Welker says dealing with Belichick was “kind of hard”

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Now that he has New England in the rearview mirror, Broncos receiver Wes Welker can be honest: He wasn’t crazy about playing for Bill Belichick.

Welker told Sports Illustrated that toward the end of his six-year stay in New England, Belichick got on his case, admonished him in front of his teammates, and generally made things difficult.

“It was just kind of hard,” Welker said, “one of those deals where you have to endure him, put up with him. . . .  But he does it to everybody, it’s the way he is.”

It’s somewhat surprising that Welker would speak negatively about Belichick to the media, but it’s not surprising that Welker feels that way. Welker made no secret of the fact that he didn’t think the Patriots valued him enough, and Welker and Belichick clashed at times, most notably when Belichick benched Welker for the start of a playoff game against the Jets because Welker ridiculed Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, ignoring Belichick’s instruction not to say anything that could serve as bulletin board material.

In fact, Welker said he still thinks about Belichick’s obsession with staying tight-lipped when talking to reporters, even though he doesn’t play for Belichick anymore.

“When I’m answering questions from the Denver media, I’m not worried about what the Broncos’ people are going to think,” Welker said. “I’m worried about what Belichick will think.”

Welker doesn’t have to worry about Belichick anymore. Except when he worries about how Belichick will game plan to stop him when the Broncos and Patriots meet on November 24.

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  1. Disappointing that he’d step off the high road to spice up an interview. Even if you feel like that, it’s better to zip it and let your play talk.

  2. Belichick is an obsessed football geek. Most people who are like that and extremely successful at their jobs are a bit eccentric and “difficult”. Big deal. Welker comes across as kinda butthurt here.

    The jab at Rex Ryan’s foot fetish was great though and well worth the punishment.

  3. This is just slimy and weak, man.

    Welker had a lot of success in New England and ended up making a lot of $$$ after being only a minor player in Miami, now he goes out to Denver bad mouthing BB. Dodgy behavior.

  4. He’s even harder on his players since he was caught cheating, used to be so much easier winning super bowls when you tape walk throughs and defensive signals to aid your runs.

  5. Good guy. He’s right. But wrong to say this stuff now. It shows BB was right. A great WR can by definition only be as good as the thrower who throws to him is. Peyton is great. So Wes will be great….if he doesn’t tweak his hammy or trip over his now free to babble lips or something.

  6. Both Welker & Jennings will have plenty to complain about when they realize how good they had it with the former teams they are currently complaining about.

  7. Was this comment that big of a deal? I think it’s definitely interesting to hear someone actually critique someone like Belichick who is fairly mysterious. On sports center, Linda Cohn was crying as if it was a travesty that anyone would ever question the might of Belichick and ESPN’s love, the Patriots.

    And that pass was a tough catch…. If Brady is as good at throwing non checkdowns as the media likes to wax poetically about, he should have put it in a much better spot. The window for that pass was huge.

  8. Hey, all Belichick did was be the only guy who really saw what you could do and pull you out of Miami where your career would have gone on in the limited fashion it had been with the horrible QBs they’ve had there.

    All he did was make you a millionaire 20+ times over when no one else would pay you squat.

    All he did was put you where Brady was throwing to you and made you a star.

    Not much I agree but he did have some minor impact on your success Welker.

  9. Poor guys…..getting paid millions to play a game around 5 months out of the year, and they have to put up with a coach telling them what to do…..HOW DARE YOU NFL?!?

  10. As a white guy, what is with white players lately putting their respective foot in their mouth? Belly Check is hard on all of this players, and Wes said as much. So, what the hell is he complaining about, acting like he was singled out? I remember Brady talking about how Belly Check ripped him a new one in front of the whole team during a Monday film session during the season. Brady took it with stride and honor that he doesn’t get special treatment. That’s why everybody loves playing for Brady because he’s tough and has that balance down of being one of the boys yet standing up and leading those boys.

  11. I dont agree w the comments here. Sure he benefited from BB but lets get real BB isnt into doing any favors for anyone. He was the most important pass catching cog every year in the modern day NE offense.

    Dude sounds like he just wanted to be appreciated. I know Id take less money for a boss that instilled me w pride instead of tearing me down all the time. Particularly when being a leader in the nfl in receptions.

