Reggie Wayne sees some Peyton Manning in Andrew Luck


Colts receiver Reggie Wayne played a key role in the franchise’s greatness of the recent past, and he’s contributing to a quick turnaround.  Unlike anyone else with connections to the pre-2011 and post-2011 Colts, Wayne directly bridges the gap between the two franchise quarterbacks.

In a Tuesday interview with Scott Pioli for Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Wayne said he sees one specific trait in Andrew Luck that he saw in Peyton Manning.

“The way [Luck] approaches practice, I hate to do this, but it’s somewhat like a Peyton Manning,” Wayne said regarding the thing about Luck that impresses the veteran receiver the most.  “Even though I hate to compare the two, he takes practice just like it’s a game. He knows as well as I do that practice is probably going to be harder than the games because you’re going to see it so many different ways.  In game time, you may only see it once or twice.

“He gets us in and out of the huddle, he tells us to pick it up, he tells the offensive line, ‘Hey, we need to do better here.’  He tells the receivers, ‘I need you to come out a little higher’ or whatever the case may be.  So he’s on it.  Whenever your quarterback is doing that you know you’re in the right direction.  So I’m glad to see him doing that.”

But that’s where the comparisons end, because Wayne doesn’t see the value in making one player play like another player.

“What I would much rather Andrew do is build his own legacy, whatever that is,” Wayne said.  “Andrew, he can’t be a Peyton Manning.  He can’t be a Tom Brady.  He can’t be an Aaron Rodgers.  Only thing Andrew can do is be Andrew so whatever you’re motto is that’s what you need to work on. . . .  I like what I see.  Well, actually, I love what I see in him.  He’s going to be very good.  He really is, and as long as we can keep him clean up front and the skill guys continue to make plays for him, he going to be the face of the NFL soon.”

It was never going to be easy to be the guy who replaced Peyton Manning, but the Colts under Andrew Luck have quickly turned the page, getting to the playoffs in his first year with the team.

Now, the challenge becomes taking it to the next level.  Some think Luck and the Colts are ready, some think they’ll fade.  Either way, the Colts went from irrelevant in 2011 to relevant again.  In the end, they’ll likely have more than a decade of being a contending team on either side of the abysmal season that allowed them to land Luck.

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  1. he is a great kid and great qb but no way they make it past the texans and out of division. wildcard at best for another year or two.

    and to what reggie is saying, there are plenty of qbs in the league who could have the same things said about them. you give any qb playmaking skill players and a clean line and he’ll do fine.

  2. I am a huge Andrew Luck fan. He’s a hard worker, he’s sincerely humble, takes more joy at others success than his own, is a team player, says the right things not to be popular, but out of concerns for others and being honest, does the right things b/c he doesn’t want to let his parents down & and his teammates down, his character is as bright as his mind and talent. The Colts have “lucked” out beyond belief. I don’t recall ever seeing this kind of physical athleticism combined w/ that high level of character and cerebral approach and high intelligence all rolled up in the ideal physical built for a football player, never mind a QB (Elway played physical mostly). How many engineers from a top 5 academic school in the nation also excels at being a QB, but could be just as successful as a TE, LB, WR, K, or coach IN THE NFL?

  3. I have called Johnny Manziel Bizarro Tebow b/c of the media circus w/o the proven NFL QB talent (I REFUSE to use his nickname and make him the face of my favorite sport. That’s like spitting in the face of football.) However, a much more apt. description is that Johnny is OPPOSITE Andrew Luck. Both come from money, but one turned out selfish, entitled and spoiled while the other remained grounded, humble and high character. His coaches have often tried to study Andrew and model their parenting style to his parents’ so they too can raise an Andrew Luck. Not to recreate a carbon copy, to recreate a high character, humble, hard working child (though Geep Chryst may have done that w/ his son Keller). How many coaches can feel that way about their players – while he was in college even?

  4. I think Andrew will turn out to be the greatest QB who has ever lived. The Colts are such an outstanding organization and are the envy of the entire NFL. I have seen many people from Washington, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Baltimore post envious posts about how they wish their teams had Andy instead of their subpar QB. Especially, the racist team name, they really wish they had a healthy QB let alone Andy. Anyone who has zero intellectual capacity and is a pervert will click the thumbs down button.

  5. Reggie said if they keep him clean, well our center and right guard are two of the worst players in the league and are getting man handled in practice. The rookie’s brought in to compete with them have hurt their ankle’s so they are behind the eight ball. That’s my worst fear.

  6. Another story of Reggie Wayne showing pure class. The NFL should be doing more to put him on the front and center. He’s a guy the NFL should make sure kids are idolizing regardless of what size market he plays in.

    Never get tired of hearing stories from this guy. Wish he was on my team!

  7. Since 2000, there have been four rookie QB’s in the AFC to take their team to the playoffs. That’s Big Ben, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, and Phillip Rivers. And now Andrew Luck.

    And this wasn’t Aaron Rodgers territory, the Steelers, Ravens, Jets, and Chargers all missed the playoffs the previous year, just like the Colts, yet the new kid took them to the playoffs.

    EVERY single one of those QB’s returned to the playoffs the very next year. I’m not predicting SB or HOF for Luck, but that’s a pretty strong precedent so I’d bet that the Colts make the playoffs again.

  8. What Reggie really wanted to say is that Andrew Luck is Peyton Manning just without the outrageous contract demands, blame shooing, or perpetual choking in playoff situations.

    I call it an upgrade.

    Go COLTS!!!

  9. therealbleedcoltsblue says:
    Aug 7, 2013 11:57 AM
    What Reggie really wanted to say is that Andrew Luck is Peyton Manning just without the outrageous contract demands, blame shooing, or perpetual choking in playoff situations

    I call it an upgrade

    While I also believe the Luck will become great, im not sure I would classify his 2012 playoffs as an upgrade. 52% comp%, 0 TDs, 2 TOs, & 59 Passer Rating are not exactly stats to crow about….

  10. A more difficult schedule and no more motivation playing for a sick head coach means a .500 record at best and no playoff appearance for you in 2013, Dolts!

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