Santonio Holmes can’t say if he’ll play this season


Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes’ recovery from last season’s Lisfranc injury continues on the side while his teammates practice at training camp and it doesn’t sound like Holmes will be joining them on the field anytime soon.

And he wasn’t able to rule out the possibility that he won’t join them on the field at all. Holmes was asked Friday if he was sure that he’d be able to play at some point in the 2013 season, the wideout answered that he couldn’t answer that question.

“I want to, but I have to do what the foot says to do,” Holmes said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “If it’s not ready to roll, it’s not ready to roll.”

Holmes didn’t make it sound like the foot would be ready to roll anytime in the near future. He said he and the training staff are taking each step “as slow as possible” to avoid any setbacks in the future. Holmes is on the PUP list right now and the slow pace of recovery suggests he might be staying there to start the season.

That would mean at least six games without Holmes in the lineup, which would leave the winner of the Jets quarterback competition with the kind of receiving corps that makes you wonder if the word winner is really the right word to use.

23 responses to “Santonio Holmes can’t say if he’ll play this season

  1. Holmes should pack his crap and leave for good.
    Never was a team player from Day One and never will be!

    “but I have to do what the foot says to do”

    Foot to Holmes ” Yo, SanMan, I ain’t ready yet”

    Holmes to Foot: Damn, man…yuz not ready??, No sweat I’z taking a few days off anywayz

  2. Well time to sign another WR, maybe Brandon Lloyd! He’ll prob be back by week 6, but who knows. Right now it looks like it’ll be B Edwards, S Hill, J Kerley and maybe obamanu then your guess will be as gd as mine.

  3. JEEZ! What a front office for getting this failure-in-every-category LOSER!! The Steelers knew what he was AND what they were doing when they kicked him to the curb. Meantime, the Jets are CLEARLY in some sort of “Alice down the rabbit hole” rebuilding phase, while simultaneously KEEPING a lame-duck coach, a QB who is a complete failure and the second, if not third-coming ( I’ve lost both count and interest ) of BRAYLON! I was a senior in high school when “Broadway Joe ” and his mates beat an at-the-time, on paper, UNBEATABLE Colts team in SB III!! I have NO idea how fans of the Jets keep their sanity and continue supporting this team!

  4. Why risk your career for a lame duck coach on a lame duck team?

    All you really need to know about the Jets is that they’ve yet to surpass the Houston Oilers in AFC East titles.

  5. Holmes is a “me-first” guy (Jets fans haven’t forgotten Miami). He would be cut already if he didn’t have guaranteed money. He is NOT going to rush back to help the team. He is going to wait until he is 110% healthy so he can catch on with another team next year as a free agent.

  6. The only thing he said was he’s not going to play if he’s not ready to play. Of course that COULD mean next year or never again. It doesn’t lay out a time table what so ever. Slow news day I guess…

  7. Not to worry. They signed Braylan Edwards for the 3rd time. What a joke of an NFL Team. Does Rex check out the receivers toes before signing them???

  8. To All The Anti-Jets Posters,

    You will eat your words come January 2014 when we advance to the playoffs!


  9. So many haters, I truly hope Rex Ryan coaches his a** off this year and some of you eat your words. Stop obsessing over what him and his wife do in there life btw.. At least he has a wife or a girlfriend for that matter unlike you trolls.

  10. What’s the big deal?
    Everyone knows the Jets’ only problem is at quarterback. Once Mark Sanchez is exiled, it won’t matter who the receivers are… Just like it didn’t matter last season.

  11. Whatever happened to regular names like Bob and Joe?
    What’s a Santonio, anyway?

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