Darren McFadden ready to bet on himself this year


The Raiders are obviously expecting big things from Darren McFadden this season.

And it appears they might have tried a little buy-low strategy in advance of it.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders “checked in” with McFadden about a contract extension, but he preferred to wait until after this season in hopes of a better deal.

The pieces are in place for a bet on himself to pay off. He’s healthy and entering a contract year in a scheme more suited to his talents under new coordinator Greg Olson. Then again, he’s shown flashes in the past, but he hasn’t played 16 games in a season yet.

“Obviously, he never felt comfortable in what we were doing last year,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “That led to some questions about him, but if you watch practice, the guy’s still explosive. He’s still a threat to take it all the way. And he feels more comfortable. If you don’t quite trust it, there’s always that doubt.”

Of course, having a motivated McFadden benefits the Raiders too, as they need all the help they can get.

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  1. as a diehard raider fan, i would love to see darren play a full season and prove that he’s in the conversation of being the best back in the league. that being said, i don’t see it happening. he has gotten hurt in every season of his NFL career, and i don’t see that changing this year

  2. good luck with that – once, twice, three times burned – some folks may not join him in that sentiment…

  3. Your mouth’s writing checks your body can’t cash.

    What’s next? You gonna tell us you were in a 4g inverted dive with a mig28.

    R.I.P. Goose.

  4. It’s a lose lose for McFadden because teams are not going to pay huge bucks for him next year. I don’t care if he runs for 5000 yards this year, teams will remember those first four years and remain cautious with a lot of incentive type adders to his contract, and very little guaranteed money. He should have signed an extension. If he gets injured again this year, and does not play the whole season, he will have few takers when he hits FA next year. I think even the Raiders will take a pass on him next year if he does not stay healthy this year. If he does play lights out this year and stays on the field all season, the Raiders are in great cap shape in 2014 to sign him. A win win for the Raiders by McFadden turning down an extension.

  5. And we get the obligatory appearance from dumbolt putting in his pea-brained two cents. I’ll take any of the Raiders QBs over that whiny Rivers anyday.

  6. Wow … Mcfadden’s agent should be fired … seriously it’s a passing league. RBs are not getting paid like the use too … reality check.

  7. I know that By him telling the Raiders that he wants to wait until after the season, it just means that he’s leaving for another team when he gets the chance. . .I’m sure of it

  8. Pure bust.

    He may be the softest RB in NFL history.

    I would offer more $ to Ryan Mathews, and we all know what he is.

    Fade fan still think he’s better than Charles. LOL

  9. Some people just don’t get it. Case in point:

    h3min1230 says: Aug 9, 2013 5:06 PM

    “Does this guy still play? I honestly thought he was done…”


    You obviously don’t watch football


    humb0lt says: Aug 9, 2013 5:15 PM

    “The Raiders still have no quarterback.”


    Actually, they have 4 QBs on their roster. Flynn, Pryor, Wilson and McGloin. Maybe if you payed attention to football you would know this…

  10. McFadden’s market will also be cut by more than half because everyone knows he can’t run in a zone blocking system, a 3.3 yard average. (yikes). Only power blocking teams will be interested. I think his agent has a lisfranc injury to the brain.

  11. Hopefully he rethinks his strategy and signs an extension that both sides can agree on (incentive based on performance and games played)

  12. I do not understand people. Even if he stays healthy for one season, it is the exception not the norm. Does not mean he is the second best back or anything like that. It makes him an occasional runningback. He should not be rewarded with a lucrative contract just because he stayed healthy one year because it just means he will be injured the following year once he has his money.

  13. I really hope Run DMC can play all season. When healthy he has potential to be the best RB in the league.

  14. Didnt leave any questions for Raider Nation. The day Greg Knapp was RE-hired we knew it was going to be a long year for D Mac. We knew Gregg Knapp didnt know how to use him. We seen that act before.

  15. i hope DMC has an injury free season. Hue knew how to get the most out of DMC, and Allen is more about the D, so it left us with “Greg I want to take a Knapp” o last year that DMC ran for more yards east and west then he did north and south. The nation has your back DMC…run wild!

  16. If McFadden could stay healthy for 16 games he would show people that only Adrian Peterson is a better all around running back.

    after 5 years he hasnt been able to show that…He isnt even the best RB in his division, much less conference or league..

    Even CJ Spller, who is far more dynamic is ultimately replaceable at some point. Mcfadden is a pretty good RB in a league full of pretty good RB’s…

    That being said, Id love to see what he could do with a full season as i wanted the Bills to draft him bad, so i still like him

  17. “If McFadden could stay healthy for 16 games he would show people that only Adrian Peterson is a better all around running back.”

    I don’t know about that.. Before Darren Mcfadden got injured in 2011 he was having a better season than Adrian Peterson. Thats not much but if you watch the tape you can’t really argue with it. Darren Mcfadden can be just as good as Adrian Peterson if not better.

  18. In today’s NFL, I’m not spending a top 5 pick or big bucks on McFadden or any other RB (not named AP), and I’m a fan of his.

    If the extension turned out to be decent, he should have bet on himself and the Raiders. They obviously didn’t get their money’s worth in the first 5 years, regardless of what he does this season, so he should feel some obligation to them. But of course that’s not how the real world works, unfortunately.

    Smells to me like he just wants to test the getting away from 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway waters…..

  19. If he keeps having sub-par, injury shortened years, he’ll be out of years.
    He’d better hope this is the one…

  20. Report comment
    slick50ks says: Aug 9, 2013 5:47 PM

    Pure bust.
    Fade fan still think he’s better than Charles. LOL
    He was better than Charles head to head last season. Charles had 14 carries for 14 yards. McFadden had 29 for 224.

    It’s embarrassing to see a grown man use an acronym like LOL.

  21. I’m not a raiders fan, but yall are fools for doubting the talent of DMC. Im not saying I would bet on his health, but he’s extremely explosive as a back. Lets look at the times he was healthy.. the offensive scheme was horrible, the offensive line was horrible, the raiders have just been horrible. How can he produce when they rely on his for 30+ rushes and 10+ passes a game and his opponets know he is the main threat of the entire team? Ill bet this.. if he does go to a different team and does remain healthy, he will be a top 5 back. Relate back to this blog when it happens because I’m calling it now

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