Brandon Moore’s Cowboy career: One night


Maybe it was all just a bad dream.

Because after sleeping on it, veteran guard Brandon Moore has already cut short his comeback after agreeing to a deal with Dallas last night.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, Moore has decided to retire instead of joining the Cowboys.

I’m a man of my word. I hated letting Bill [Callahan] down,” Moore said of the Cowboys offensive coordinator, who worked with Moore with the Jets.

That’s an abrupt move for the 33-year-old guard, who could have probably walked into a starting job for a team with injuries up front.

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  1. He said he can’t leave his family. So my assumption is that he hasn’t blown all his money and his family is more important to him than more money.

    Good for him.

  2. Looks like the verdict is in and Moore choose retirement instead. Ha Ha cowgirls no one wants any part of your circus atmosphere in little d. 8-8 and best.

  3. B Moore, from undrafted to a pro bowl guard. Worked hard, never talked, never complained. Turned down money to not uproot his family. Hoping he isn’t remembered for that one dumb Sanchez play. Thanks for the years.

    -Jet Fan

  4. Wow! The ink on the contract hasn’t even dried! Only in Jerrah’s World does this happen.

  5. Shame not many people can talk on a B.Moore article without mentioning the damn Butt Fumble. Underrated guard that helped NY greatly for years on that line but the “kids” only remember one stupid play from him?

    Much respect to Moore hope he can have a successful post playing career & life, legit good dude & teammate.

  6. As a jets fan I hope everyone looks past the butt fumble with this guy, he was a great teammate,leader and player in NY for many years. He was truly the most underrated lineman, he never opened his mouth unless spoken too and produced every sunday. Good luck B Moore!

  7. After watching them play in the Hall of Fame game he probably thought it was going to be a looonnng season and is sorry he listened to Jerry Jones bragging about the cowgirls.

  8. The last words Brandon Moore heard before he made his decision to retire:

    Jerry Jones: “Brandon, now that you’re part of the Dallas Cowboys family, we’re going to be seeing an awful lot of each other. I come to all the practices. I come to all of the games. I am always hanging around the locker room. I am a constant presence here and you’re always going to have access to me, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from now until the end of the …”

    Brandon: “Stop – I’ve made a mistake!”

  9. BM was not at fault for the butt-fumble, watch the tape. He looks over his left shoulder trying to find his QB and the hole was to the left of him. Sanchez got spooked and ran into the mass of humanity that was BM and VW.

  10. Can’t make that nightmare go away. Woke up and realized that with Tony Romo behind center, deja vu can happen again.Not the way he wanted his career to be remembered.

  11. OK in all honesty I did not know this was the guy from that one play. So saying that you MORONS stop bringing up the Butt fumble up. Let it go.!!!!!! JHC

  12. The butt fumble wasn’t Moore’s fault. He had his behind turned to Sanchez. That play was 100% Sanchez’s fault as HE ran into Moore. Still, it was one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen.

  13. Good player, and it sure is fun to hound Dallas about this…….Hating the Cowboys just never gets old

  14. Trust me Jets fans, it’s never Brandon Moore any of us think about when we think about the butt fumble. Guy was a good, solid pro for years. I wish him well in retirement.

  15. As a Cowboys fan from the ’90s Dynasty years, I can promise you…A LOT of Cowboys players have had one night stands.

  16. And this just occurred to you now? Right…..
    I bet it was something else the Cowboys caught on to. Cover up.

  17. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Brandon going into the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. However, had he gone to Washington where their Ring of Fame includes a PA announcer, a County Commissioner, and a former QB whose 4 year career failed to ever produce a winning record, well, clearly the standards are quite a bit lower in the DC football world.

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