  12. The Hoodie had every right to get on Welker’s case. Two years in a row he cost the Patriots a SB.

    As a Ravens fan I admit, had he caught that 3rd down pass, totally different ball game and Pats go on to the SB.

    Thanks Wes !

  13. .


    I’ll await your citation of a factual report on the ” taping of walk throughs”

    Telling the same falsity since 2007 is odd behavior.


  14. wheels, he’s basically upgrading at QB and is on a more talented team. I don’t see him missing much of a beat in Denver. Unfortunately as a Charger fan.

  15. Maybe Now you will understand why Belichick told you to keep your mouth shut when talking to reporters. Nothing good will ever come of it.

  16. get over it you moron. if it wasn’t for belichick nobody would know who you are and you would not be rich. wonder how many passes you will drop when the broncos need one when you play the pats.

  17. wha wha wha… I’m wes I played for a probowler qb and another probowler qb and a hall of fame coach. Wha

    Wes did you want to go back to the Miami of the old days? Then you can really complain.

  18. welker just became my favorite non-jet.

    good for him….bb is a d”bag, and every body knows it. good to hear one of his players say it.

  19. If Wes is finally talking about Belichick, I can’t wait to hear what his wife is saying about him on Twitter. Watch out, Bill, the lady has her finger on the post button and you’re in her sights.

  20. As a Lions’ fan, I love to have Belichick running my team. I couldn’t care less what the players thought of Hoodie as long as we were competing for a Lombardi every year.

    So, Wes, thanks but we’ll be fine without ya!

  21. Don’t really see this as talking smack. He’s just stating the obvious.

    I bet the comment about worrying about BB drew a laugh from him. Not a big deal.

  22. jrebar88…a classy organization? You mean the one that received the largest fine in NFL history after it cheated its way to its only 2 titles by illegally exceeding the salary cap?

  23. way to go welker tell the truth and tell the ppl wat they wana hear now that you can speak freely …I’d hate bill to he gets all credit wen he cheats to win and brady has that 2nd frequency in his helmet from the cheat booth …they cheated and made you a star n now you can really b one on your own with peyton the truth manning

  24. The Pats’ winning % has actually gone UP since “Spygate”, they’ve been to 2 more SBs and had an unprecedented 16-0(18-1)season…unfortunately, the G-men seem to have their number(and a couple amazing plays) that kept them from being 5-time winners. How can anyone with any brains say they haven’t “won” since “Spygate”?

  25. Good for Welker for opening up and dumping on his former tyrant of a coach! This is just like Greg Jennings dumping on his old team the Packers. Free speech is liberating. What do these guys have to really lose now that they have a chance to play where they’re appreciated and paid well. That’s what any employee wants.
    The only difference in this post is that hundreds of myopic cheese heads aren’t spouting their hatred for opinions that differ from their own. It makes the match ups more exciting to look forward to, and it’s nice to get a peek behind the curtain so to speak.

  26. In conclusion, Bill can be a horse’s rear and Wes can be a petulant whiner. I don’t think we learned anything here.

    However, as a Pats fan, I wish it didn’t have to be this way. Great player, great coach, six years of outstanding games.

  27. Don’t really blame him for being upset at how the Pats treated him the last season but thats probably something he should’ve kept to himself. My guess is he just wanted to make the story more interesting but yeah, he’ll still probably regret it in time.

  28. Belichick treated everyone the same, taught you to show self discipline when talking to the media, and made you into a top tier receiver and a ton of money. Yeah, I would bad mouth that mean head coach too. It must have been hard losing two Super Bowls. Don’t have to worry about that in Denver. Manning will make sure you lose sooner than that.

  29. Wes – you were great and I wish that you were still a Pat, but watching you drop Super Bowl 46 was “kind of hard”.

    So was that drop on 3rd down in the 3rd quarter of the AFC chempionship game. Catch that and we likely hold the ball for another two minutes into the wind while going up 16-7 or 20-7 – huge. That was also “kind of hard”.

    That said, best of luck in Denver outside of your game(s) vs. NE.

  30. mattwalshvideo says: Aug 7, 2013 8:59 PM

    He’s even harder on his players since he was caught cheating, used to be so much easier winning super bowls when you tape walk throughs and defensive signals to aid your runs.


    Durrrrrr…..good one…………video walk thrus…durrrrrrrr……funny screen name….durrrrrrr

  31. A few of things:

    I don’t think Welker saying it was hard to play for Belichick means that he hated Belichick or doesn’t think about him positively.

