Not everyone in Richmond is happy with the Redskins


“Do not come to the Redskins training camp!  I repeat, do not come to the Redskins training camp!  It’s a waste of time!”

That’s the advice from a rather distraught woman who was among more than 10,000 fans who showed up for the team’s first day of training camp in Richmond, Virginia, but who didn’t get a single autograph.

Not everyone was that upset.  As explained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, folks seemed to be upbeat and excited.

Then again, maybe they’re the ones who got the autographs.

Hopefully, the Redskins will do the right thing and hook the lady in the video up with some autographs.  Then again, there’s always a chance owner Daniel Snyder will explain that the team will NEVER give her autographs.

97 responses to “Not everyone in Richmond is happy with the Redskins

  1. And right there, you have the leaving, breathing personification of entitlement. Selfish pig.

  2. I’d like to congratulate the woman in that video. She has made me for once in my entire online life, absolutely DESPISE a video

  3. Also, she needs to learn to swallow. Talking with that much saliva in your mouth is disrespectful, crying or not. You can swallow while crying, that looks disgusting.

  4. Maybe I’m strange, but I’ve never gotten the whole “autograph thing”.

    Maybe if it’s your favorite player of all time, but
    c’mon, an autograph? What the frig for?

    Get a picture, shake a hand, ask them a cool question.
    It is about the EXPERIENCE, not the scrap of paper
    scribbled with an unreadable name.

    Unless you’re 10, please explain the fascination?

  5. She doesn’t need an autograph she needs counseling. Not even being snarky. Get it together, society.

  6. why didn’t you just go to the other side where the players were? this is what made you cry? this is why people have a hard time taking women seriously. have some shame.

  7. Can’t please everyone and crying shouldn’t get you what you want. If this is the worse thing to happen to you this week you had a pretty good week. Some people have real problems.

  8. She is probably one of those people that pushes little kids out of the way to try to get an autograph. A lot of fans don’t go to the training camps to try to get autographs, they just want to enjoy a nice day outside watching the team practice.

  9. Personally I think you are over reacting,If you didnt get an autograph its no big deal Lady.You act as if your mother passed away or something.Did the Redskins guarantee you an autograph????……Pull yourself together and stop making this worse than it really is

  10. A lot of the time at the training camps people end of getting autographs of players who will end up on the practice squad if they are lucky.

  11. Wow! At least her co-workers probably had one of their best days ever at work with this tool box out of the office (or drive-thru window).

  12. “Hopefully, the Redskins will do the right thing and hook the lady in the video up with some autographs.”

    Why? Because she threw a hissy fit for the whole world to see? Give me a break. Time for her to grow up and realize she’s not entitled to autographs for showing up.

  13. Holy crap… 1st comment was just reading the story.
    Now I just watched the video. Are you kidding me?

    These guys are getting ready to WORK. That they ALLOW fans (even saps like you) to watch, and feel
    a part of the team building. Is what’s called an experience.

    You get to experience being that close. Seeing the speed, size, and strength of the players. It’s cool.

    This lady needs to have her meds adjusted NOW!!
    Just think, some poor schmuck probably wakes up next to that!

  14. I’m a woman. I seriously hope this woman is sterile, though I hope any man seeing that video isn’t likely to get with her after that.

    “I toook offff from wooooorrrrk.” Imagine working with this hypersensitive baby? She makes my pimp hand twitch.

    To the person who posed the question “fake or crazy?” I see your point. But my position is that even if it IS fake, I wouldn’t want to be around someone so CRAZY they would fake something like that for an autograph. And yes I think pictures and handshakes are a billion times better, especially if you are in the double digits in age.

  15. Who cares, the majority of fans in the region dont even root for the Skins. 20% are Steelers fans, 30% are Ravens fans, 30% are Cowboys fans, you do the math…

  16. Hopefully the Redskins will do the right thing? And do what, Cater to every entitled whiner that posts a youtube video?

    I’m sure lots of people wanted an autograph, why should only the people immature enough to react like this get rewarded?

    Ridiculous. It’s pandering to these idiots that keeps creating them.

  17. She did this simply hoping to get a bunch of free stuff from the redskins. The point of going to training camp is to see the team practicing not to get an autograph.

    Get you head right!

  18. Do all of us a favor from Redskins Nation and go become a Ravens fan you whinny B**ch!

  19. Players mostly only give autographs to little kids and hot chicks. You ma’am, are neither.

  20. jdphx says:
    Jul 26, 2013 1:44 PM
    Maybe I’m strange, but I’ve never gotten the whole “autograph thing”.

    You may very well be strange, but it wouldn’t be because of the autograph thing. I am 100% with you.

    Ever since I was a kid, I thought the whole concept of autographs was silly. I remember I went to a charity basketball game and got a bunch of NFL player autographs when I was like 8. The next morning, I look at the signatures and thought “what the heck I am supposed to do with these?” and threw them out and have never gotten an autograph since.

