Report: Eric Wright “spent time” with Trent Baalke on Thursday


When the 49ers failed cornerback Eric Wright on his physical after acquiring him in a trade with the Buccaneers, Wright was released by the Bucs and 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said there was “always a possibility” that the team could revisit signing him down the road.

They didn’t get too far down the road before Wright’s name resurfaced. Chris Culliver’s torn ACL has left the Niners a player short at cornerback and Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that friends of Wright’s said that he spent time with Baalke on Thursday.

Wright would need to pass a physical in order to sign with the team, which could be a bit easier this time around since the Niners’ need at cornerback is more acute. It could also mean dealing with fallout for signing a player who was arrested in July on DUI charges and served a PED suspension last year, something that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has needled Seahawks players about this offseason, but, again, the need is higher and that may make the bar of admission lower.

Sheldon Brown, Rashean Mathis and former 49er Nate Clements are some other unemployed veteran options at cornerback for the Niners.


18 responses to “Report: Eric Wright “spent time” with Trent Baalke on Thursday

  1. If the 49ers turn right around and sign Eric Wright after him ‘failing’ a physical to void a trade only a week ago, would the Bucs have any recourse? Seems to be a pretty clear case of gaming the system to get out of paying a draft pick.

  2. He met him to give him a play book so that he would be ready when they sign him after week 1. They also gave him a handful of Oxycontins as a good faith measure that he wouldn’t sign anywhere else.

  3. Sounds shady to me.

    The guy was completely healthy during OTAs, but fails a physical when a draft pick is on the line?

    Now that the Bucs have released him because you can’t put the toothpaste in the tube… All of a sudden he is healthy enough to sign?

    Suck it Harbaugh. Can’t wait till he starts handing out adderrall in practice, like he reportedly did in Tampa.

  4. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. Baalke probably had to put more spin on their situation than Jay Carney has to for Obama…..

  5. Someone tell me why are they bring in another player?

    They had9 Cornerbacks on the roster right now. Culliver going down leaves them with 8.

    They also currently have 8 Safeties.

    Granted not all 16 guys will make it.

    But there is more than enough players. I generally prefer the team to find out the guys they’ve been carrying for sometime now if they are worth keeping or letting them walk after the season, than bring in a new guy with baggage.

  6. I don’t think niners truly knew about arrest and dude may have been out of shape. Given culliver injury ( culliver is a best player) they now are interested in taking a gamble on a young player with a iffy past

  7. How much you wanna bet that Eric Wright miraculously passes his physical now that the 49ers don’t have to give up a draft pick for him?

    IT’S A MIRACLE…just a few days ago he was broken down and out of shape (after practicing with the Bucs and being a part of their OTS’s all year)!! But now he ‘s fine…let the light shine down and the harps begin playing!!!!!

    I hope he does sign with S.F…. He’s a loser and so are they!!!

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