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Report: Von Miller appeal scheduled for August 15


We don’t know all the details about why Broncos linebacker Von Miller is facing a four-game suspension from the NFL, but we know Miller is appealing the ban and there’s now a report about when that appeal will be heard.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Miller’s appeal will be heard on August 15. The NFLPA said that Miller’s suspension was not for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, which suggests it falls under the substance abuse policy.

The most recent round of reports about the suspension said that it was not for a positive drug test and Miller insists that he has done nothing wrong, making a specific point of saying that he doesn’t use marijuana when he answered questions about his plans to appeal the suspension.

That’s a lot of reports with very few facts, outside of the one that has the Broncos spending the first month of the season without their best defensive player if Miller’s appeal is unsuccessful. It looks like we’ll take a step toward finding out that verdict in the near future.

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26 Responses to “Report: Von Miller appeal scheduled for August 15”
  1. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says: Aug 8, 2013 7:08 PM

    juicer! revoke his defernsive rookie of the award or put an asterisk!!***** BETTER yet give the award to ALDON SMITH!!

  2. floratiotime says: Aug 8, 2013 7:10 PM

    Not disclosing the details makes it look like they’re hiding something awful … which is probably worse than just saying what it was.

  3. captainwisdom8888 says: Aug 8, 2013 7:10 PM

    Well thats weird, because doing nothing wrong generally doesn’t earn you a 4 game suspension. Whatever the situation, I’m sure it’s all someone else’s fault…

  4. skoobyfl says: Aug 8, 2013 7:15 PM

    Everyone in jail is innocent.

  5. dg0122 says: Aug 8, 2013 7:18 PM

    Broncos would be ecstatic if he wins his appeal

  6. djcologne says: Aug 8, 2013 7:18 PM


  7. thegreatgabbert says: Aug 8, 2013 7:24 PM

    Chicken gizzard extract.

  8. doe22us says: Aug 8, 2013 7:28 PM

    Hey Von the 60’s called they want their hairstyle back. On a serious he doesnt smoke weed he pops molly’s.

  9. broncosfinnawhoopdatbooty says: Aug 8, 2013 7:32 PM

    Aldon Smith, the guy thats a one trick pony and can’t get to the qb without Justin Smith. The guy that had six sacks against a crappy bears o line which was comparable to a high school line. Von Miller is a complete linebacker and the best go home Aldon and the guy who doesnt know what he’s talking about.

  10. gloryfromheaven says: Aug 8, 2013 7:33 PM

    U people do realize his suspension has nothing to do with drugs….

  11. youarejealousof6rings says: Aug 8, 2013 7:36 PM


  12. Nickstixx says: Aug 8, 2013 7:39 PM

    Von will swim around this suspension like a Right Tackle on Sunday and he will be out there opening game!!! Don’t suspend him, Goodell!

  13. thegreatgabbert says: Aug 8, 2013 7:41 PM

    “Who’s the black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks?

    Von Miller!

    You dammnnnn right…”.

  14. slick50ks says: Aug 8, 2013 7:42 PM

    He gone!

  15. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says: Aug 8, 2013 7:49 PM

    one trick pony? he can sack, good against the run and can cover now!!

  16. jrebar88 says: Aug 8, 2013 8:15 PM

    An article about the Broncos, and the trolls with no knowledge come running. Get a life.

  17. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says: Aug 8, 2013 8:27 PM

    the mile high above sea level is affecting u guys’ brain!!

  18. johninthewest says: Aug 8, 2013 8:43 PM

    Yo niners fan: Yo brain been in too much of that sea water..

  19. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says: Aug 8, 2013 8:48 PM one cares about the broncos…boring/irrelevant franchise….

  20. Michael says: Aug 8, 2013 8:57 PM

    The guy was on a USO trip in Afghanistan. Forgot to file the paperwork with the league, so he missed his appointment. Nothing to see here.

  21. firestarter0728 says: Aug 8, 2013 10:22 PM

    He looks about 45 years old in that pic.

  22. csszrr says: Aug 8, 2013 11:21 PM

    It’s the Broncos and the NFL needs them to win so there will be no suspension. C’mon Manning is on this team. It makes them immune from Godell’s selective enforcement of rules.

  23. gbsfinest420 says: Aug 9, 2013 12:15 AM

    Von Millers name will be cleared!!!

  24. lanman11 says: Aug 9, 2013 3:13 AM


    I’m not a fan, but the Shaft reference was on target.

    Now shutchyo mouth…..

    I’m just talkin’ bout Shaft!

  25. joetoronto says: Aug 9, 2013 5:10 AM

    Everybody’s innocent, don’t you know?

  26. newcomer2013 says: Aug 9, 2013 10:15 AM

    Niners fan who thinks no one cares about the Broncos. The stadium last night was half empty, that would never happen in Denver. I am sure you will say the game was sold out but thiry thousand people came dressed as empty seats.

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