    Later when I was college, I worked at a nightclub in DC where alot of pro athletes went and got to know many of them. When I found out what they truly thought about autograph seekers, it made me REALLY happy I never was one.

  21. that is messed up and gives a bad name to our gender. Get a grip chick and do what everyone else does…..wait til your player makes an appearance somewhere and ask for it then.

  22. Where on the ticket or invitation did it say you were guaranteed an autograph? Unreal how this country has turned into a bunch of winey babies. Try being a cowboy fan women,,, You’ll be crying for a lot of other reasons….

  23. Wow! What a pathetic display for an alt to put on the internet.

    First off, no one is required to give you an autograph, lady.

    Second, you stood there and no one came by you? What is the deal with that? Should players seek you out and ask you if you want a signature?

    Third, Autographs are for kids. It is what the players like about autograph sessions. You know, haveing a 10 year old kid come up and say “Mister, can I have your autograph”.

    Forth, At what point is it alright for an adult to cry about that? I mean, really?

    Anyway, had I not seen that video (part of it anyway, I turned it off after about 15 seconds of that whining), I would not have believed it. All I can say is WOW!

  24. You think she is crying now? Wait till the Skins get smoked out week one by the Eagles on MNF!

  25. Waiting for the proverbial “Logicalvoicesays” post- “The greatest fans in history are ”

    1. Me
    2. The Hogettes
    3. The crazy,whiny, saliva spewing chick

    in that order

  26. Why should the whiny little bitch get hooked up with autographs because she made a scene showing how selfish she is and how it is all about her? Lots of others showed up hoping to get autographs and probably went home empty handed. They are far more deserving than this woman.

  27. She looks and sounds like all the Packer fans last year after Golden Tate’s legitimate CATCH topped off Seattles beatdown of GB

  28. This totally looks like a move produced by VINNY CERRATO and directed by JIM ZORN.

    Of course with funding provided by DANNY SNYDER.

    I’m embarrassed for her and her accent! I would stay as far away from her as possible……….

  29. Somewhere in Wisconsin, people’s lives are miserable because they have to work with her every day. I used to work at a company that had a woman like this. She reported me for harassment because she saw me pat someone on the shoulder. I kid you not. My numbskull supervisor was afraid to deal with her. He was all “Just don’t touch anybody. There is zero tolerance for harassment”
    Two days later somebody stole my lunch. The supervisor never said a word about it.
    The world is filled with strange people. Some of them are not happy unless they are the center of attention.

  30. The “right thing” is sending her autographs? What about the thousands of others seeking autographs that missed out and didn’t post a sob story on the internet? She’s a grown adult having a tantrum. Why anyone would suggest giving her what she wants is beyond me.

  31. Not only are you a grown woman crying about not getting a autograph….

    Not only did you take the time to turn on your camera and record….

    …but you also took the time to, I would assume, watch what you recorded and THEN still post it!

    Ma’am, you’re scum.

  32. The right thing is to give her autographs? What a joke. The right thing is to request she become a fan of another team. What a load of crap

  33. When did it become acceptable for adults to have temper tantrums?

    It’s hard for me to sympathize with her. She got to spend a day off of work watching her favorite players and team practice.

    I think it would be hard to sympathize with here if her boss caught wind of how much of a cry baby she is and fires her.

  34. I love how everyone can call her a “bitch” and their comments stay up…but I say one thing about Florio being a biased and my comments get taken down…worst football website ever…everyone who is associated with this website should be ashamed.

  35. Normally I would say this is an obvious fake. But with Skins fans, it’s much closer question.

  36. Are you kidding me Florio? The Redskins should “do the right thing” and hook her up with autographs??? Man let’s just give everyone what they want when they start to whine and cry about it why don’t we!

    Freaking grown woman crying over an autograph. Give me a break.

  37. Walter Sobchak says:
    Jul 26, 2013 1:58 PM
    Who cares, the majority of fans in the region dont even root for the Skins. 20% are Steelers fans, 30% are Ravens fans, 30% are Cowboys fans, you do the math…
    This is a delusional fan. Don’t listen to him/her. The Skins fans are most definitely the the majority in the area. If you don’t think so why elsec cwould would both of the local sports radio stations cater to them. If they weren’t the majority then those stations would cater to another fan base. By the way behind the Skins I think the Steelers are the second most popular team in the DMV, but the Baltimoron crowd is pretty close. And of course there are always those fans that hated their parents or that got picked on in school that choose to root for a team from a city that they couldn’t even point to on a map.

    To the whiney, sniveling twit inthe the video. Get a life and quit making Redskins fans look like fools (we have Logicalvoice for that)!

    Hey how about going training camp for the full day instead of leaving at noon if you took off of work? How about moving to the other side of the field where they are signing autographs? Or as someone else pointed out, how about going just to enjoy the day and watch the team practice?

  38. How would “hooking her up with autographs” be the “right thing to do”? That’s like telling the woman in the grocery store that buying her screaming todddler those candy bars is the “right thing to do”.

