Garrett calls taping meeting “collective decision”


Jason Garrett went along with allowing his camp-opening speech to his team being put on the internet for all to see.

Kind of like he went along with Bill Callahan calling offensive plays.

The Cowboys coach said that it was “an organizational decision” to tape and broadcast his first speech of camp to his team, via Peter King’s new website, The MMQB.

That drew laughs from the assembled media, and Garrett himself was apparently smiling as he explained.

It certainly wasn’t my decision by itself. It was a collective decision,” Garrett said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We had some good discussions. As you know, Peter King is starting a website with Sports Illustrated. He’s been a great friend to the NFL and a great friend to the Cowboys for years. We thought it was worthwhile there.”

Garrett called the speech a “nuts and bolts” endeavor which was “pretty innocuous to share,” but acknowledged that motivating his team was the biggest part of his job (especially since he doesn’t call plays any longer).

“What you try to do as a leader of any organization is provide perspective, inspiration, motivation, create a vision for your football team, create a vision for your organization and do everything you can to get the right people to help you accomplish that vision,” he said. “And you have to give them a path. You have to give them a structure. You’ve got to give them a road map. But you also have to give them some inspiration. You have to give them some motivation to get up each and every day to do the things they need to do to accomplish what that goal or vision is.

“So that’s my job. That’s our coaches’ job. I tell our guys all the time: if you’re a human being, you need inspiration, you need motivation. I don’t care who you are, how strong you are mentally. And it’s just part of what I believe I have to do, what our coaches need to do and really what our players need to do for each other.”

And Garrett also understands that maintaining his status as head coach depends on going along with some decisions that aren’t his, and as trade-offs go, this seems like a relatively painless one.