Marinelli “broke up” over not being mentioned in Sapp’s speech

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During his Hall of Fame induction speech, Cris Carter mentioned only his former Vikings teammates who also are in the Hall of Fame.  Carter also didn’t mention any of the head coaches or assistant coaches he worked with during 12 years with the team.

While Carter’s diss of men like Denny Green has yet to make waves, the guy who spoke before Carter has attracted attention by making a potentially more significant oversight.

Warren Sapp didn’t mention former Buccaneers defensive line coach Rod Marinelli during his speech, and Marinelli reportedly was upset over the omission.

Former Buccaneers offensive lineman Ian Beckles, who when he isn’t allegedly touching a horse against police orders hosts a show on WDAE-AM in Tampa, said Monday that Sapp’s failure to mention Marinelli “hurt” the veteran coach.

I know for a fact that he was broke up over that,” Beckles said of Marinelli, via

Sapp also didn’t mention former Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.  Beckles said he’s heard stories that Sapp and Kiffin didn’t get along, but that Sapp and Marinelli always had a great relationship — and that Marinelli contributed to Sapp’s greatness.

47 responses to “Marinelli “broke up” over not being mentioned in Sapp’s speech

  1. Sapp and Carter are all about themselves. It’s just the truth. They’re like big kids.

    Marinelli is well spoken of by all the players he has coached and he should take some comfort in knowing that. He is doing a great job with the Cowboys defensive line.

  2. Sapp’s speech was quite short (for him) and he’s always spoken extremely highly of Marinelli — I’m guessing it was just an oversight, maybe in the moment Sapp forgot to bring his name up. I wouldn’t believe for a moment it’s intentional based on everything Sapp has always said about him.

  3. This better not be serious. How can you stand up there and thank everybody individually? It may be time to grow up a bit.

  4. and when Rod makes the HOF, he will thank every play who contributed to that 0-16 mark that’s in the Detroit Lions media guide

  5. Sapp’s a scumbag that’s why. He is laughably bad at his ‘analyst’ job and is a pretty awful human being from what has been reported over the years. Is anyone surprised by this?

  6. Sounds like Marinelli is hacked off that someone else was given credit for his big salad.

  7. Too bad Beckles felt compelled to discuss it. Otherwise it’s a personal non-story that could easily sort itself…

  8. Weird, as I heard Sapp on Dan Patrick last Friday, and pretty sure he mentioned Marinelli specifically as someone who helped him and would be someone he would mention.

  9. Having been a Bucs season ticket holder for many (mostly painful) years, I know quite a few people who have interacted or tried to interact with Sapp (asking for autographs, shaking hands, that kind of thing). I’ve never heard any of those people say anything good about him. He’s always been described as a complete horse’s rear end.

  10. Ohh boohoo you crotchety old coot.

    Here’s something for you to dwell on, Rodney.

    “You’re in this dark tunnel and you’ve got no way out, You’re waiting for light, and you see that light, what do you do? What do you do? You start digging and getting out. … I’ve always believed you stay in the tunnel and you keep digging when you expect no light.
    You have the same faith when you expect no light. You have the same belief in what you’re doing when you expect no light. … It’s dark and I’m going to dig through. My shovel is sharp and my pick is sharp and my will is outstanding.”


  11. Warren Sapp is a corny loud mouth with a 9-lives-journalism career – and so is Cris Carter. Fitting the two went in to the Hall of Fame together… just not fitting that they’re there before other much more worthy candidates – Charles Haley, even Michael Strahan should have gone in before Sapp and both Tim Brown and Cliff Branch carried their teams (and the reputation of the league) on better shoulders. Cris Carter is a BUM.

  12. Meanwhile… Lion fans are ‘broke-up’ about Marinelli’s failure to achieve 1-15 when 0-15 was on the line.

  13. Cheer up Rod. Most people have contributed greatly to the success of an individual or organization and have been stiffed. Just go on with your life and make a difference to someone who will show gratitude. You can’t teach that.

  14. I think anyone who has come in contact with Sapp should just be content with the fact that they were not eaten by this barrel arse jackwagon. If I were Marinelli,I would not want to be associated with this loudmouth anyways.

  15. If anyone here thinks Warren Sapp really needed Marinelli to end up a HOF’er, please raise your hand.

    The day I see a coach out there on the field taking up blockers for his teammate, I’ll rally for that coach to be mentioned in a HOF speech.

    And who really turns to another person while watching a speech like that and says “wow, he really should’ve mentioned me there.”?

    How about “that’s awesome that a player of mine made the Hall of Fame. Good for HIM.

  16. i wonder why people never thank the U.S. tax payers or the government for the FREE housing,food and medical care they received, to grow up and be healthy enough to play pro ball, or just to exist period???

  17. Sapp was apologizing ahead of time because he said he was afraid he would forget to mention people. my guess is those guys have 8 million things going through their head and no one should take offense. as a viewer, I certainly don’t want to see guys reading a bunch of names off of cue cards. cut him some slack, this is yet another non story

  18. I don’t care much for Sapp, but it’s HIS speech and he can say whatever he wants… even if it omits you, Marinelli

  19. Any grown man who gets “broken up” because he wasn’t thanked in a Hall of Fame induction speech needs to get a grip… or pound the rock… or keep on digging… or any other hackneyed saying Marinelli foisted upon the world.

  20. Just to keep it in perspective Rod Marinelli didn’t say this, a radio show host said it so no reason to attack Marinelli since we don’t even know if it’s true or not. Maybe Marinelli might have been bothered a bit by it but I highly doubt he was broken up about it – I mean afterall the guy is a Vietnam Vet and an overall badass. Regardless it’s nothing that a phone call can’t fix.

  21. hey coach, aside from having his daughter as his presenter he omitted his CHILDREN as well.

  22. Oh yeah well he said he didn’t want to be my friend anymore…GOOD GOD people, can we just grow the f… Up? We as a society, and the media specifically, act as if we have never left he tenth grade!

  23. My previous post was not meant to rip Rod, love him, it was aimed at this site and others like it. Take a non-issue and beat it until you finally stir something up! I guess this is what passes for “journalism” these days.


  25. Gt40bear – why knock the site? Beat it until something is stirred up? Really? Its six paragraphs. You wrote two. Not trying to pick on you specifically but dont understand the hate people show a site they obviously read and took the time to sign up for.

  26. Sapp and Carter would be the last two players I would care if they mentioned my name. I’m surprised they mention anyone but themselves as it was.

  27. OMG..It’s Ian Beckles for goodness sakes..Nobody heard Marinelli say anything..Rumors……

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