Mike Wallace returns to the practice field


The Dolphins offense was admittedly sloppy in the Hall of Fame Game, and may be getting closer to a big step toward fixing that.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, wide receiver Mike Wallace is practicing today for the first time in nearly two weeks.

Wallace has been bothered by a groin injury, but he showed his speed by hauling in a 40-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Ryan Tannehill during practice.

While it wouldn’t be expected to play him Friday at Jacksonville after such a long layoff, the fact Wallace is back and running full speed is a good sign for having him around when they actually need him.

17 responses to “Mike Wallace returns to the practice field

  1. The real news is he is back at practice.

    The fact he burned Nolan Carroll on a 40 yard pass is hardly news worthy. He won’t be lining up across corners with this guys talent..

  2. Speed is speed and that’s one thing that M. Wallace has in abundance. Tannenhill will find him early and often, but once he develops tunnel vision if he does, the Fins are screwed.

  3. I’m pulling for Miami to win that division, but if Tannehill can’t stay upright for at least three seconds on a play, Wallace being open 40 yards down field won’t matter.

  4. This is the same player who lost “focus” according to gameplan. Good luck with that, Miami and the 60million overpaid money to go with it.

  5. Wallace is the most overpaid wideout in the game all he has is speed his hands arent that good hes not even top 10 in the league lol will see how good he is without big ben miami overpaid for alot of players this offseason

  6. Enjoy these practice-field moments by Wallace, Miami fans. He’ll have a few in games too, but more times than not will disappear if he’s not the focal piece.

  7. steeler fans hating on wallace,before they said he was the greatest thig since the light bulb…we all know how that goes….

  8. there’s a lot of Steeler fans who think they are are smart as the people who run the team they root for. it’s hilarious…
    if they kept Wallace last year at the 9 mil and some change Pitt offered they would cried “Pitt drafts great and keeps their own”
    and now that he left for yea more money.. “he’s overrated, one trick pony and Pitt never keeps selfish overrated payers..”

  9. We havent seen Wallace play yet but word is T-Hill plays better when Wallace and Hartline are on the field. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. The Dolphins are definitely a better team with Wallace than without him

  10. Wallace not going to get them past 7-8 wins.

    Not that good..no depth,,,and a QB who hasn’t done it yet, despite what their fans hope for…Marino volume 2…Though Marino never won either.

  11. There they go again, just proving that ” there is no cure for stupid ” if they said something smart it would make national news. Bill

  12. If I was a steeler fan I might be trolling the “miami dolphins” link looking to hate on Wallace too who happens to be one of the better receivers they have had in the last decade. The Pats were about to take the Steelers #1 wideout and make him a rotational target for Brady so you know they do not have much in the WR department. Their beloved TE is one concussion away(not being funny) from retiring. Steelers might want to call Hines Ward back or wait for it…….LIMAS SWEED!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAOLMAOLMAO

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