Sean Payton has high expectations for Mark Ingram in 2013


During the 2011 draft, the Saints gave up a first-round pick in 2012 to get a late first-round pick that was parlayed into running back Mark Ingram.

But from the moment he was stuffed at the goal line to conclude an epic Thursday night opener at Lambeau Field, Ingram hasn’t been what anyone expected him to be, averaging 3.9 yards per attempt and carrying the ball only 10 times per game.

In his third NFL season, things could be different.  They could be different because the Saints expect them to be different.

“I know we have high expectations for Mark and he has high expectations for himself,” Saints coach Sean Payton told the media on Thursday.  “He is in great shape right now.  I know he is anxious, . . . healthy, and probably I would say going into his third year as healthy and as good of shape as he has been.  I expect him to be a big part of what we do running the football.”

Part of the problem is the presence of other quality backs, including Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles.  Last year’s odd man out, Chris Ivory, is now getting a chance to become the bell cow with the Jets.  If that happens for Ivory, and if Ingram continues to not get as many opportunities as he’d surely like, Ingram eventually may want to be the odd man out, too.

13 responses to “Sean Payton has high expectations for Mark Ingram in 2013

  1. This kid is still a stud. He was used in obvious running situations all year last year in a pass heavy offense. Defenses weren’t stifled on run vs. pass if they saw him.

    SP will bring a better offense. Ingram could be in for a big year.

  2. BUST! a complete waste of time and plenty of missed opportunities from feeding him the ball! He will finally earn a bus ticket out of NOLA this year.

  3. Every year he says the same thing, every year I draft him in fantasy, and every year I am disappointed. I guess I’m now in the camp of I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. I hope Ingram has a good year. The scary thing is that he only appeared to run hard is when Ivory wasn’t injured and looking good.

  5. Still think they should have kept Ivory. Ivory’s career ypc is well over 5 and Ingram’s is 3.9. If Ingram wouldn’t have been a first round pick he would have been cut a long time ago.

  6. The only downfall to the saints’ offense is the ruin game….the saints could line up on every play and throw with success. I hope that they can get creative with the rub game this year, but its hard for e’er to find rhythm when They’re shuffled in and out. They need to pick one that can do it all to be successful in the ruin game….

  7. Hmmm, I really want Ingram to do well for our team and I really think he can but and a big but is I think it was a mistake keeping him and getting rid of Ivory! Not that I think Ingram isn’t or can’t be productive it’s just that when Ivory got his chance to play in a crowded backfield he made the most out of it and was in total BEAST MODE! The dude can flat out ball with the best of them he just never got the chance he needed! Now he’s in NY and no doubt should be the starter there unless good ol’ Rex mess’s that situation up to! If you think about it that’s the best place he could have ended up! Their QB’s suck and they will need to run the ball a awful lot! Either way I am happy with the RB’s on our roster and can’t wait to see what we can do now that we are back to full force and all the distractions are out of the way!

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