Cary Williams reports to camp two days early

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Eagles cornerback Cary Williams, who emphasized the “voluntary” in voluntary offseason workouts, is on hand when the work matters most.

After skipping three weeks of OTAs to attend to a honeymoon, dental work, his daughter’s recital and picking out sconces, Williams actually reported to training camp two days early.

Eagles defensive backs coach John Lovett said he was surprised to see one of the team’s free agent acquisitions walk through the door while preparing film.

“I was in my office with [assistant defensive backs coach] Todd [Lyght] watching cut-ups and all of a sudden Cary walks in,” Lovett said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I was like, ‘What are you doing here?’

Of course, Williams was around for the mandatory minicamp, and now that he’s in camp ahead of time, he should be good for the coming season.

“I think he might have missed three weeks,” Lovett said. “I wish he hadn’t missed three weeks. He missed three weeks and he had a lot of things going on in his personal life that he had to take care of. . . .

“Did he miss some of the stuff? Yeah. Will he catch up? Yes. He’s a student of the game and he’ll catch up and I expect him to have a very good year.”

Williams’ decision to take the days off he’s entitled to take off drew criticism, but it shouldn’t matter at this point. But if he struggles on the field, Eagles fans will certainly use his daughter’s dance recital as the reason.

12 responses to “Cary Williams reports to camp two days early

  1. I don’t know if people had as much problem with the dance recital as the day he took off to go shopping to get sconces for his new home.

  2. If he struggles on the field it won’t be because of his daughter’s dance recital.

  3. The missus and I got our patio furniture shopping done earlier than I thought so I figured I’d make up for some lost time coach Kelly.

  4. If he struggles on the field, it will be because Ozzie predicted it.

    Flacco will struggle again in the Regular season like has has done for 5 years in the best division in football. He will just make the Playoffs or win that division. So to accommodate the Patriot-biased media…Joe Flacco will struggle in the Regular Season as he always has. He will either win the AFC North or get to the playoffs as he has done every year. So Flacco will struggle. Ozzie also predicted, Flacco’s struggles.

    Net: Thankfully,Ozzie’s view of struggles is a lot different from CBX media analyst view of struggles.

  5. This guy is not a shut down #1 cb which is what the giggles paid him to be, but after watching him closely on the ravens for a few years, I think he is very good. Not great, not all pro but very good. I hope heals well for you. He bet on himself turning down a solid contract and won the bet. Good for him and hopefully good for the iggles

  6. again,,

    this is the same out of control idiot that almost got booted out of the Superbowl for hitting a ref.

    he gets into the heads of WR’s,, but a veteran WR that know how to pushpull will get this guy fired up and cost us big.
    he was benched during the season for not playing well and losing his cool,, i can’t think this guy will make it all season here in Philly without clowning himself into trouble.

    dudes’ idiocy will cost us.

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