As camps open, no sign of Randy Moss

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In January, as Randy Moss was preparing to conclude his 14th NFL season with his second Super Bowl appearance, we reported that he planned to play at least one more year.

At the time, he did.  As of early March, he still planned to play.  But no contending team with a high-end quarterback was planning to offer him the kind of deal he wanted.  And so as teams launch their plans to open training camp, Moss apparently now has other plans.

Sure, all it takes is one injury for his phone to ring.  But when Moss emerged from his one-year retirement in early 2012, he was anxious and motivated and ready, as evidenced by a stream of online videos in which he eagerly discussed his plans to return to the game.

As of two months ago, Moss reportedly was undecided about playing.  Now, but for a daily tweet or two (few of which if any have anything to do with his NFL career), Moss has disappeared from view.

His most recent impression was not a good one.  After being a good soldier (at least outwardly) for the 49ers in 2012, Moss opened up during Super Bowl week, complaining about his role, declaring himself to be the best receiver of all time, and contending he was blackballed by the Titans in 2010.  His performance in Super Bowl XLVII prompted at least one former player to suggest that Randy was sporting the arms of an alligator.

It appears that, at least for now, Moss may not find the right situation — even as the NFL places a greater premium on the men who run at catch passes.  And if Randy is done, he’ll find himself jockeying for position in five years with Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber, Steve Hutchinson, and Matt Birk before a body that has had a hard time in recent years of letting receivers in.

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  1. Wait until receivers start going down. As long as he doesn’t have grandiose ideas about how much he’ll make, someone will want him. Of course he will have to settle for a measly million or so; more than most people make in their entire lives.

  2. FYI……Randy Moss did not complain about his role.The reason why he said he didn’t like his role, but didnt complain about it was to show an example of his maturity.

    As far as alligator arms in the Superbowl, it’s crazy to freeze out a WR and rarely throw him the ball all season and expect him to come up big in the Superbowl. No rhythm or synchronization with the QB hasn’t been established. Wasnt alligator arms.

    Also believing he’s the greatest player of all time isn’t a crime. Especially when he can make a case for being an all time great.

    Lot of things you can blast Randy Moss for, but not for any of the things that’s mentioned in the above blog.

  3. Moss is one of the best WRs of all-time, but imagine the stats he could have had if he toned down the ego.

    Megatron may be the edited version of Randy Moss – physically gifted and dominate, but soft-spoken and humble. No wonder he already broke Jerry Rice’s single season record.

  4. If he stays in shape and keeps his mouth shut then wi th some luck and misfortune on the part of some other WRs then he’ll pop up somewhere sooner or later. Aside from his untimely remarks before the Bowl, he was a good addition in San Fran.

  5. I liked Moss. His problem is that he does not know how to express himself. He is the type of guy who should have a speech writer handy… all times.

  6. Moss doesn’t need training camp. It could only hurt him in the long run with wear and tear on the old man. I see him as a Week 2 pickup, as not to require an entire season salary.

    I know he isn’t likely welcome back in New England, but if nobody emerges in camp, it could be worth bringing him back.

  7. If that’s the group Randy goes into the hall with he’ll still be the top guy out of it. Ray and Hutchinson are fantastic and deserve first ballot but straight cash put the fear of God into defensive coordinators like no other receiver ever has. He may not be the greatest receiver of all time, but he sure as hell was the most talented.

  8. A lot of you will probably not agree because I’m a jets fan and everyone really doesn’t like the jets because of Rex and Sanchez but I would love to have Randy Moss, it’s not like we have any better.

  9. Randy is TOAST! Watched him all of last season, Dude doesn’t want to get hit. Not that he ever did, but he is gun-shy bigtime. His HOF career is over! GOAT?? Not even close…..

  10. To make it sound as if Randy Moss will have a hard time getting into the HOF is absurd. He and Ray Lewis will headline that class. The other mentioned names were good, these two were great.

  11. T.o. Will be first simply because he retired first. Both will easily be first ballot HOFers, No question. They are easily the second and third best receivers ever. But if your asking who was better I would have to say Moss has the edge.

  12. then again how many guys in the HOF had their first two touchdowns taken away on their new team for phantom offensive pass interference calls

  13. I would love to see him in a Broncos jersey.. Manning to Moss all day!! Also, I hear rumors that the Pats are thinking of canning Ballard, well The Broncos could use a TE too… Welker, Thomas, Moss, Ballard…, that would be awesome…

  14. jnbnet says:
    Jul 25, 2013 10:39 AM
    I liked Moss. His problem is that he does not know how to express himself. He is the type of guy who should have a speech writer handy… all times

    Like scripted cliche responses that you hear from the every day ho-hum player. I will rather hear someone who is a straight shooter like Moss was/is. Yeah, of course the was a time or two that his comments were a little bit insensitve (see cafeteria food/dog) in my opinion. However, i liked his frank statements and comments lol. Play when i want to play.

  15. TO and Moss….both first ballot HOFers. Although Moss was probably more talented than TO, TO had a work ethic to him that Moss never had. I would rather have TO on my team for his career than Moss for his. It’s gotta drive a coaching staff mad when players play when they feel like playing.

  16. Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson are now reaping what their earlier deeds and actions have sown. At this point if Art Monk, James Lofton, or Shannon Sharpe came out of mothballs to play, they would get more consideration.

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