    That said, I’m not really clear on the connection to football news here, I feel like he’s just trying to show off a goofy video. And that said, the real Redskins fans in Richmond this weekend were drinking water bottle mojitos and watching football (practice).

    All in all though, I would agree with her that “[Going] to [any team’s] training camp is a waste of time.” As much as I loved watching Griff hand the ball to Alfred Morris and getting the worst sunburn of my life (seriously, I don’t know white folks deal with this all the time, sunburns blow), I feel like there were much better things I could have called in sick for.

  39. I couldn’t bear to watch any more than the first 10 seconds or so. I imagine she cried for the entire video?

    I guess I understand though. My polish wife once told me we were having italian sausages for dinner. She served me kielbasa and just said, “Same thing.” (They are NOT the same!) I was pretty upset over that one.

  40. Okay, I could understand it if this woman was a vikings fan, bemoaning the fact that they still don’t have even one Super Bowl trophy, and that the roof fell down in their stadium, and that now they have to play outside until their new stadium made of … glass?!! gets put together … and there still is no parking lot to tail gate in … and they have to keep signing Packer players because they can’t figure out how else to fill their roster … but,

    Good Grief! An autograph is just some dude signing his name of a piece of paper … what’s the big deal? Just go to practice and watch the players and coaches getting ready for the season … and take a few photos.

    These guys got enough to worry about … going to practice, lifting weights, meetings, film study, learning the playbook … more practice … trying to make the team. Get over it.

  41. A few things.
    1. She took off work and posted it on youtube! Everyone knows her boss will see it..YOUR FIRED!
    2. No player came to her side. MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE!
    3. She was by herself. Where is the boyfriend?
    4. To get players autographs, lose some weight and show some hooters!

  42. So she’s crying so what! The Redskin fans have been crying for a while. Wait till RG3 gets his leg knocked off again. Oh lord tons of band wagon fans will come out and cry.

  43. Loved the video. Still ROFLMAO. My fan depression has lifted knowing somebody is more miserable than me and my team is worse than the Redskins.

  44. Dear Crylady,
    Getting an autograph from a team that uses a Native American mascot and has a team name equal to the “N” word is stupid anyway. You’d be more genuine by supporting your local KKK group in Richmond — and you just might see Dan Snyder at a rally while the team practices in the capital of the Confederacy.

  45. Too funny! It’s good to know that the players were there to practice and not socialize. I hope they stay that focused all year. there is no guarantee you will receive an autograph so just shut up and watch the practice you laughing cow

  46. Dear Mrs Cow

    Training camp does not exist to give you free autographs.

    Training camp is for professional football players to pull together and to perfect their craft so that they can win real football games.

    I suggest your greedy, selfish, and pathetic video be removed and you should lock yourself in your house and never show your cow face again. You are disgusting and you act like a Dallas Cowpie fan.

    As a Redskin fan, I must point out to you that you are repulsive, arrogant, and selfish. You should consider yourself banned for ever liking the Redskins and I hope you experience a permanent mental breakdown and are haunted with nightmares where you get an autograph by a giant El Marko marker all over your cow face.

    You are an embarrassment – to sports fans – to women – and to all living life.

  47. That voice – that face – I believe they are defenses for murder one. The judge and jury would say “thank you for silencing THAT!” OMG – what a pathetic, sniveling witch she is.

    Yo – cow – if no one was noticing you were you waddled to, why didn’t you waddle to some other place.

    Perhaps your voice is what scared off the players. I know that shrill voice had me wanting to punch the screen.

  48. What an idiot. Who expects autographs just for going to training camp? Thousands of people show up for training camp (at least in Philly they do) how can you expect every person to get a signature? I ve been to the Eagles training camp 6 or 7 times and I have never had a chance to get one( I wouldnt ask for one anyway but thats besides the point). The Eagles hand out raffle tickets if you win you get to have something signed. Otherwise you’re out of luck.

    Its not that hard but what do you expect from the Redskins. The teams a joke.

  49. I just saw this on here even though it’s been posted for a little while now. This is just another example of the hating from writers that try to continue to add fuel to the flames of a over exaggerated issue toward the DC Pro Football team. I’m getting tired of the negative publicity this team has received even after we have shown a tremendous turnaround within the organization, and the incredible athletes who have given nothing but their time to so many charitable organizations in the DC Metro area. As fans, we have shown nothing but love for this team, and the organization has reciprocated back to the fans, but I guess it will never be enough to hold back the haters, and the writers who put their personal feelings first before putting pen to the paper. Let’s face it, no team is perfect, and every team has it’s issues from the players to the front office, but to continually bash the DC Pro Football is just uncalled for. This is why you continue to get the comments from our fan base, and it will continue as long as articles like this are written.

  50. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, that was hilarious! I feel bad for her and I’m sure the Redskins will send her some signed memorabilia, but that was so funny, I almost wonder if she wasn’t putting on a show.

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