Patriots players in lock-step on Hernandez


The Patriots have figured out a way for their players to “move on” from the Aaron Hernandez conversation.

They’ve told them not to talk about it.

Players said after practice they’ve been instructed to steer clear of the whole former-teammate-involved-in-murder-case conversation.

Two of Hernandez’s college and pro teammates alluded to the gag order Friday morning.

Quarterback Tim Tebow called it “heartbreaking” and “sad” but added “we’ve been advised not to talk about it,” according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network.

Likewise, linebacker Brandon Spikes said (via Tom Curran of, “I can’t even comment. I want to but I can’t.”

They’re simply following the lead of their quarterback, who did his best to avoid the topic earlier this week.

So while debating the merits of Tebow or breaking down rookie wide receivers might become more important later, the clear MVP of Patriots camp so far is team spokesman Stacey James, who has them all on message.

36 responses to “Patriots players in lock-step on Hernandez

  1. What and this surprises you ? Freaking media, as if the Pats would play into your hands and allow some young player to go off and rant and rave about this.

    You guys will get nothing. And you’ll like it. And if you don’t no one will care.

  2. The bad news: Unless you have a union contract or a government job, there is NO First Amendment at work. Your boss can fire you for drinking Pepsi instead of Coke, for wearing a button of the candidate you are supporting, or for any other reason.

  3. So ccjsr if your company were involved in a legal situation and they told you not to comment about it publicly, would your 1st amendment rights be violated? What are they teaching people in school these days?

  4. The Patriots are a joke – The media is a joke too for allowing them to do this junk. Ask them about the case 100 difference times till they crack or run away.

    The media should not be cow towing to the patriots like the white house press corps.

    Its your job to ask tough questions not to make friends with these jokers.

    They are just a football team, they need the media not the other way around.

    The media is supposed to represent the FANS!!!

  5. Stacey James may be the MVP now but wait until he has to explain why the Pat’s took 6 losses… the Bills, Dolphins and Jets.

  6. The Patriot Way … Live it, love it, & learn it .. but NEVER speak of it … it’s a whisper, you can think you’ve heard about it, but you’re not even sure!

  7. It didn’t take long for someone who has no idea what the hell they are talking about to mention the 1st amendment.

  8. Sigh, not a first amendment issue people.

    Our country is in a sad state when people can’t tell businesses from the government.

  9. Even when Tebow is told not to talk about something, he still manages to throw in his feelings. I think it would serve him well to add a sliver of Belichek in him.

  10. Brandon is ready to talk, keep pressin’ Team Media. He’s halfway there and confirming he has a juicy story-line. He’ s begging you to tell him it’s ok to talk. That’s all he’s asking for and he will spill everything.

  11. I agree nflcrime. If only the patriots were a stand up team like Dallas, Cinci, or Oakland. You know, teams that have never signed anyone who has broken the law.

  12. Wow! Some of you people are whipping yourselves into a frenzy over the Pat’s not commenting about AH! You really need to get hold of yourselves. And what do you want to hear from the team members?

    * That AH was a great guy?
    * That we could tell from our first meeting that he was a killer?
    * That we are going to lose every game this year because we can’t function without AH?
    * That BB is really Satan and the team worships him blindly?

    Would you be happy with any of those comments? Really . . . . (SMH)

  13. solidarityrules- your boss can’t fire you for “any” reason. Many protected groups out there my friend (race, gender, sexual orientation, etc). Just saying…

  14. This is the way it should be. The players’ employer has told their employees not to comment on an on-going legal investigation. If they do speak on it, the employer would have the right to discipline them accordingly.

    Even as a Canadian, I understand that the First Amendment applies to the government prohibiting freedom of speech. The US Government will not prosecute a New England Patriot for talking about Hernandez. That’s Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the Constitution.

    With any Freedom comes responsibility. So, if a player chooses to use the Freedom of Speech, the player also assumes the responsibility of the consequences of said speech. Any employer has the right to set a reasonable standard of conduct for their workplace. If an employee chooses to break that standard (i.e. speak about Hernandez) they can be terminated.

    If you follow the “Scream First Amendment first, ask questions later” logic proposed above to its end point, the average employee could walk into his/her boss’s office, tell them what they think of them in no uncertain and colorful terms and expect not to be fired. I don’t think that dog’s gonna hunt, man.

  15. giantssb42champs says:
    Jul 26, 2013 12:15 PM

    BB has trained his Gestapo well.


    So the Patriots are the Nazi Party now?
    I love NY’ers!!!

  16. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jul 26, 2013 12:10 PM
    Pirate Spikes was silent about his shipmate Aaaaarron Hernandez.


    Hahahaha. Well done.

  17. kaa0901, I guess you have not heard of “Free Hire, Free Fire” states. I live in one. My boss can fire me at any time without giving any reason.

    This is America, businesses can basically do whatever they want as long as they keep giving their “free speech” to the politicians.

  18. Does anyone realize that if they say anything they can be asked to say it in court ? Why would anyone want that to happen to themselves unnecessarily ? Media is so annoying.

  19. It’s a no-win situation for the Patriot players even if they wanted to talk about Hernandez. It’s a freaking ongoing legal case.

    What if they came out in support of him? How would that look to the NFL and Pats fans if they’re coming out in support of a potential triple murderer?

    And they’re certainly not going to come out against him and say that he was a loser and a piece of trash. He was a teammate and they all had personal connections with him most likely. But they can’t throw him under the bus because that would look awful and what if he is somehow cleared of all charges? It’s a no-win either way. They need to focus on football, not Hernandez.

  20. How dare all of you pass judgement on Hernandez and this myrder case without first hearing the opinion of Jay-Z and Beyonce first! Shaaaammmee

  21. Great football minds like Jim Rome and Joey Porter say all the Patriots titles are tainted and now obviously they are cheating again.

    Cmon NFL – contract that franchise NOW!

  22. bmoreravens1012013 says:
    Jul 26, 2013 12:12 PM
    Your a robot if you play for the Patriots. Talk about p.c. What a joke.


    Here’s another joke for you. Ray Lewis came back from a total triceps tear in 10 weeks when other NFL players have taken nearly 3x that long for the same injury but he said he didn’t use PED’s.

    Oh yeah…he also killed 2 guys.

  23. The clear MVP of Patriots camp so far is team spokesman Stacey James, who has them all on message. I’m sure he’ll be their MVP at the end of the season also. It won’t be Brady. Word at the Texans and Ravens camp is Brady is a cheapshot. Don’t need a bounty to take care of business. He’ll meet his fate. Just like Hines Ward.

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