Manziel under investigation by NCAA


Every year, a quarterback who is closing in on an NFL career gets plenty of scrutiny.  This year, the scrutiny of 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has expanded to include scrutiny from the NCAA.

According to Darren Rovell and Justine Gubar of, the NCAA is investigating whether the Texas A&M quarterback received cash for signing “hundreds of autographs on photos and sports memorabilia.”

Per the report, Manziel agreed to sign the items for a “five-figure flat fee” while in Miami for the BCS National Championship game.  Three sources told that Manziel signed the items in the presence of “many people” at the residence of an autograph broker named Drew Tieman.

Under the NCAA’s inherently unfair rules, which allow everyone in college football but the players to get paid, Manziel could be ruled ineligible for the coming season.

So, basically, there’s a chance Manziel will be getting his wish to leave College Station.  A lot sooner than anyone envisioned.

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  1. Its almost to difficult to fathom that a guy that came from nowhere to have the world in the palms of his hands could literally lose it all back in less than 1 calendar year.

  2. Man this kid is well on his way to being another Ryan Leaf. I hope some team with real good fans like the Browns or Chiefs don’t end up taking him.

  3. Well, everyone knew his story would not go well. In the end, losing his college career might be a wake-up attention-getter for him, and considering the direction he is currently going, a mild wake-up indeed, given the other kinds of calls that could/would have occurred.

  4. The college system is so screwed up, they can’t work or sell any items that belongs to them. His signature is his and he has the right to sell it, at least he isn’t selling drugs like 25% of the players in college. While the NCAA makes millions upon millions on these guys which most of them won’t turn pro and as far as the argument that they get a free education, bachelor degrees even masters degrees don’t mean much to large company’s anymore!

  5. by unfair you mean a free ride to college, a stepping stone to making millions in the nfl, or a chance to earn a free degree that’s worth at least $50k if the player is smart enough to size the opportunity? yeah that’s real unfair….

  6. The NCAA is a absolute joke.

    They profit off young athletes & make millions & millions of dollars doing it. They sure don’t mind using the player when it comes to lining their OWN pockets but, the minute the player gets a free ham sandwich at a local restaurant the NCAA calls that a violation. I am no Johnny Manziel supporter or Texas A&M fan. I am just a normal guy that can see right through the NCAA’s BS.

    Go screw yourself NCAA

  7. Doesn’t matter. You can drink and drive, kill dogs, receive money, or beat women. As long as you have talent, you can play in the NFL

  8. C’mon Johnny, you should know this by now. Always have your dad arrange the compensation. Didn’t you learn anything from Cam?

  9. “Under the NCAA’s inherently unfair rules, which allow everyone in college football but the players to get paid”

    Actually, that’s quite fair. Getting into college on an athletic scholarship despite barely being able to write their own name is more than fair to these players.

    Here’s what I would call unfair: college football players getting paid, while normal students who are there for an education have to pay $30,000 per year to be there.

    College football players have it too good already, probably better than they deserve.

  10. I always love the “athletes don’t get paid” line. Maybe it is time to stop athletic scholarships and let these guys pay for their degrees and play football as an elective.

    It would be great for our country to have those scholarship dollars go to someone who is going to be a productive member of society instead of meatheads like Manziel who only go to school to play football.

    I am a diehard football fan but I am sick of the millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars spent to send some kid to school just to meet the minimum age requirements of the NFL. Start a minor league like baseball and save taxpayer dollars.

    Go Lions!

  11. who cares about a player who is going to be at best a late 2nd or 3rd round pick AT BEST – this kid is getting an ego the size of Texas – A&M will be happy when he is gone – Bama will be ready for him , Sabin too smart to let him get best of him 2x

  12. While many NCAA rules are debatable (if not a moving target), accepting compensation for an autograph while still in college isn’t exactly a grey area.

    This guy is a train wreck and will crash, burn and be forgotten by 2016.

  13. Apparently his dad was right about the “unravelling”. Guessing he knew that this would come to light as well as the drinking incident. Way to F*#$ up a sure thing.

  14. It is all about the NCAA having exclusive rights to every image, video, signature, and spoken word of the college athlete. 100s of millions of dollars are being made through TV and merchandising and the athletes aren’t allowed get paid even for their autograph. You can be sure that if the schools and the NCAA could figure out a way to have the athletes market their signatures but they get to keep every cent of that revenue stream as well as all the others they would be completely in favor of the practice.

  15. Wow, IF he truly did this, he is an idiot. He (or whatever “handlers” he has) has to know that it is a violation, however idiotic, of NCAA rules. Don’t know that I have ever watched a kid flame out this quickly.

  16. I’m sick and tired of this monkey commanding headlines. Manziel isn’t even a significant NFL prospect. He’s always been Tim Tebow 2: Electric Boogaloo, a marginal 5th-7th round throwaway at best.

  17. Well, if you sign hundreds of items in front of “many people” for a flat fee that was paid by an autograph broker…uh…not a lot of ambiguity about this one.

