John Jerry injury leads to shuffling on Dolphins offensive line


The domino effect refers to the way one change causes another change, which then leads to another change and so on and so on until things look totally different than they did before.

Thanks to right guard John Jerry’s knee injury, it’s playing out in Dolphins camp right now. The Dolphins hope Jerry will miss two-to-four weeks and be back with the team well before the start of the season, but they have to plan for the alternative and they have to do it without turning to former Bear Lance Louis since Louis is also out with a knee issue at present.

That’s led them to try a variety of different looks on the offensive line. Rookie Dallas Thomas has played left guard with usual left guard Richie Incognito sliding to the right side. Incognito has also played on the right side with Josh Samuda at left guard and he has been on the more familiar left side of the line with Samuda at center and starting center Mike Pouncey at right guard.

“It’s not how comfortable I’ll be, it’s how comfortable they’ll be,” Sherman said of Incognito and Pouncey, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “But I think they’re both very talented and flexible if we have to go that way.”

Flexibility is a good thing, although coach Joe Philbin said he’d like to have the starting five in place before the team’s fourth preseason game on August 24. With Jerry missing a large chunk of that time, Samuda and Thomas will get plenty of chances to prove they’re the right person for a job on the first team.

10 responses to “John Jerry injury leads to shuffling on Dolphins offensive line

  1. The news I’m hearing out of Dolphins training camp is that the team is having serious problems with the offensive line. Jonathan Martin is struggling, Tyson Clabo average at best, and the shuffling of players hasn’t produced any confidence in the coaches that this unit can be effective.

  2. Given the weakness of Miami’s offensive line, Ryan Tannehill will likely need to rely on his legs just as much as his throwing arm. Opposing defenses should try to keep him bracketed, and force him to throw from the pocket. Defenders should prevent this guy from rolling out and using his athleticism.

  3. Well, despite the media calling Pouncey a center, the truth is he was a guard his entire career before his brother Markice went pro early and Mike shifted over to give center a try. Kind of like the media ragging on “RT” Jonathan Martin who’s been a LT his entire career except for about 8 games last year. The ignorance of the media at time is maddening.

  4. Love all the out of town experts throwing in their 2-cent “told ya so”s….

    We haven’t seen this O-line in a game yet. Not even a preseason game. Shovel dirt on Miami all you want, but there’s not a poster yet who can say they’ve seen what is going on with that line. Settle down, folks…

  5. I am a Fins fan and have real concern about the offensive line. Was not sold on a healthy John Jerry at RT now we have to worry about him ballooning up to 350+ while he baby’s a knee injury. Incognito is not a RG so move him back. I do not understand taking one weakness and multiplying it by two. Jerry is out so you move Incognito out of position? Really? smh

  6. I’m less concerned because this squad gets to go up against one of the premier defensive lines in the league every day in practice. They’ll be fine.

  7. I was at pratice last night and watched ybe line quite a bit. They even tried Nate Garner at center. They let Jake Long go because of injuries and then hire two guys healing from injuries. Now Jerry is injured! Neither ofthe two tackles seem to be as good as an injured Jake Long, either!

    Could we be dealing with more of Jeff Irekand’s bad decisions based on money? They have a stable full of horses that need to go to the glue factory.

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