Chiefs air it out on first two days of training camp


The Kansas City Chiefs ranked dead last in the NFL in passing offense last season averaging just 169.6 yards per game through the air. New head coach Andy Reid’s offensive philosophy relies heavily on throwing the football. Therein lies the problem for Reid to solve as practices get underway in Kansas City.

Reid is going to extremes during the opening stages of camp in an attempt to get the passing game up to speed. According to Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs have called a pass play on every snap of team periods on the first two days of practice.

The practice plan shows how important Reid sees the need for the Chiefs to become more capable in the passing game this season. The one benefit for Reid is having a quarterback in Alex Smith that should be a sizable improvement from the performances the Chiefs received from Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn a season ago.

If Reid can return the passing game to even league average levels this year, the Chiefs have an opportunity to take a big jump in the win column.

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  1. Smith has already shown the kind of QB he is with compitent coaching and a supporting cast around him. Won’t be surprised at all if the Chiefs contend for a wild card spot.

  2. “Running backs? We look at them as potential wide receivers who line up in the back field.”

    “Short passes? That’s the equivalent of a run play.”

    Oh, Andy’ll air it out alright. Hey Chiefs fans, if you value a traditional ground game, get ready for years of frustration.

  3. Their camp starts Friday. They just have rookies and QBs there. Of course all they’re doing is passing. Nobody’s there to run it.

  4. This will be the most improved team in the NFL this year. Bank on it.

    Q: How can any team with Dwayne Bowe and Jam Chuck have such a horrible offense?
    A: A terrible coach and a worse starting QB.

  5. Many people probably disagree, but the Chiefs have a chance to take the division from the Bronco’s if things click right.

  6. Being a west coast offensive system, yes the pass sets up the run. Just as it did in Montana’s, Young’s, McNabb’s & Favre’s reins.

    But as we dealt with for years here in Philly, there will be fellow Eagle fans that never understood what Reid was doing with the WCO. Eagle fans wanted to run the ball more in an offensive system designed to pass first. Watch my fellow Eagle fans trash Andy system, everyone forgets 5 NFC Championship games (4 in a row).

    People in Buffalo love Levy & Bud Grant in Minnesota, they didn’t win the big one either with player for player better defenses & better talent on offense. But here in Philly Reid will always be underappreciated & bashed.

  7. That pretty much sounds like Andy Reid’s offense. Cue the Chefs fans guaranteeing that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Arrowhead…

  8. I swear its comical to look at any Chiefs or Andy Reid thread and see all the posts from FILTHadelphia fans bashing Reid.
    you all look and sound exactly like the jilted ex that just cant accept being dumped.
    Andy found a classier organization to work for and a classier fanbase who actually understand football.
    In 3 years Eagles fans will be wishing they still had Andy
    FILTHadelphia fans should mature, accept Andy dumped you for a classier team, move on, and act like you have an ounce of class

  9. The years under Reid helped make the Eagles not just relevant for a few years, as has been the case in the past, but RESPECTABLE. Did he have his flaws, sure, like time management, getting calls in from the sideline in a timly manner and not adjusting his WCO accordingly. Andy had turned the roster over many times and still continued to win. Most coaches have those few years with all the right players for success and once they’re gone, so is their success…definatly not the case with Reid. Good luck Chief fans, I hope a change in venue and some time for family healing will bring back the great coach we Eagle fans had come to know.

  10. The man takes over a 3-13 team and has them in the playoffs with an 11-5 record 2 years later. Leads the team to 4 NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance and all he gets is whining from the classless fanbase.
    The guy moves on to a better organization and away from the scum, yet the jilted ex girlfriends cant accept it and use every opportunity to spread rumors, talk bad about him, and try to make themselves look like they didnt really like him in the first place.

    Eagles fans, do you not realize just how immature and moronic you look everytime u post on a Chiefs story about Andy?

  11. I see Trollonto has made another appearance. Say it Joey “We’re 32…we’re 32!”

    The only soup for you is pouring out the sewers in the Black Hole.

  12. Hey Eagles fans shouldn’t you stick to watching every post about the team in Philly and commenting on those instead of watching every post about the Chiefs? I mean come on get over it Andy got sick of your fan base and the whiners you are to move to a team where he will be appreciated. You all sound like the chick who put on 40lbs and then got dumped by her boyfriend and can’t understand why he left. Oh and Joe Toronto just shut up already the Raiders haven’t been relevant since ……well no one can really remember.

  13. Whether a commenter is a former Eagles fan or not, facts are facts:

    – the guy’s run-to-pass ratio was WAY out of whack.

    – as time wore on, the team became more a reflection of his vision, and…

    – …his record after reaching the Super Bowl in ’04 (that’s almost ten years ago for those of you who don’t know how to count) is only slightly better than .500.

    These are just facts. And they don’t bode well for Chiefs fans.

    what’s worse?

