Two fans will help pick the final Pro Bowl teams

The NFL has announced sweeping changes to the Pro Bowl.  The biggest change comes from the elimination of the conference affiliations and picking teams from the 86 players who make it to Hawaii.

The overall Pro Bowl rosters will continue to be determined by the fans, coaches, and players.  And two fans will indeed be directly involved in shaping the final configuration of players.

“One of these champions will earn their spot as part of Lenovo’s Fantasy Coach of the Year program, which provides fans a chance to be rewarded for their fantasy football skills,” the league’s release announcing the changes explains.  “The other champion can compete for a Pro Bowl role by playing at”

Each team will be determined by a three-person collaboration — a former player (this year, Jerry Rice or Deion Sanders), one of the highest vote-getters on offense or defense from the Pro Bowl rosters, and one of the two fans.

The Pro Bowl player draft will be televised by NFL Network on Wednesday, January 22.  The teams then will practice on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The game will be played on Sunday, January 26.

The new approach reflects verbatim the contents of the fan survey previously posted at  While there’s no guarantee it will make the game more interesting, it can’t make it any more uninteresting.

21 responses to “Two fans will help pick the final Pro Bowl teams

  1. If Logicalvoicesays is the fan that gets to pick the teams the roster will be…
    QB- Robert Griffin III
    RB- Alfred Morria
    WR-Pierre Garçon
    WR- Santana Mosa
    TE- Fred Davis

  2. Rarely do we get to see an entity actually attempt a front flip while jumping the shark.

    WWE here we come. I can’t wait until some gum chewing moron is up there justifying a pic.

    Let the professionals, the players and coaches, decide. Period.

  3. It was a special moment for the two fans. Olga, who emigrated from Russia in 1932, will be assisted by fellow residents of her nursing home, while Julio, who is 9 and still learning English will share the honor with his extended family both here, and back home in the Dominican Republic.

  4. You have to be horribly addicted to gambling or have little to no life to actually want to watch the Pro Bowl. Its cool if you get drunk and pass out and it happens to be on, but otherwise no one should be watching.

  5. Sounds interesting. My only complaint is that I’d still prefer the game were after the Super Bowl so players from the championship teams could participate. And that game was traditionally my farewell to the season …

  6. This idea is the suckiest piece of suck that ever did suck.

    Are they TRYING to make us not watch?

  7. OMG this just keeps getting worse. The two fans are going to be homers and you know it….

    God I hope a Jacksonville fan and a Chargers fan win…. It will be the worst probowl ever and they’ll go back.

  8. If I get selected, I will definitely be picking Chicago Bears backups. Both because it’d be funny and it’d force the NFL to re-do the Pro-Bowl, again.

    “And the first overall pick goes to, 3rd string running back Armando Allen.”

  9. Oh, well this changes EVERYTHING.

    NOW I’ll watch.

    I still think they should abandon the Pro Bowl entirely. The best players will never show up.

    Instead make the worst team in the NFL play the best college team. It would be interesting to watch, and it the potential for NFL humiliation would ensure that teams would be less reluctant to pull a “Suck for Luck” season to get the #1 pick.

  10. Instead of former players they should have past & present Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipients as a reward for community service.

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