Judicial panel declines to consolidate Pilot Flying J cases


With a tentative, nationwide settlement of the claims against Pilot Flying J pending in Arkansas, a panel of federal judges charged with the responsibility of managing complex cases that stretch over multiple states has denied an effort to consolidate into one proceeding the various claims against the company run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the panel determined that consolidation of the cases could delay the settlement proceedings in Arkansas.

The ruling doesn’t alter in any way the ability of customers to choose not to participate in the settlement.  They each can “opt out” and pursue their own claims.

A challenge to the fairness of the national settlement can still be mounted, but the fact that a judge already has approved the settlement on a preliminary basis could make that difficult.  If the settlement is approved, the claims brought by the customers who opted out will proceed, possibly at that point in one courtroom.

All of this relates only to civil claims aimed at securing reimbursement, and possibly more, from Pilot Flying J for a pattern of customer fraud that possibly extends back to 2005.  The more significant problems for Haslam could come from the grand jury in Tennessee that is investigating the case from a criminal perspective.

Seven employees of Pilot Flying J have pleaded guilty to federal charges, and by all appearances prosecutors are trying to climb as high up the ladder as possible.  Haslam sits at the top of said ladder.

5 responses to “Judicial panel declines to consolidate Pilot Flying J cases

  1. As a Browns fan I WAS worried, but since his father has money and his Brother has money the worst cast scenario has the team goingto his old man or his brother if he is indicted and the world finds out that he “He did! He did taw a putty tat!” and his world comes crashing down around him.

    Goodell better be harder on him than he was on Vick and Pacman. Vick, as Haslem did, looked the commish we all hate in the eyes and lied. As a player that is bad, and as an owner they are held to a much higher standard so the penalty had better be stiff. I don’t know how stiff, whether we are talking about money or suspension from the league for X amount of years including the possible jail time. Vick was suspended 2 years 3 games including the jail time.

    But as a Browns fan the fans shouldn’t have anything to worry about since the problem with stability shouldn’t be an issue as the team will likely stay in the family.

  2. Vick was suspended 2 years 3 games including the jail time.


    If you exclude the jail time, Vick was suspended exactly 3 games. I’m not sure why Goodell bothered to suspend him at all if he was only going to give him a 3 game suspension other than for PR because that’s all it turned out to be, PR with no real punishment at the NFL level.

    The State conviction was a head scratcher also. They had him on the hook for up to a 10 year jail term on 2 felonies but let him off with a 3 year suspended sentance and a $2,500 fine.

    Paying $2,500 to get out of 2 felonies scott free at the state level is something that I don’t think would happen to the average joe.

  3. No. VIck was suspended for the 2007 season plus the 3 games.

    You are right. An average Joe would have been toast. I don’t like the difference in the laws for famous people and average Joes, because if that had been you or I we’d still be in jail. The judicial system in this country is horrible.

  4. I have some very bad news for all of you Browns fans that say your not worried, I am 55 Browns fan since 1957

    The truth in the matter, If HASLAM GETS INDITED, HIS DAD WILL MAYBE TAKE OVER THE team TILL IT IS SOLD, SEE FACTS ARE FACTS, IN OUR country WHEN YOU BUY SOMETHING WITH STOLEN MONEY, they CONFISCATE IT FROM YOU AND YOU GET NOTHING AND LOSE YOUR BILLION DOLLARS, see it will be up to the IRS and FBI if they sell it to the highest bidder, or if they allow the NFL to find a new owner but by this time next year, The browns will have a new owner and not a Haslam. a new front office and new coaching staff and a bunch of new players all over again, so enjoy the crappy year because everything will be different come next year, and hey you can hate on me all you want, But see your hating the wrong person, You should be hating Haslam, for putting us in this situation, the blame the NFL for allowing it to continue all these months and a few more, because see it is the law!! and the fat Lady started singing the day they raided his Headquarters,

  5. Bigtime, I hope your logic on the Browns is as bad as your math skills. 1957 plus 55 is 2012, you must be counting the year you were in your mama and papa

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