All indications are Willis will be fine


Yes, 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis has a slight fracture in his right hand.  No, it’s not a concern for the team or the player.

Per a league source, all current indications are that Willis will be fine, despite the reported discovery of a fracture in his hand during Thursday X-rays.  Willis injured the hand on Wednesday, during practice.

“Fine” may not mean “able to play in the preseason,” but that’s not a huge blow.  Especially since it ensures Willis won’t get injured in any meaningless games.

16 responses to “All indications are Willis will be fine

  1. Club Willis returns and we’ve seen him out there clubbing a few times and still playing at a very high level. That club is a weapon on its own let alone attached to Willis; I’m not concerned at all.

    Just chill out on the injuries now 9ers!

  2. “Good, to hear. I don’t want any excuses when the Skins whip up on that team that stole our offense. HTTR!!!!”

    I really needed a good laugh today… thank you for the humor!!!

  3. Hasn’t stopped Willis in the past but glad we still got time to rest cause its a long season. Bowman is a beast behind him and if grant is still with us then he was also a solid MLB. Seahawks fans should remember him eating the skittles in lynch’s house and the niners beat them 2 years back.

  4. Does this mean the Seahawks have to respond with a LB spraining his pinlie and sitting out until week two? Seems the 49ers and Hawks are in a “tit-for-tat” mode with the injuries… (Don’t go getting all excited in Arizona both these teams will whip you badly twice this year.)

  5. Hey @redskinfansince82, you are aware that Shanahan’s 1st Superbowl Ring came from his 94 season with the 49ers as Offensive Coordinator Right? So in my eyes, whatever you have now… you’re welcome! lol j/k

    It’s going to be a great game though. See you Nov 25th!!!

  6. I think Willis should sit out week 1 of the regular season and come back 100% week 2 !!!!

  7. aaroncurryisbust
    Aug 1, 2013, 2:41 PM PDT
    Karma says he’ll aggravate it and need surgery.
    Karma? If we’re talking karma then the whole Seahawk team should be on the DL. The Hawk fans should have laryngitis, and not have the ability to type.

    You’re a horrible human being.

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