Rocky McIntosh works out for the Lions

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Veteran linebacker Rocky McIntosh needs a new team.  And the Lions would like some more depth at the linebacker position.

While that’s yet to result in the Lions signing McIntosh, it was enough to get him a workout with Detroit, a league source tells PFT.

McIntosh played six years with the Redskins before joining the Rams in 2012.  Last year, he appeared in 16 games with nine starts.

Durable as linebackers go, McIntosh has missed only four games in seven NFL seasons.

The development comes in the wake of linebacker Stephen Tulloch disputing the notion that the Lions have concerns at the linebacker position entering the coming season.

13 responses to “Rocky McIntosh works out for the Lions

  1. Well if McIntosh makes the team then they’ll just have to cut one of their own previous draft picks. So I guess that guy hasn’t developed yet and won’t be; what a surprise.

  2. Rocky shoulda taken the offer he got from Shanny, now he’s trying to catch on in the City of Bankruptcy and Lousy Football

  3. Their defense is Rocky enough as it is.

    For you Detroit kids, I just made fun of your defense by using the word “Rocky” to describe it. It’s also the guy’s name.

  4. Why does it seem like the Lions has 70 defensive players and 20 offensive players on the roster right now?

  5. firesnyder says: Jul 31, 2013 11:26 AM

    Detroit – he’s ok, but does NOT have a nose for the ball. He does not cause turnovers; he’s basically filler at the LB position.
    That sounds a little too negative- Rock McIntosh is a Toyota Camry. He’s reliable, he performs just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with him. At the same time, a Beamer he is not. Which is to say he can be a starting 4-3 linebacker in all but the most elite of defenses– you’ll seldom be thrilled with him, but he won’t let you down either.

  6. Tulloch saying there’s nothing wrong with the defense is like anyone else just sayin there ain’t nothing wrong, we’re just fine. He’s towing the company line.

    And we do need help at LB. Doesn’t have to be a superstar, just has to be a decent player. Sounds like Rocky is a fit.

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