    Because he thinks about what Belichick will think even though he’s talking to the Denver media means that Belichick has had an impact on him. Watch what you say. Be careful what you say. It’s an important thing. Parcells’ guys still worry about what Parcells will think too. Great coaches make a diiference in players’ lives on and off the field.

    And lastly, I hate this whole New England undervalued him. Before the 2012 season, the Patriots offered Welker MORE money than what he ultimately signed for in Denver. After the 2012 season when the market for WRs changed, the Pats offered him less than their original offer before the season. They didn’t undervalue him. The market changed, and they adjusted their offer. And don’t bring up Amendola. Different scenario. Amendola is 26(?) not 33 and a much better WR at 26 than Welker was at 26 when the Pats acquired Welker.

  32. Personally I think this is all a setup. Belicheat and Welker are part of an elaborate scam to sneak a camera into the Denver locker room. Welker is a double agent!

  33. The main reason for Miami’s losing record the past four years (two losses a year , other than in 2009 , when we split the series) is Bill Belichick and the Patriots. If not for David Tyree’s helmet catch and Brady’s overthrow of Welker 18 months ago , we’d be talking about the Pats as one of the most dominant teams of all time , if not the most dominant. And I’m a Dolphins fan.

  34. Sounds like Belichick has the same type of relationships with his players that abused persons have with their abusers. That’s sad.

    When Welker made his Rex Ryan comment, I think the concern was not a fear of “bulletin board material,” but a fear that the Jests would use it as a footnote.

  35. Why are you guys complaining about him talking now? When was he supposed to complain? Back when it could have gotten him cut? I like that he’s able to speak his mind now. Freedom is a wonderful thing!

  36. Catch that ball in the 4th quarter of SB46, and hoodie stays off your case and Mr. Kraft writes you a big check and your retire a Patriot.

    Instead, butthurt sour grapes.

  37. Sour grapes. I’m sure Brady would say belicheck is hard to play for too, but I bet he would also say there’s no one else he’d rather play for. Belicheck believed in Welker just like he did in Brady when no one else did. He got the 6 most productive years out of Welker and knew when to let a WR go, better to let him too early than too late. I’m sure he will put up good numbers with Payton but not the numbers he put up with Brady, the offenses are totally different. Too bad he has to be such a baby, just shows he’s missing his old team if he’s still talking about them.

  38. Everybody in the media treads lightly with the almighty Belicheat. It’s nice to see someone from the inner circle tell the truth and let everyone see behind the mask of the great hooded one. Though I wouldn’t put it past the hoodie to lay a bounty on his head in November. Belicheat surely has Wes’ number, and at the very least this will be bulletin board material. Surely he will try to make an example out of him come game day. Someday an ex player will blow the lid off of some great controversy and people will undeniably see what a big ole Nozzle of a feminine hygiene product Belidouche’ is for real!!
    Go Cowboys!!!!!

  39. BB is a truly enigmatic person. He is a man with HOF in his future, rich and powerful beyond belief, and an enormous success by any measurement, yet he appears to be a miserable, unhappy and unpleasant individual. How can anyone with so many riches in life be so dour, dark and such a misanthrope? It doesn’t make sense.

  40. I like Welk – and I dig the Hoodie.

    Both are different, but epic in their varied ways.

    It’s sort of a bummer to hear the post-relationship fallout.

  41. If he was so unhappy then why did he want to come back and blamed the team for not wanting him ? He should have just left in free agency without negotiating with the pats.
    Just sour grapes. I like welker and wish he was with the pats but this is uncalled for.
    A boss who is harder on you when you dont perform . Go figure.

  42. Finally we start to hear the truth from within the walls of Rome..the poor patriots and now how they fall no longer can they keep that pinkie in the air. See what happens when the cat gets to fat…..

  43. Wes is a classy player and person – now he can end his career with dignity and get the stench of cheating and smugness off his breath. He’ll get his ring this year while the pats are at home watching in february. What goes around comes around sensitive pats fans.

  44. cjnunes426 says:
    Aug 7, 2013 9:02 PM

    “If Brady is as good at throwing non checkdowns as the media likes to wax poetically about, he should have put it in a much better spot…”


    so perfect

  45. If Brady is as good at throwing non checkdowns as the media likes to wax poetically about

    In other words, you’re butthurt because you know how good Brady is, you just don’t want to hear about it because it makes you feel jealous.