  18. His career is going to be no better than Matt Leinart’s or Tim Tebow’s. Signing footballs will be his biggest money maker.

  19. It’s absolutely ridiculous, this outdated notion of the “amateur athlete”. Yes, these college players have the chance to get an education at an institution of higher learning. But that’s not enough, not in this day and age when a great many associated with college football and basketball, including those swine that work for the NCAA, make millions off the sweat of the athletes. If they’re not going to get at least a stipend, let them keep the money in a case like this, when a player signs his own name to memorabilia.

  20. i thought this was profootballtalk not collegefootballtalk? this offseason has been the absolute worst ive ever seen on this website. you guys are so desperate for hits, you dont even care about posting quality stories anymore. its become a mix between tmz and the national enquierer, even with ond of your writers taking a shot at an entire religion on a post that was about a man who made a racial slur. at least cooper was drunk and apologized. what excuse does gannt have? you dont even have the stones to let this post, youll delete but you know its true

  21. Last year I thought I read where he formed corporation and was suing a t-shirt maker for using “Johnny Football” or his likeness or something.

    So isn’t Manziel incorporated himself? and by doing so isn’t he entitled to act with the freedoms and rights given to all corporations under the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court?

    Bet he has a good attorney.

  22. Doesn’t matter whether you think the rules are unfair or not. Fact is, Johnny Football, along with everybody else, KNOWS that’s against the rules. But once again, he thinks he’s above all the rules. Set his arrogant entitled butt for the year, would be the best thing for him.

  23. not tooo long ago…the NCAA allowed a few players from Ohio St play in a major bowl game after they were busted for trading memorabilia for tattoos…because the NCAA didn’t want to piss off the fans who payed tickets to the bowl game…

    the NCAA is as a corrupt as they come

  24. Those are the rules. If you don’t like them, then do something else. You cannot pay the select few that have a chance at the pros, when so many are mainly there to get an education.

  25. The rules are unfair. But they ARE the rules. Violating them is dumb, and doing so with hundreds of witnesses is REALLY dumb.

    This kid has far more Ryan Leaf than Peyton Manning in his makeup.

  26. I can’t wait to see which team will be the one to ignore the red flags and draft this self-destructive future bust.

  27. I am not pro NCAA, but to say these kids get nothing is insane. They get a free ride to some of the premier schools in the country. They get free publicity.They get to audition for free, to the NFL. They job in which, if you are good enough, they will find you. He could have easily said “no” to it all, and tried to walk on an nfl team. Good luck with that. But to say they get nothing is absurb. Do they get as much as they should? Not a shot.

  28. I don’t wish bad in people, but this guy is getting everything that he deserves. Shouldn’t have won the Heisman in the first place and now he showing why a popularity contest shouldn’t determine the best college player.

  29. Regardless of what you think about the NCAA rules, he knew them and broke them (if it’s true.) Also, this isn’t a case of a poor college student trying to help his family or something-Manziel comes from money and doesn’t want for anything. Sorta seems like A-Rod: a sense of entitlement and the rules don’t apply to him.

  30. Missing the season would be the best thing that could happen to “Johnny Football”.
    A least we won’t have the pleasure to watch him prove he was a 1 year wonder and tank the season. This way he sits out a year, and hits the NFL draft. with only his Heisman year for scouts to judge.

  31. What is he, 19-20 yrs old… make dumb mistakes sometimes, hopefully he gets a clue soon before its too late……

  32. There are a-lot of people on here comparing this guy to Ryan Leaf. The only similarity these two have is an abundant lack of maturity. Aside from that Leaf was a much better prospect. He had the height and all of the intangibles to be an elite QB. Manzel is just a Flute wanna be that will never be more than a sideshow act like Tebow.

  33. Sounds like Johnny Football has found the cheapest way to get out of playing the season. If he said I don’t want to, then people would questions his heart. It might be easier to say you took bad advice and made a silly mistake. Oh well, I guess I will have to pay the price of not playing football for free. And my health will be preserved for the team that wants to draft me.

  34. If this is true, it is absurd this kid is so ignorant… or, so arrogant! If it is true, #1, he should be disqualified immediately! And, #2, if it is true, then that autograph broker, Drew Tieman, should be arrested and charged with the various charges that would be applicable under the circumstances!!

    These people know what the rules are themselves, but greed drives them to entice the athlete’s to do something for them that enriches their personal bank accounts…. knowing that when it becomes public, it is going to shatter the youngster’s athletic career! That is premeditated interference, and there should be penalties that such actions trigger. Severe penalties!!! Automatic Prison time, and substantial financial penalties!

    And if it is true that there were “many people” who were at that autograph broker’s residence who “witnessed” Johnny signing all those photos and sports memorabilia items, then the trial and sentencing should not take all that long to accomplish!!! Lock away some of these people who prey on our young athletes, and it may just stop some of this stupidity from occurring! But, continue simply slapping their hand gently, and it will continue to worsen.

