Gabbert leaves practice field with ankle sprain


Perhaps the worst quarterback competition in the NFL got a little bit worse Monday.

The Jaguars announced that former first-rounder Blaine Gabbert sprained his right ankle, causing him to miss the end of practice.

The team said he’d be “evaluated” the next two days.

Gabbert and Chad Henne are duking it out for the honor of leading the team which will need to draft a quarterback in the first round next year.

Early indications are that the injury isn’t serious, with a player who was in the training room telling Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union that Gabbert was “fine.”

Even if he is, the Jaguars are far from it at his position.

19 responses to “Gabbert leaves practice field with ankle sprain

  1. I’m sorry that he suffered the injury, but he should just leave period.

    He’s stunk at practices and OTA’s and has had a bad career in Jacksonville.

    It’s over for him and should be over for Henne.

    Can we just give the job to Denard Robinson or Matt Scott?

  2. The top of the first in the 2014 draft is already shaping up with the NYJets taking J Clowney with the first pick and the Jags taking T Bridgewater or another QB with the second pick.

  3. You national guys and know-nothing fans will be surprised how good the Jags will be this year. Laugh now while the rest of the nation laughs with you. You won’t be able to laugh much longer.
    GO JAGS!!!

  4. Can’t say I saw much of Gabbert last year but I did see some of Henne. I thought he looked okay with the Jags and maybe he’ll continue to improve like some others late in their career.

  5. It is such a relief to see a guy like Russell Wilson come in and be successful. That team’s don’t have to reach for franchise QB’s early in the draft. So many better QB’s went later in the 2011 draft. Dalton, Kap, Mallet.

  6. Oh no!! Sure hope it doesn’t affect those amazing ticket sales that hapless jags fans always crow about. Another 4-12season oughta clear that right up.

  7. “Gabbert and Chad Henne are duking it out for the honor of leading the team which will need to draft a quarterback in the first round next year.”

    Ouch. That’s a bit mean, isn’t it? Even if it is true, I mean. Yoww….

  8. The Jags have to be holding their breath. Without Gabbert they fall from #31 to #32 in the power rankings.

  9. Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a backup quarterback…. He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and help lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the Big Dance… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Cost – High Reward” type of guy…. A wise choice for a Owner/GM willing to take a chance on him….

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