RG3 says he doesn’t expect to play preseason


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, as expected, passed his conditioning test today.

But he’s not quite ready to practice fully, as he said he expected to participate in 7-on-7 work, but not the full amount of team drills.

The current plan is patience is the key,” Griffin said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

That patience apparently will keep him out of preseason games, as he said he didn’t expect to play in the preseason games.

“Unless it’s a necessity, I don’t think I’ll play in the preseason,” he said. “Unless coach says so.”

While there’s a risk involved in sending your quarterback into the regular season opener without any live action, the greater risk would be Griffin having a setback in games that don’t matter.

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  1. It’s the right move, he doesn’t need to be put at risk at all before the season starts, I believe he will be sharp come the first game and if not he will get there soon enough.

  2. He really does’nt have to play during preseason. He is too valuable. He was NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and helped the Skins win a division championship! He has proved himself.

  3. he will be toobusy in his custom built hoveround wheelchair that he will have to use after every season

  4. What kind of message does it send to a team to have your franchise QB show a flaunted, utterly cavalier attitude towards the pre-season?

    What about devotion to your craft?

    What about gameday experience?

    What about helping the younger players acclimate to their roles?

    What about playing your part as a leader to assess who is and who isn’t jelling with the team and performing?

    What about leadership Mr. Griffin?

    Even the Bradys and Mannings played part of the preseason after recovering from injuries.This is a football player?

  5. If he isn’t playing in preseason, he deserves to be a second string player.

    This guy has weaknesses – can’t read defenses – is easy to sack despite being “so mobile” – abandons plays and doesn’t allow them to develop – cannot hit deep wide receivers if a defender is within five yards of the player – cannot run a two minute offense – is not a leader on the field and is as sloth-like in play like Donovan McNubb.

    This guy is not a great player. He is a gimmick.

    It is time to see what Kirk Cousins can do – put the China Doll on the bench and allow Kirk to go 3-6 before we bring China Doll back. Let’s give Kirk the same show of support we gave the Prima Donna Selfish Punk!

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