Brazill knows he faces a money-or-marijuana choice


Many NFL teams don’t have a problem with players smoking marijuana, as long as they can quit once they’ve been caught.  One they’re caught, the overriding question becomes whether the player will choose football over marijuana.

Colts receiver LaVon Brazill, who’ll miss the first four games of the 2013 season after his most recent violation of the substance-abuse policy, sees the dilemma in more practical terms.

It’s either money or marijuana,” Brazill told reporters Monday.  “I know anyone of you would choose money any day.  That’s gone and I’m choosing money any day.”

Actually, Brazill already has chosen marijuana over money.  Possibly twice.

Under the substance-abuse policy, the first violation, absent self-referral, gets the player in Stage One of the program.  A second violation (coming from a failure to cooperate with his evaluation process or treatment plan) can result in a fine in the amount of three game checks and advancement to Stage Two.  (The player also can advance to Stage Two without a second violation.)

Once the player is in Stage Two, the next violation triggers only a four-game fine, if the player successfully completed Stage One.  If the player did not successfully complete Stage One (which can happen if the player commits another violation while in Stage One), the first violation in Stage Two results in a four-game suspension.

For Brazill, a suspension possibly means that Brazill already has played either three or four games for free.  Now, he’ll be not playing four game, also for free.

So, yes, moving forward he’ll have to chose money over marijuana.  Possibly in part because it’s impossible to buy marijuana without money.

Either way, the Colts likely would be more encouraged about Brazill’s ability to avoid a one-year suspension if he were to replace the word “money” with “football” when discussing his alternatives to marijuana.

21 responses to “Brazill knows he faces a money-or-marijuana choice

  1. In 420 translation:

    I choose money today, and to smoke weed tomorrow. It’s about getting the pages of the playbook in proper sequential order, that’s the secret! It came to me in a hazy vision.

    Now the next time I get caught I will only be 1 step behind the learning process instead of 2. And I’ll be in perfect order to avoid that 3rd strike. Life is good, now who’s hungry?

  2. Why do people like to burn so much?
    Immature drug ….. nothing against it, but how is it that hard to turn down?

    Must make that KFC 2 piece taste that much better

  3. Just don’t smoke for the four or five years that your in the nfl. After that you can move to seattle or get a mmj card in most states and blaze blunts 24/7

  4. some blaze for fun, other help them with social anxiety (ricky williams) it does help u to interact with others , i would rather blaze than take some man made pill to help u

  5. Pot is not addictive. In addition it has a number of medical applications which are valid inclining relief if nausea from cancer or chemotherapy.. Help in relief of chronic pain. Decrease in spasms in MS patients.

    Prohibition doesn’t work.. See alcohol.. Just legalize it, tax it (Lord knows the Democrats will tax anything), and ipuse the money for addiction services for stronger drugs like meth, coke, and heroin. You’d take the crime element out of the inner city because the gvt could easily undercut the price of the black market. It makes too much sense. The dems are afraid, the repubs don’t want it and the libertarians are too stoned to care.

  6. Even if he moved to Seattle Denver or California where it is legal its still against the NFL’s rules so he would still have gotten suspended

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