A year after video, Amukamara feels he belongs


A year removed from an incident that might have been hazing or might have been bullying, Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara can laugh about it

But whether being dumped in a cold tub by teammate Jason Pierre-Paul was just an effort to toughen him up, or something else, Amukamara said he’s come out of the experience for the better.

“I’ve always been the guy that’s more of an easy target to pick on just because guys know that I can take it,” Amukamara said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “I’ve been the one who turns the other cheek. Someone really has to physically punch me in my face for me to react.”

They didn’t go that far, but in a video that went viral in a hurry, he was carried down a hallway and plunged into the freezing water against his will. Now, the accepted version is that they were just trying to bring a little edge out of him, and not what it might have appeared.

“I do feel like it was overblown, but as an outsider I look at the videos and you could tell that, ‘OK, this kid looked helpless’ and ‘This kid’s being bullied,’ ” Amukamara said. “But I didn’t take it personal. It was just part of how we get rowdy.

“Guys just want to see that fight in me,” he added. “And just being the more calm person that I am I guess they wanted to see it off the field.”

Of course, that calm acceptance might not exactly advance the cause of the bullied in America, but Amukamara doesn’t believe it was as sinister as it might have appeared.

15 responses to “A year after video, Amukamara feels he belongs

  1. No QB would dare throw a pass toward the prince. The majesty of his highness’ presence will completely intimidate the opposing team.

  2. @germanstingray- the guy has to actually be on the field to have a pass thrown at him I think.

  3. If only it wasn’t a sign of all the Giants problems. You could see it when the Giants collapsed last year. There’s no sense of team and camraderie. The players don’t trust each other. With the roster getting old and the talent level low, this season could be a disaster.

  4. The fact that you even try to give praise to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys goes to show you have been in a cave the last 10+ years. That team is a joke and a disgrace to the previous Cowboy teams that won Super Bowls.

  5. I still remember little Pac Man Jones on hard knocks with the Cowboys sitting at his locker next to Tank Johnson. He was giving Tank the evil eye for taking up too much space, Tank apologized and moved over.


  6. The idiot that say BUST obviously hasn’t watched giant games or is a cowboys/skins fan. Prince showed a ton of improvement and was damn near lock down last season. He was by far our only dependable CB.

    And isn’t it always funny how Redskin and Cowboy (aka the “Perpetual Underachievers”) fans love to post some smack in giants threads but you hardly see giant fans do it in theirs lol. I guess we’d be doing it to if we didn’t win 2 super bowls in the past 6 years 😦

  7. ccjcsr says:Jul 29, 2013 10:39 AM

    Romo is going to pick him apart on Week 1!


    WAKE UP its not 1995 anymore!

    When the Giants play at Dallas they use the “home” lockers.

    Up north we call it Giants West. The house that Jerry built for the gmen!

  8. Prince of Zamunda – “I want a woman that will arouse my intellect as well as my loins”

  9. Justintuckrules needs to shut up. He’s being a negative sod. You support your team through good times and bad times, you don’t just moan and bitch everytime something bad happens. Quit being debbie downer.

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