  46. Ungrateful. Belichick (and Brady) turned him from a cast-off into a star player. The fact that Belichick was on him all the time is clearly part of why he played so great. He’s fortunate to have Peyton. It will keep his career going nicely, but he’s no Jerry Rice. Brady made him. Only a rediculously accurate QB can get him the ball.

  47. Let’s cut the poor guy some slack. He just found out that the guy who lined up a few yards away from him the past 3 years KILLS PEOPLE.

  48. Majority of you on here cannot even wait until you get in your car to talk trash about your co-workers and boss. I applaud Welker for this…none of us on here know what its like to have those 6 years with a jerk like BB. I watch enough football to know the most consistent thing in NE the last half decade was Brady and Welker…..Brady got paid and Welker didn’t….no love lost, just Welker and his loyalty. Its about time someone put BB on blast, for years he has clipped his players pea-nuts…glad Welker found his back.

  49. BB didn’t make Welker millions or make him a good receiver. Welker’s own hard work and talent did it. Try analyzing his actual comments instead of the author’s take on it.

  50. I love Welker but that is something you tell a buddy, not the media. It is a lesson to all of us. Relationships end and you move on. Best to stay positive in your comments about prior long-term relationships, especially ones that are the highlights of your life.

  51. “it was kind of hard but that’s the way he is and you have to put up with it”

    OH MAN that was some crazy s*** talking! Woo!

  52. He will feel much more comfortable in Denver. Butterfingers and Fetus Head can now trade big game choke stories into the wee hours of the night together. But he’s going to have to adjust to all those one and outs coming his way.

  53. What is it with these recievers making it sound like every day was hell for them with their old team.
    Welker was mediocre at best in Miami, The Hoody coached him up to be a stud and gave him a chance to shine.
    Greg Jennings, relatively unknown in college, picked high by the Packers, and complains about feeling “brainwashed” while in GB.
    Time to grow up and show a little gratitude, kids!

  54. Welker’s age/health are really the crux, the calculus, here…. he’s a stud as mentioned above, and if he can stay on the field, and Manning can, they will make many happy yards together (ewww).

    I’d put his over/under at 650 yards for the season. I’ll take the over…. As an old phart fighting age myself…. I love to see 22-year-old guys go nuts as much as the next guy, but I REALLY appreciate the grizzled old patched-together guys held together by stitches and cadaver ligaments, git’in it done. 🙂

  55. Is that why you dropped the pass in the superbowl and that crucial one in the afc championship game this year wesley?

  56. I’m sure Wes feels, “undervalued”. But it doesn’t explain why he eventually had to take what amounts to LESS, from the Broncos, and will probably be looking for work again next season when the Bronco’s cut him, because they have to pay their 2 WR’s next year.

    I’m sure he’ll be productive for the Broncos this season, but he made a big mistake not taking the Pats offer. In the end it will probably work out for the Pats with Amendola, who is a little faster, just as quick and with a bigger catch radius. For Danny its just a matter of being able to stay on the field….a big if BTW. So far so good.

  57. No doubt Welker benefitted from where he played and who he played with. His best seasons were with Moss taking half the defense down the field with him every play. He also benefits from lots of 2 yard slant routes. He’s solid but is NOT a tier 1 WR in the NFL. Not even close. Although, if we are gonna attribute his success strictly to the QB, that means Jerry Rice is over rated seeing as he had Montana and Young throwing to him his whole career. Right?

  58. Belichick is an overrated jerk. He got lucky to draft Brady and he’s ridden that horse to the bank….now he’s desperate because Brady is fading and he has nothing to fall back on.

    The patriot way….what a joke. Losers before Brady, losers after Brady.

  59. He would have hated playing for Parcells, Ditka, or even Lombardi just to name a few.

    He comes across as a baby. One in fact that’s made millions now thanks to being traded for by, guess who, Belichick. I never even heard of the guy when he was in Miami.

    So Welker, why not just say thanks and leave it at that and grow thicker skin. You’re not the only player that’s played for that franchise and then left. It has no doubt helped your career and financial security playing there. The bottom line it’s a business too and veterans from all teams eventually get let go. So if it’s bitterness, fine. But keep your mouth shut and move on. You’re in Denver now so things turned out pretty good again.

