Schofield, Seahawks see mutual blessing in their connection


Linebacker O’Brien Schofield wasn’t happy to be cut by the Cardinals.  But he was happy to be claimed by the Seahawks.  And the Seahawks were happy to get him.

“Honestly, I didn’t like the way that I got let go, but at the same time I really appreciate the opportunity; it was definitely a blessing,” Schofield said, via the Associated Press.  “Now I’m able to start a different part of my life with the Seattle Seahawks, and I’m ready to go.”

His new head coach agrees.  “He’s quick and strong enough to be physical when he needs to be,” coach Pete Carroll said.  “He’s got a really good sense. He’s just a natural outside ‘backer, 6-2, 250-something pounds.  We are very fortunate to get him.”

Schoefield’s new position coach also agrees.  “I am so impressed.  He looks the part.  He walks like a linebacker, talks like a linebacker.” Ken Norton Jr. said.  “He’s made a fantastic first impression.”

Via quotes distributed by the team, Schofield also called his departure from Arizona a “rough process,” but that he’s “happy that I get a chance to see Arizona two times a year.”

Obviously, Schoefield doesn’t have to face Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson twice a year.  Though Wilson was knocked for his size prior to and during the 2012 draft, Schofield said that Wilson “hides behind those linemen when he’s rushing,” which makes it difficult for pass rushers who may not realize Wilson has run right past them as they try to get to the pocket.

Schofield will help the Seahawks in their effort to run right past the 49ers for the division crown, and possibly beyond, in 2013.

14 responses to “Schofield, Seahawks see mutual blessing in their connection

  1. Seahawks had Schofield on their radar during the 2010 draft, they obviously liked him. Arizona just got to him first…

    and with his renegotiated contract, makes for a good pick up

  2. He’s a very good player when he isn’t out with injuries. He’s never made it a whole season. Perfect backup player as long as you don’t overuse him.

  3. Gotta love this grab,less of a need at LB now,yet still a question mark there and TE as far as depth.

  4. I’m just glad to know Ken Norton Jr.’s doing alright. I remember watching him with the 49er’s.

  5. This was going to be Scho’s LAST year to produce in AZ anyway. He was on the bubble to begin with. He NEVER quite could get over the hump as far as starting line ups and playing time were concerned. He got caught out of position SEVERAL times last year. He also made some plays that’d blow your mind. But he was too inconsistent and if I had a choice between Scho, and John Abraham… Abraham’s bringing me at LEAST 10 sacks a year. Scho wouldn’t have done that. Plus the Cards have A LOT of Linebackers on their roster. It sucks that we lost him, but you know what they say? NEXT MAN UP!

  6. It’s a strange situation when a team in need of good players, Arizona, drops a player that is picked up by a team somewhat loaded with players, Seattle. Either Arizona dropped the ball here or Seattle is premature with all of its praise and Scho’s shortcomings will appear on game days.

  7. Really like the contract being incentive based for both sides. Seattle’s spot of need after last season without question was Hill’s replacement and if Schofield can stay healthy I’m certain he will earn his spot. I was not sold on Maclom Smith from what I watched when KJ Wright went down. Watch the Vikings/ Hawks game to see what I’m talking about.

  8. Solid, if unspectacular player. Cards are stacked at LB. With Abraham on board, it made Schofield expendable.

    He showed some flashes but injuries, his slow understanding of the playbook and Abraham made it necessary.

  9. What are the Seahawks gonna say? He is slow and doesn’t look the part? Remember the cardinals released him, they didn’t lose him. When you record 10 sacks in 3 years in a 3.4 defense, you are expendable. He is injury prone and not known as the smartest guy to say the least. If he makes the team, I will be shocked.

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