Hernandez’s cousin jailed for refusal to testify


Yes, football is back.  But the biggest NFL trial since the double-murder case against Ray Lewis is looming.

Before former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez can stand trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez must be indicted.  Before he can be indicted, a grand jury must conclude that probable cause exists to believe he committed the crime.

That process entails a parade of witnesses who will help provide a tapestry of evidence that will make an indictment a no-brainer.  As long as those witnesses are willing to testify.

One of them — Hernadnez’s coustin, Tanya Cummings-Singelton — has been jailed for contempt of court.  According to the Hartford Courant, Cummings-Singleton refused to testify before the grand jury.  She has been held behind bars since August 1.

Prosecutors believe Cummings-Singleton purchased a bus ticket for Ernest Wallace, who is charged with being an accessory after the fact.  Carloz Ortiz reportedly told police that he discussed the murder of Lloyd with Cummings-Singleton.

Her husband, Thaddeus Singleton, died in a car accident in late June.  She previously was married to Hernandez’s stepfather, Jeff Cummings.

Apart from her indefinite incarceration for refusing to cooperate with the grand jury, Cummings-Singleton becomes an even bigger target for potential prosecution under theories like obstruction of justice.  The phone, for example, that Wallace allegedly used to communicate with Hernandez and Lloyd was registered to Cummings-Singleton.  It has not been located by authorities.

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  1. This family is wild. So AH’s mom, married her son’s cousin’s ex husband???

    And his cousin’s ex husband is now his step father???

    Side note, innocent people dont need to worry about family/friends “ratting” on them. When this many people are in jail because of a murder, it isnt looking good for any of them. They may not be able to definitively point out who pulled the trigger, it is painfully obvious that AH, Wallace, Cummings-Singleton, and Ortiz (and possibly others) are all involved in the murder of Lloyd.

    Would seem that at this point, best case scenario for AH is he isnt guilty of murder, but he is guilty of a long list of other crimes associated with the murder (there are many weapons charges, accessory to murder, obstruction, etc). Even getting off on murder, he is still going to be behind bars for a significant period of time. Was it really worth it??? With that being said, the rift he had with Lloyd goes way deeper than “he was talking to people AH had a problem with”.

    It is anybody’s guess what the issue may have been, but it seems pretty obvious that AH is guilty in the shooting in Florida (both of them?) and the double homicide in Boston. If you committed murder already, doing it again in order to hopefully cover up the first one seems like the likely scenario here.

    Sort of like, AH knows if he doesnt kill Lloyd, he is going down for murder but if he gets away with killing Lloyd, he is set. If he doesnt get away with it, he is right back where he would have been anyways. accused of murder.

  2. She probably figures that, jail or no jail, her life expectancy will be longer if she doesn’t end up on the wrong side of Hernandez. Or, as his victims call him, “Heisenberg.”

  3. I hope PFT keeps the Hernandez stories to the bare minimum. Just let us know when he is convicted and sentenced, the rest is boring and not football related anymore.

  4. This could get interesting. She cannot be held without bail indefinitely, right? If this is the case, can’t Cousin Aaron bail her out with those sacks of $$$ he pilfered from the Pats?

  5. She’s obviouly scared for her life. We see other people who were going to be questioned having “accidents”. She’s safer in jail.

  6. Maybe I’m being dumb here but since when did pleading the fifth get you in jail?

    I mean Zimmerman was never forced to testify and we know he was connected to his case in a much larger way than this woman in the Hernandez case…

  7. ninerfan81 says: Aug 9, 2013 10:40 AM

    I’mmmmmm my own grandpaaa

    Ok. Phillip J. Fry

  8. Attention Massachusetts and Connecticut Police Dept.!

    Please start checking ALL Greyhound Buses for the missing gun!

  9. They should put her in the population for a day or two and she will be signing a different toon. Hope she likes swinging the bat the other way.

  10. clearly Hernandez’s 2 relatives that died in “vehicle accidents” were murdered. Those cases need to be reopened.

  11. Tanya Cummings-Singelton “I don’t recall”

    DA “Well, stay in jail until you remember”

    Honestly, had it been me, I would duct tape the gun to the upper branches of a tree. It is damned near a fact that people look down but they don’t look up. 20 feet up with black duct tape, that thing could stay hidden for decades until the tree fell down and they’d never find it.

    Of course I am a writer with some imagination, not a criminal, and he hasn’t quite shown himself to be of any sort of imagination to keep himself out of jail. I think the only reason the gun hasn’t been found is that he got lucky.

  12. This entire extended family will soon be all either dead or incarcerated. And just for added interest, they’re intermarried and re-married in ways that even the people on Sister Wives would find weird.

  13. (oYo) Chesticles (oYo) says:

    Even getting off on murder, he is still going to be behind bars for a significant period of time. Was it really worth it???

    I don’t think this is a case of trying to do something because it was “worth it”. I think Hernandez was under tremendous stress from maintaining a hidden double life and the pressure the people from that life put on him. At the same time the pressure and stress of playing in the spotlight as an NFL star. Seems to me he snapped under the combined pressure of both his lives and didn’t really care what happened to him as a result.

    Its hard to imagine Hernandez put any clear thought into his actions with Lloyd. He would have to be among the most singularly stupid murderers in the history of the human race. He left a blatant trail and could hardly have made it easier to connect him to the murder. It was almost as if he wanted to be caught the way he went about it.

  14. Reminds me of the Steven segal movie where he arrested everyone to get to richie. They are grabbing at straws a real defense lawyer will destroy their lead witness and their flimsy murder case with absolutely no motive. He’ll be stuck with gun charges but murder it just won’t happen

  15. Talk about a sinking ship of a family. Like the gang nanger version of Dallas. Btw, I thought they couldn’t force you to testify unless they offered some kind of immunity and you still refused? Any one?

  16. this is a family operated gang! Lock’em all up! Clean up the mess in our country. Well, at least one of the messes!

  17. Can’t figure out what happened in this family. All reports say Aaron and Uncle Dad got along great.

  18. wisewoo says: Aug 9, 2013 10:35 AM

    Maybe I’m being dumb here but since when did pleading the fifth get you in jail?
    You can refuse to incriminate yourself; you cannot refuse to testify and incriminate someone else.

  19. “Btw, I thought they couldn’t force you to testify unless they offered some kind of immunity and you still refused?”

    “you cannot refuse to testify and incriminate someone else.”


    Except your spouse. Although reading this bizarre story, it sounds like she may somehow *be* AH’s spouse.

  20. Refusing to testify in front of a grand jury is contempt. You end up in jail with no bail until a judge releases you. That said, am I the only one who’s wondering why whether she bought a bus ticket or not is the reason this indictment is being held up?

  21. “captaincanoe says: Aug 9, 2013 11:28 AM
    There is no 5th amendment rights when ordered to testify in front of a grand jury.”

    Sorry but that’s wrong. The privilege against self-incrimination applies to grand jury proceedings to the same extent as any other proceeding that could lead to criminal prosecution. I don’t know what the deal is with jail here, my guess is that she was offered immunity and still refused to testify. But it’s impossible to tell for sure exactly what was going on from this article.

  22. Addendum: from reading other stories it looks like she was ordered to appear before the grand jury and refused to do so. If that’s the case then she was never in a position to claim the fifth.

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