  60. I personally think what he said about Bellychuck was not that bad, and pretty much what you would expect his practice demeanor to be like. The coach comes off as a prickly lil’ spit in his “mysterious” way. And yeah, so now Welker can say something, big deal. Makes for good soap drama, I am sure the media will over blow it and push the ratings up for the game. I am sure Welker is also grateful to have the opportunity to produce, but now he has the opportunity to prove he earned it. And many of us are interested in seeing that happen. Only time will tell. Bellychuck is a genius, and does a hall of fame job of coaching his team, but you don’t have to like him, and you don’t have to keep silent if you are willing to deal with the media frenzy you create. I say good for Wes, I am not a fan of Bellychuck.

  61. So a guy keeps quiet, performs extremely well for a team, follows all rules etc, then basically gets cast aside by the team…now he calls a spade a spade and tells it like it is and an honest representation of what it was like to play there and people want to bash him for that?? Get off your high horse people. When guys get interviewed I want to hear their answer, an honest answer. Not a canned response that doesn’t say anything. I hope the pats and their evil empire completely crumble this year. Definitely enjoying how things have started out there so far mwahahahahahaha

  62. Donkey fans don’t have the right to mention spygate, not when you consider the way they won their 2 Super Bowls.

  63. You wouldn’t have wanted to see BB warm up a room for a Tony Bennett concert, but his tenure alone on NE speaks volumes as a football coach.

  64. Welker was a great player for the Patriots..

    His last two years he seemed to have developed a chip on his shoulder.

    The Patriots molded him into the player that he has become. The Patriots made him, he didn’t make them.

  65. Belichick got on his case, admonished him in front of his teammates, and generally made things difficult.

    “It was just kind of hard,” Welker said, “one of those deals where you have to endure him, put up with him. . . . But he does it to everybody, it’s the way he is.”

    Isn’t that what a coach is supposed to do? Tell you what you are going wrong so you can correct it? WTF do these supposed grown men want? A councillor to hold their hand in private and tell them what a good boy they are?
    What a freaking crybaby douche.

  66. I still find it amazing that some people can find a way to tie ANY patriots article into spygate… Just sad to see that people can’t move on… Like a raiders fans who keep bringing up the tuck rule at every opportunity… I think that after a decade, it’s safe to discuss the current topic at hand, not continually reference ancient topics

  67. Does this surprise anyone. BB is a great coach and he made Welker what he is today. Now let’s see how that works out for him in Denver. Bring it on!

  68. WW is an ungrateful and unprofessional product of the system. How dare BB ask him not to insult the coaches or players of other teams! Or take a risk by trading draft pics for him when he had done nothing at 2 NFL teams.

  69. BB may be a difficult coach to play for because no one is above the team. Love Wes Welker but he had that class clown attitude about him and although as a Patriots fan I disagreed at the time his benching in the Jets playoff game, I understood it as Wes took it upon himself to create bulletin board comments about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish. It was funny as hell.

    I am somewhat surprised he would make a comment considering he was on the hone with Belichick trying to get the Patriots to match the Broncos offer.

    It is clear Wes would have preferred to stay in New England and some of the comments are sour grapes.

    Best of luck Wes and thanks for the memories !

  70. jrebar88 says:
    Aug 7, 2013 9:02 PM
    I know he is happy to finally be with a classy franchise


    Bet the Broncos front office will drink to that!

  71. Bet you ol’ Hoodie informs his defense that he wants the piss knocked out of Welker if/when they play.

  72. “He wasn’t crazy about playing for Bill Belichick.”

    I read your article and the article you linked, and I didn’t arrive at this same conclusion.

  73. WW has always been a guy who likes to speak his mind, and BB is a coach who doesn’t want to let anything, no matter how small it looks interfere with the best chance to win. Almost from the first day he was a Patriot BB had to reel him in at times. Once was early on when he made a comment about how good some other player on the team was or something like that. Pretty innocuous, but the issues were there right away.

    WW just doesn’t sound like the type of player who could deal well with criticism in front of the team. Even Brady is always criticized by BB in front of the team and he’s not fond of it either (who would be?)but he understands why that is and deals with it. I guess TB is more mentally tough. It just surprises me and makes me sad that WW feels this way because I always thought he was mentally tough too. I guess not.