    There is one bottom line, however, that is becoming increasingly clear through all these shenanigans this young man keeps involving himself in: he is one incredibly immature, spoiled brat!!!!!!!!! Pray for his parents….. because evidently they have brought him up thinking that he is some privileged aristocrat that he does not have to hold himself in check, but that he can do whatever it is that he wants to do…. with no penalties or repercussions from his actions.

    The more ‘trouble’ this kid gets himself into, the more sorry I feel for his Mother and Dad! Sorry that they did not lay the law down to their son while he was in their home!!! It is a shame that they did not know these words when Johnny was little and growing up, cause if they had it might have made a difference in his actions now: “The rod {of discipline} and reproof {correction, stern reprimand} give wisdom, but a child left to himself {let go to do what he wants to do} brings shame {embarrassment} to his mother. When the wicked increase, transgression increases, but the righteous will look upon their downfall. Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight {delight, wonderful joy} to your heart. Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law. By mere words a servant is not disciplined, for though he understands, he will not respond.” Proverbs 29:15-19

    To stay in check means one has been disciplined well; to be a loose cannon, not knowing what one is going to do, or how they will respond, shows that they do not know what the word ‘discipline’ means.

    At this moment, this guy is a disaster waiting to happen! The fact is, is that he is lawless. He doesn’t think that restrictions are for himself.

  35. Keep that money!

    You deserve to.

    The alleged college benefit is non-existent or too minimal anyways.

    A scholarship is worthless when your education is influenced by the coaching staff, the football schedule, and the mandatory annual scholarship renewal, but you can’t get paid or have a real outside job.

    No average Joe could survive under those conditions and they’re only chicken hawks when they chastise.

    Mark Emmert is one of them and cruel based on his inconsistencies and lopsidedly granting unprecedented extreme power to presidents, coaches, and athletic directors.

  36. Maybe it will all go away just like it did with Cam Newton and his dad being paid money and gifts while Cam was playing football at Auburn.

  37. I guess he needed the money. I don’t buy him being young and dumb. At his age I was fighting oversea’s, and making choice’s that were way more important then this boy has ever thought about. I had to fight for my college education. All he has to do is play football. I don’t have sympathy for him when the rules are laid out to him from the get go. I don’t think it is right, but I don’t agree with a lot of rules. Doesn’t mean I go out and break them because I don’t like them. He is just another entitled clown who thinks the rules are for those lesser people.

  38. And this is the perfect example of why the Heisman Trophy should not be awarded to players lower than Junior status in college.

    I realize that not every player would react to fame in this manner, but they should just eliminate the opportunity to exhibit such inevitable immaturity in the face of it.

  39. NCAA needs him to be playing too much. be pretty surprising if they follow through with anything punishment-wise

  40. I think this should be under college football not pro football. He will be Ryan Leaf part 2. Maybe the chargers can draft him

  41. Could Manziel be that dumb or was this a calculated move to get suspended from the NCAA so he can reach the NFL sooner?

    how does this get him there sooner.. must be 3 years out of high school. I think he is just a dumba%%

  42. I really do tire of this “they get a free college education!” crap. Athletes are not the only students who get free ride scholarships, and yet schools all over the country will still allow them to apply for jobs on campus while continuing to attend school. Why can’t collegiate athletics be treated the same way? Especially since one of the main arguments for having NCAA collegiate athletics in the first place is the benefit they bring to their schools by putting on high-profile athletic performances.

    If that’s true, then the likes of Johnny Manziel bring way more benefit to their schools than the kids who work the cash registers at the bookstore. Yet the cashiers get a paycheck for it, regardless of how they’re paying their tuition. And nobody says that they shouldn’t be working because “they’re getting a free college education.”

  43. This is deliberate and a completely transparent action by his (presently invisible) agent. With 6-10 NFL teams still bemoaning their lack of a franchise QB, this guy will break the bank in the supplemental draft.

  44. By the way all these people making comments against Johnny Man, what are you stupid? This is why the NCAA gets away with what they do, because most people like you are morons. How would you feel if someone told you that you couldn’t earn a living because you were getting a worthless piece of paper? You know what the statistics of a college student getting a job out of school is? It’s pathetic and more than half of the college students have to settle on getting jobs that pay less than someone who didn’t go but has 4 years experience. So the NCAA makes billions of dollars which they share with no one except their rich selves and that’s cool with you people. Idiots just pure and simple idiots

  45. Why would he have to wait until next year’s draft? If he is ruled ineligible for this season, couldn’t he just leave college, and enter the NFL via free agency? The “three years removed from high school” refers to being able to enter the draft.

  46. We all need to treat him like any other 20 year old college kid…(Who is a Starting QB at a big school, In Texas, won a Heisman, drives a Porsche, can’t handle his booze, breaks the rules…anything I’m missing?)

  47. I dont know how anybody can be so dumb. The NCAA has one rule: players can’t make money. That is basically it.

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