may need to start thinking of building for the future

  5. Some will think this too high, some too low (as Brady has a way of making even no-name receivers look like Pro Bowlers)

    For me it’s just right – the Patriots always do better when people think of them as underdogs. But it’s still high enough to show a healthy amount of respect.

    Of course given how much time and effort the trolls and haters give up to the Patriots it’s pretty obvious there is universal jealousy among NFL fandom.

  6. Rating with memories of the past, not reality of the present. 10-6, will win the division because all the other teams REALLY suck, eliminated in first round of playoffs.

  7. People need to understand that the Bengals are coming off a 10-6 season with some of the best young talent in football. They had the 6th ranked defense and 53 sacks. They have AJ Green, a talented young QB, a Pro Bowl TE and a couple very talented rookies on offense. Just because you don’t know anything about the Bengals doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a top 6 ranking.

  8. The Patriots are facing impending doom…I seem to have heard that as often as Rex Ryan predicting a Super Bowl win.

  9. Agree w/ these assessments but believe people are gonna be surprised how readily Amendola will replace Welkers production. He and Brady already appear to be on the same page and if he stays healthy, his stats are gonna be huge. Bigger, faster, more versatile and 4.5 years younger.

  10. Don’t doubt Tom Brady or put adversity in his way, because every. single. time. it’s happened, he’s come out and utterly destroyed the competition.

  11. I say we do this: rank ’em 1st every year, just give ’em the trophy and go home. nobody gets hurt.

    that way we can keep calling belicheck a genius forever and NEVER give the guy who drafted Brady any credit.

  12. all you bengals fans chiming in, you also have marvin lewis as your HC. don’t get carried away just yet.

  13. I live in Cincinnati, and agree that the Bengals are making some strides. That being said, there’s no way they deserve a top 10 ranking. They’re very young and the franchise hasn’t won a playoff game in 22 years!

    Show us more than a couple one-and-dones in the playoffs and then you’ll earn the respect that you so desperately want.

  14. Everyone knows the Patriots are only “good” because of Spygate. You know it’s true. The fact they’ve done better than 2 wins a year is proof beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are still cheating.

    It’s outrageous that a weakling named Tom Brady and his awesome 2 yard curl routes can become “great” only because of Spygate and cheating. I bet that’s how he got his supermodel wife too. From cheating at his job. Pathetic. You know that is true. Patriots fans need to admit it.

  15. Let’s face it. Brady is two seasons removed from being the first and only unanimous MVP – clearly he’s washed up.

    And no doubt the Patriots don’t deserve their Super Bowls. They cheated by breaking a 2006 rule in 2001-2004. Shame on them for not obeying rules that did not yet exist.

    Is it too late to trade Brady for Sanchez? Give the Jets credit – at least they don’t tease their fans by making them think they actually have a chance at winning the Super Bowl.

  16. Come on, if you weren’t going to rank them top-4, you shouldn’t have ranked them in the top-10. Give them a nice solid 16 ranking. They always do better when people don’t expect it. 7 is enough for some motivation, but not for the kind of poster material worthy of driving a season.

    Think about it. They will win the AFC East without much challenge. That should make them top-8 by default (given, the NFC West and possibly the AFC South will have non-division champs that merit being ranked higher than some division champs). Are they really the expected division champs of the second weakest division?

    That said, as a Patriot’s fan, I always cringe when people rank them as the expected SB winners. Folks, in the current system of one game decides the fate, the playoffs are a poor crucible for determining the best team (ask Raiders fans who should have played in SB 38). I’d rather be the underdog in such a fight (especially when we are the better team). It makes players play harder, and opponents play more arrogant.

    So the Patriot’s Nation asks you humbly to reconsider your rankings and drop the Patriots back below the Cowboys, Steelers and Vikings. Give them some real motivation, and temper the expectations of all the haters.

  17. Bill & Brady are great – Chandler Jones & Gronk are both beasts – but you want me to believe this “TEAM” is all around better than the Packers?

    Shields/Tramon/Morgan/MD/Casey > Aqib (is he still in New England?)

    Jones/Jordy/Cobb > “not Wes” and ….?

    Brady = Rodgers – they both carry their clubs.
    Bill > Mike, I can admit our guy is good, not great.

    The patriots are probably among the few teams our defense is actually better than.

    Meh – whatever, they’ll make the Playoffs – Hopefully the Superbowl against my team, so we can settle this “No.8 vs No.7” crap.

  18. Last season the Patriots week zero ranking was 3 and people said that was too high. The Patriots week 1 ranking was 1.

    If I know Tom Brady he has been hearing all this talk about Welker making him and he is going to prove the opposite is true.

  19. Joesixpack,

    That is not possible. Everyone knows that the Patriots would be a two win team without cheating. That is a fact. I bet that franchise would have folded by now if it wasn’t for Spygate and cheating. Brady is a weakling and my grandma can throw further than he can when he’s not cheating.

    Cheating, Spygate, Spygate, cheating. And Spygate.

    It’s all true, admit it.

    Viva la Spygate.

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