Cam Newton’s not thinking contract right now


Considering he’s admittedly a fan of the Falcons (at least 14 games per season), Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had to notice the contract fellow quarterback Matt Ryan signed yesterday.

But noticing was about the extent of his reaction.

“I didn’t think anything,” Newton said Friday, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “Good for him, but nothing more than that.

“The only thing that’s on my mind right now is a three-letter word. I think y’all know what that three-letter word is.”

Assuming he meant W-I-N, that’s where his focus should be at the moment.

After Sam Bradford killed the golden goose for No. 1 overall quarterbacks with the last big pre-lockout contract, Newton had to settle for a four-year, $22 million deal, and now has to wait. He can’t even negotiate an extension until after this season (his third), and the Panthers have another year and an option year left (at which point they could always franchise him a time or two, if need be).

The other factor in not spending too much time linking Newton and the big contracts players such as Ryan have received is simpler.

Ryan’s been a better NFL quarterback, and has led his team to five straight winning seasons, for a franchise which had never had back-to-back winning seasons before he arrived.

If Newton can get the Panthers close to that level, he’ll make plenty of money, in due time.

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  1. Wow – A lot of negative comments for a what was a really good response to the contract question. You don’t have to like him, but to bag on him even when he says the right things is kind of lame.

  2. Unbelievable, he says the right thing and he still gets criticized. Seems like people are just grasping for anything to rip this kid for.

  3. Look Matt Ryan may not have playoff success, but Cam has what, 0 winning seasons and two consecutive 2-8 starts to the season? Suggesting Cam is better is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.

  4. I love the apologists for Cam.

    They’ll be singing a different tune by Week 8.

    By Week 12, they’ll start listing their collection of Cam Newton branded sweaters, jackets, and ties on eBay and bad-mouthing his clothing line.

    And they’ll be tying Newton’s noose knots by Week 16 and screaming for The Big Cat to sign another quarterback with the Panthers’ first choice in next year’s draft.

  5. He needs to be concentrating on not being Vince Young, because right now he’s exactly 1 bad season away.

  6. thetroofishere says:Jul 26, 2013 3:30 PM

    Put Cam on the Falcons and they will go undefeated.

    A round of applause for our Panthers fans. Truly some of the funniest people in the league, even if they’re actually being serious.

  7. If you surveyed all 32 GM’s around the league who they’d rather have, Matt Ryan or Cam Newton, they wouldn’t be able to get the words out fast enough.

    Matt Ryan.

  8. Ryan has had a better offensive line, better receivers, and a better defense to cover up his mistakes. Vince Young could have been a winner with that team!

  9. Comparing Cam Newton to Matt Ryan is like comparing sports cars to industrial factories.

    Ryan, as stated, has played 5 years and had 5 winning seasons on a team that never had back-to-back winning seasons before him. Cam, while having losing records his first 2 years, has played only 2 years. He has a mediocre (at best) O-line, only 1.5 proven receivers (I’m counting LaFell as the half) and a defense that has gagged away a dozen games where the Panthers led late in his 2 years. If the defense doesn’t gag away half of those, Newton has 2 winning seasons his first 2 years.

    You can keep on with your irrational hatred of Cam all you want. The fact is that he is a good QB and he will get a Ryan-size contract when his rookie contrat is up.

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