    1. smug Chiefs fans who keep talking about 2001 – 04 like it was yesterday, and who think they’re going to the Super Bowl with a coach who still hasn’t learned how to adjust at halftime or manage the clock after 14 years under a headset,

    2. the rest of you who call Eagles fans “classless” because they don’t like Andy Reid. If you had the same coach for 14 years, and he was unable to deliver the big one, and then left the franchise in such a mess that it’s a laughing stock, wouldn’t YOU be mad at that coach?

  14. @ therealtrenches

    What’s worse?

    1. Philly fan continually bad-mouthing their former coach on articles that pertain to his new team. Regardless of how bad you think he was, he is still better than what we had.

    2. Chiefs fans don’t care what Philly fans think of the coach. we would prefer you go comment on something about Chip Kelley. You don’t see us commenting about your coach…Why? Because we don’t care what Kelley is doing.

    3. Don’t go away mad…just go away.

  15. @jackwagon.

    it’s too easy to say “your name pretty much sums it up,” but it does.

    Andy wasn’t terrible. And you’ll never find me saying he was. But his winning was a long time ago (you can fact check that).

    The more power he got in Philly, the worse the team got. That’s not debatable, that’s just truth.

    And I can’t believe I have to explain this, but…here goes: you Chiefs fans don’t come into Eagles comment threads and comment on Kelly, because, well…Kelly didn’t coach your team into the ground without winning the big one, while repeatedly treating the fans and the media like they didn’t know squat.

    When we comment here, it’s because we’re passionate about what that guy did to our beloved team and we can’t believe how arrogant you’ve become without having won a game under him.

    Make sense now?

    Nah…didn’t think so…jackwagon.

  16. All you philly fans please take note from bleedeaglegreen’s comment.

    Look at what the chiefs were doing under the same 14 year span that AR was coaching in philly and you’ll understand why we are EXCITED to have a coach like him. You went to 5 NFC championship games, we haven’t won a playoff game since 1993. Who cares what plays he calls/how fast he calls the plays/how he manages the clock/run vs pass ratio etc BECAUSE THE MAN WINS GAMES. Do you realize how excited we would be in KC if we went to just one AFC championship game?!

  17. caseyinkc (clever name, dude; I see what you did there) says: “THE MAN WINS GAMES.”

    From 05 – 07, Andy Reid was .500.

    Since 2005, Andy Reid is a whopping 65 – 62.

    so THE MAN LOSES GAMES…alot of them…TOO.

    Here’s what you have to look forward to:

    -no halftime adjustments.

    -horrible clock management.

    -drafts that will leave you scratching your head (which side of the line is your new OT playing on, huh?).

    -a run-pass ratio that approaches 65% in favor of the pass.

    -and as a result, an offensive line that forgets how to run-block when you need to punch one in on the goal line.

    -an undersized team (especially on defense) that gets trucked by the stiffer competition in January (if they make it that far into the post-season).

    Would you like me to continue? There’s more.

    Like I said, he wasn’t terrible. Just don’t give me this BS about how “classless” Philly fans are because we come into these threads and comment on him.

    We had to LIVE with this guy for *14 years.* We know a little bit more than you do about how he coaches.

    You’re perfectly welcome to come into our threads and comment on Kelly if his team sucks. We’ll be critical of him with you.

  18. – never called you classless, I’m classier than that 😉

    -never been one to talk trash on anyone else’s team (with the obvious exception of raiders, broncos and chargers)

    – dude… you don’t want me to post chiefs stats during the same time frame trust me

  19. Excellent post therealtrenches. And accurate to a ‘T’. Sorry caseyinkc. It’s not the intention of Philly fans to dump on KC fans. Our comments are borne out of FOURTEEN (miserable) years of frustration because of the very reasons oulined by therealtrenches. I believe Philly fans are trying to warn you to be cautious in your exuberance at ‘landing’ Reid by pointing out those very flaws that drove them into a state of blubbering frustration.

    We don’t as yet know what we have in Kelly but we can only hope, and pray, that he’s the anti-Reid and turns out to be a huge upgrade. I believe both team’s fans deserve a break.

  20. Case in point:

    “Our comments are borne out of FOURTEEN (miserable)”

    14 miserable years…LOL

    5 NFC Championship games.
    1 SB appearance.
    7 division championships
    131-93 career record

    There are 15 NFL franchises that would take this type of streak over the last MISERABLE 14 years.

    We were very lucky to have Andy Reid. Really lucky, ask the Lions, ask the Cards, ask the Dolphins, Chiefs & this is only 4 teams, I can assure you 12-15 franchises would take that kind of miserable run that we as Eagle fans enjoyed under Andy Reid…

    Eagle fans are spoiled – other franchises haven’t remotely sniffed such success of a 14 year span!
    Do you see how silly you & the rest of the Reid bashers sound? Do you get it yet??

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