Bears get signing bonus back from Sedrick Ellis


With defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis abruptly deciding to retire, the Bears potentially were out the $285,000 signing bonus they paid to him as part of a one-year, $1 million deal.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Ellis has returned the money.

Ellis also was due to earn a base salary of $715,000, $215,000 of which was guaranteed.  He’ll now receive nothing, and the Bears will receive a salary-cap credit for the salary in 2013 — and a cap credit for the signing bonus in 2014.

The former top-10 pick of the Saints could have chosen to show up and tank it and get cut, and he would have kept the money.  Some would have been tempted to do just that.

21 responses to “Bears get signing bonus back from Sedrick Ellis

  1. What’s even rarer than integrity in a NFL player these days? Finding a player that “only” made tens of millions and had enough money in the bank to return the signing bonus.

  2. Classy move by Ellis…How much did Johnny Jolly cost the Packers when he chose jail over playing for them?

  3. Classy move. Too bad Erin Rodgers can’t show the same class in GB by paying up after opening up his yapper about Braun. Ended up looking like a fool with his pants on the ground just like his predecessor Officer Brett Farva…

  4. Packers fans should be worried about the fact that Green bay Dont have a # 1 WR and they dont have a next man up. that O-line is shot and again NO NEXT MAN UP. and Rodgers has made a fool out of his self every since he got that contract. and why is he looking in Ryan Braun’s eyes?

  5. It’s odd that he would wait until the first day of camp to announce his retirement, which put the team in a difficult position right out of the gate. He should have repaid the money… interest.

  6. Jolly cost Green Bay nothing. He had been offered a first round tender as a restricted free agent and had not signed the tender.

  7. @filthymcnasty1
    Dont get me started on Johnny purple drank Jolly! or mabe I will
    go after Rodgers first. Lets see first he turns down a date with Miss America. Now he’s all over the internet talking about looking into Ryan Braun’s eyes and Braun lien to him. ( this sounds like a marrage ). then gambling and losing beats that he has no intentions of paying. and did I mention throwing his WR’s under a bus talking about Jennings and Driver being gone. be quiet packers fans cause right now the mold on that cheese is growing

  8. All trash-talk aside, the Bears lucked out by having Ellis prove to be a class act, while GB lucked out by having Jolly prove to be a goof who got his butt arrested at the right time, before signing his tender.

    Go Bears!

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