Maclin has torn ACL

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The news is as bad as it can be for receiver Jeremy Maclin.

The Eagles have announced that Maclin has torn the ACL in his right knee.  He’ll most likely be placed on injured reserve, ending his 2013 season.  (However, Hall of Famer Rod Woodson once tore an ACL in Week One and then played in the Super Bowl.)

The timing helps both the Eagles and Maclin because the team has a full and fair chance to find a replacement, and Maclin has a full and fair chance to recover before he becomes a free agent in March 2014.

Still, it won’t help Maclin’s prospects for getting paid.  With fewer teams spending big money on free agents, Maclin will at best get a contract that requires him to prove in the first year that he’s healthy, with the team holding the ability via an option or roster bonus to keep him beyond 2014.

As a result, he’d be better off signing a one-year deal, proving he’s fine next year, and hitting the market in 2015.

UPDATE 5:38 p.m. ET:  Despite earlier reports that Maclin also may have torn the MCL, a league source tells PFT that Maclin’s MCL and PCL are not damaged.

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  1. Well, this bit of news has ruined my day. Always sucks to lose the most important WR on the team who frees up Jackson. Get well soon, Jeremy.

    Time to open the wallet and sign a decent WR!

  2. Not an Eagles fan here, but listening to Redskins fans gloating about this on earlier threads is pretty disgusting.

  3. Wow, Serious blow to the eagles WR depth chart. Maclin was their best receiver. Jackson is a one-trick pony. They will need to make a trade for a vet.

  4. This is Devastating for the eagles. No matter who the QB is. I honestly think they just need to blow it up and rebuild with nick foles. Theres is no way theyre gonna win a superbowl with the roster they have right now. Im not even sure they can break even.

  5. There’s now possible way he can be recovered and play in the Super Bowl.

    There are rules barring trading of injured players.

  6. I’m a skins fan but I hate to see any player get an injury like that, especially at the beginning of camp. Hope he makes a comeback

  7. and as far as Maclins injury, it is going to change the eagles entire season, the best player they have is gone, the QB position is a joke and that defense is below mediocre…tough to be an eagles fan

  8. No matter what team you support, it’s never good to hear that somebody has injured themself. This is their livelihood (no matter how well paid they are) and more importantly its their body

  9. Not sure what skins fans were gloating about it, but I would call them more trolls than skins fans. I’m a DIEHARD skins fan, and I think it sucks that J-Mac is hurt. Knowing how weak it was when I heard people celebrating RG3’s Injury, would never wish that on another team.

  10. No one is mentioning Jason Avant.
    He’s a pro’s pro, and I bet Chip Kelly puts him position to have a career year!

  11. Yes, Avant is very consistent but he’s far too slow to play on the outside. He also doesn’t have the height. The one advantage to having Avant on the outside is his blocking. Avant’s made a great career out of being a slot receiver with some of the best hands in the game. Maybe the Birds go out and sign a veteran like Brandon Lloyd, but I’d really love to see what Cooper can do when given a chance. Get well soon Mac.

  12. As a Redskins fan I am sincerely saddened to see Maclin go down. But the problem is not that he is soft as someone posted. The problem is that these players are over worked and over trained. They have hulking muscles in places that the the human body was not meant to develop. You can beef up all you want but you can not beef up a tendon or ligament. some of the new training techniques give players agility and explosion but they reek havoc on their joints. It’s time the NFL look into trimming some of these off season programs. Just my two cents…HTTR

  13. If a Skins fan was gloating please post it, don’t make false statements! I’m a Skins fan and I don’t want to see any player injured and out for the year no matter what team they are on, c’mon man, DMV fans have more class than that.

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