Rex Ryan to Reggie Bush: No hot sauce in the preseason


Last year, before a Jets-Dolphins game, Rex Ryan said he wanted his players to “put some hot sauce on” then-Dolphins running back Reggie Bush. Bush didn’t take kindly to that, viewing it as a suggestion that Ryan wanted Bush to get hurt.

This year, Bush is on the Lions and the Jets are about to see him again in the preseason opener. And Ryan wants Bush to know there’s no hot sauce in the preseason.

“I won’t say we’re going to put hot sauce on you Reggie,” Ryan said at his press conference today. “I don’t want to offend you. Get him [saying] ‘Oh, I’m going to kill you.’ Alright, thank you Reggie.”

Ryan apologized last year and said he thought Bush should also apologize for comments he made about Darrelle Revis getting hurt. Perhaps the two can hash out their differences in Detroit on Friday.

27 responses to “Rex Ryan to Reggie Bush: No hot sauce in the preseason

  1. Reggie was right to say what he said. Rex is an idiot that will soon be a defensive coordinator at best.

  2. When will this clown ever learn?
    NEVER….because it’s obvious that you just can’t teach stupid.

    Every single time he opens his mouth, he makes an even bigger ass out of himself.

    I actually feel sorry for Jets fans.

  3. Iknoweverything: everything out of your mouth is stupid. I actually feel sorry for you. the Jets have had a nice little run under ryan. wats your teams excuse?

  4. I hope Rex Ryan at least makes it until next season.

    I predict by then he will literally just be saying “Derp”.

  5. Its okay Rex, we know who had the hot sauce in week 4 of the 2009 season…that one hurt you and you’ll never forget, nor should you. That game signaled your epic faildom!

  6. Ryan will end up losing his job this year, especially since he will be swept by New England, Buffalo and Miami, going 0-6 in the AFC East. He will not be pushed back to DC again though, instead moving directly into another Head Coaching position elsewhere.

    Giving Ryan a fresh start, new City, new team management and new players will extend his Head Coaching career.

  7. You guys have Rex all wrong…..He is laughing and joking 99% of the time with these comments

    I really don’t get how people don’t like him, he’s a cool guy who gets people talking…..imagine all 32 coaches wene all Belichik with the media, how boring would that be?

    And btw, he may not be an amazing head coach but the guy has one of the best defensive minds in football…..He would be sought after as a DC by almost every team out there

  8. I’m pretty sure Reggie Bush never said “I’m going to kill you.” That’s a pretty strong quote to put in someone else’s mouth in a hypothetical situation.

  9. Every time this guy talks he puts his foot in his mouth….or someone else’s. Someone should check Rex for a Reggie Bush tattoo.

  10. One more losing season for Ryan and he will be gone,what has he ever accomplished other than good press quotes.last place again this year for his team.

  11. i thought the original hot sauce quote was hilarious. i appreciated it when rex referenced it before the jets played flipper last year. wasnt as funny after revis went down tho! haha

    btw, all you geeks with the jets/rex outrage on EVERY so called jets ‘story’ that’s posted every day on here need to go get a life.

  12. Who makes the decisions on censorship and deletion of posts in this circus you call a comment thread? There doesn’t seem to be any criteria used for what is posted and what is not posted or deleted. No consistency and seems to be completely at random. No credibility.

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