Jaguars cut Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers is the No. 1 player in the NFL, but his little brother is just trying to get somewhere in the top 2,880. That’s the number of jobs available in the NFL at a time when the 32 teams have 90-man rosters, and Jordan Rodgers has fallen short of making the Jaguars’ 90-man roster for the start of training camp.

The Jaguars announced today that they have released Rodgers, a quarterback they signed as an undrafted free agent in April.

Jordan Rodgers had sports hernia surgery in May and wasn’t healthy for Organized Team Activities, so he never had an opportunity to do much of anything in Jacksonville.

As a senior at Vanderbilt last season, Rodgers completed 191 of 319 passes for 2,539 yards, with 15 touchdowns and five interceptions. Now he’ll just have to hope one of the 31 other NFL teams think he’s good enough for a spot on a 90-man roster.

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  1. Saw him throw at the rookie minicamp. He would literally hold on to the ball for 7-10 seconds, then throw it away after he couldn’t find an open guy even though there was no pass rush. You could hear the coaches yelling for him to try to make a damn play at least if he’s gonna hold onto it that long.

    That and he has a terribly bad noodle arm. He is a baseball player also, and I think that’s where his focus should be because he’s nowhere near an NFL QB right now.

  2. well he was hurt during rookie mini camp during a rain storm. Im sure he will be picked up somewhere and stashed on a practice squad for a year.. It looks like Matt Scott will be on jags prac squad, Gabbert will start and the winner of Henne/Kafka will make the team as #2 QB

  3. I thought Aaron Rodgers arm was pretty weak when he was a rookie. And than with lots of hard work he’s got 1 of the strongest in the league now. Maybe his brother can do the same although I think he’s a smaller guy which won’t make it easy.

  4. We’ll take him with the Seahawks. We need a no 3 practice squad QB. Lord knows either T-jack or Quinn will not make the roster. So let’s take a chance on a guy that seems to make good decisions with the ball (14 TD and only 5 picks).

  5. The Packers take him and put him through Mcarthys QB school and then the practice squad where he can get healed up and learn the NFL slowly,next season come back healthy and savvy,the Jags experience on developing QBs is nowhere near the Packers developing them.

  6. Gabbert seriously. These jokes are that of an 8 or 9 year old. Fake laughter must be an incredibly large part of your life.

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