Coughlin: Parcells demanded top preparation from his backups

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Long before Tom Coughlin was head coach of the New York Giants he was the club’s wide receivers coach under Bill Parcells.

In an interview with Michael Eisen of, Coughlin shared some interesting memories of working with Parcells, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday evening.

Among Coughlin’s memories was Parcells’ knack for quickly breaking down practice tape.

“Bill was very demanding,” Coughlin told “The thing that I’m still amazed at is we looked at the practice tape as an offensive and defensive staff every day and we did it in about a half an hour. He was amazing. He just flew through it. He knew what he wanted.”

Coughlin also recalled the 1990 season, when the Giants lost quarterback Phil Simms to injury and had to turn to Jeff Hostetler.

“One of the things that’s very important to remember is that Jeff Hostetler was ready,” Coughlin told

Said Coughlin, per the club’s site: “He was ready because of the way he practiced.”

Parcells, Coughlin recalled to, “was hard on himself and he was hard on the scout teams. He expected people to carry out their assignments to the best of their ability so that he could get his work and they could, too.”

The 1990 Giants would go on to win Super Bowl XXV to cap a season that’s regarded as perhaps the crowning achievement of Parcells’ career, considering New York had to beat exceptional San Francisco and Buffalo squads — and with a backup quarterback, no less.

That the backup quarterback was prepared was no fluke, as Coughlin recalled it.

6 responses to “Coughlin: Parcells demanded top preparation from his backups

  1. I remember what Parcells did to Dungee when they wanted to replace Tony with Bill– he used that as leverage announcing it to the media without Tony knowing he skating thin ice– when Bill was never even interested in the Bucs job

    Was that okay because he was Parcells?–and was a media darling from NY?

    I could only imagine what would go down today if that happened to a Black Coach in this climate

  2. I can vouch for that … in Miami Parcells on drafted “backups” & made them prep …. that’s why we were about 7-9 every years.

    In also sprinkled in Bust-a-roos from his “shopping trips” to mix up his punch-bowl Kool-aide he bragged about.

  3. Parcells marched to the beat of his own drum. Didn’t care about anyone’s opinion or rank except the opinion or rank he had. Huge ego, comes off as a jerk as a result, but people like that succeed sometimes. Its a matter of relatability. His words and actions made sense. He played great poker.

  4. Parcells demanded top preparation from EVERYBODY – if you were not on task – you did not play – AND you got your ass chewed! Sorry – I wrote the A word – is that as bad as the N word in writing?

  5. No one will agree, but Hostetler was a better qb than Simms. And Parcells kept Joe Morris on the bench too long. He said he was too small.

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