  74. I’m also pretty sure that the Patriots did not take kindly to the stupid remarks his “hooters” wife said after the AFCC about Ray Lewis and the Ravens.

    The Patriots always move on from a player a year sooner than later.

  75. The patriot way….what a joke. Losers before Brady, losers after Brady.

    You are aware the Patriots actually have the best record in the NFL since Kraft purchased the team.
    If you want to say they didn’t win a SB until Brady that would be correct but to say “Losers before Brady” would be wrong.

    But what do you expect from haters, they are usually wrong!

  76. I hope Welker catches over 10 passes, goes for over 100 yards and scores at least 2 TD’s against the Patriots. There is simply no excuse for the shabby way the Belichick treated him last year. None.

  77. Wes nobody knew who you were until hoody made you relevant you ungrateful brat! Love that the pats went to a younger faster more athletic slot receiver

  78. titusyoungslegalcounsel says:
    Aug 8, 2013 12:10 AM
    Hilarious. BB and Tom Brady are the reasons this guy exists. He is the most over rated player in the league. People call him a top 5 receiver in the game because of his numbers. That’s a joke


    I don’t know about that…I remember watching him as a member of the Dolphins thinking, man this kid’s got a lot of potential. If an armchair QB like myself could see the talent, I’m sure it was easy for BB to see Welker’s ceiling and bring him. Yes Brady and BB definitely helped Welker’s career, but he was playing good football before he was Pat.

  79. Not being a fan of any of the AFC East teams I still that this year will be very interesting. It looks like all of the division teams got a little weaker and it will be a lot more competitive. Also, the one team (which I have no love for) that may be the surprise of that division are the Steelers. Saying that, the road to the SB will go through Mile High stadium. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  80. Once again, idiots out there bringing up the bogus Spygate trash. Videotaping was LEGAL. EVERY team was doing it. Roger Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to EVERY in the NFL, not just the Pats. If the Pats were the only team videotaping signals, then why did Goodell send that memo to EVERY team in the NFL?? Because EVERY team cheats.

    Too bad the Pats had to take the hit for every team in the NFL that was doing the same thing. Not every team, though, had an Eric Mangini willing to rat out the Pats to the commissioner. Every team cheats, Saints commit bounties, Broncos players take drugs. 49ers circumvent the salary cap. Every team looks for an edge. People need to get a clue.

  81. mattwalshvideo says:Aug 7, 2013 8:59 PM

    He’s even harder on his players since he was caught cheating, used to be so much easier winning super bowls when you tape walk throughs and defensive signals to aid your runs.

    This doesnt make sense, can you explain how taping something in front of 70K people that cant be used in game would “aid runs” or help win Super Bowls? Where is the benefit to taping vs simply writing it down. One would think taping would actually hamper the process.

  82. I’m pretty sure the way this quote is worded makes both Belichick and Welker sound worse. I think he said, “towards the end…”

    At any rate, Belichick has admitted that he’s not the easiest coach to play for, but look at the results. If you’re not cut out, you’re probably not going to last long.

    Last, I’m sure Welker is appreciative, regardless of this “quote”.

  83. Welker left the Patriots because he knows Spygate is the only reason why the Patriots are not a 2 win team.

  84. Welker also left because he is tired of playing with a weakling of a quarterback who can barely throw 2 yard curl routes.

    He can’t wait to catch passes from a REAL MAN’s QB like Peyton Manning. I don’t blame him.

  85. harry1941 says:

    Aug 8, 2013 10:44 AM
    Brady is gone da be butthurt when the Jets defense get to him, Game 2
    Go Jets

    Everyone look, it’s a Jets fan!


  86. Brady is gone da be butthurt when the Jets defense get to him, Game 2
    Go Jets


    Speaking of the Jets and butthurt… teed that one up nicely but I’ll pass…way too easy…..

  87. This is a joke. The way Belichick treated Welker was like you would treat a long lost son compared to the way Elway PUBLICLY threw Tebow under the bus over and over. And some twit here had the balls to call Denver a classy organization.

  88. Welker meant he’s a hard ass coach who tells it like it is, no matter how crude. Wonder how the great Vince Lombardi balled out players. We expect football players to be like Zen monks, with no emotion but high concentration. Mountains are good for Zen monks.

  89. Actually, Belichick has 5 rings, not 3 as one commenter said. 2 with the Giants as defensive coordinator.

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