Dwayne Allen will miss a few weeks with foot injury


The Colts played their preseason opener on Sunday without tight end Dwayne Allen and it looks like he’ll miss most, if not, all of their remaining exhibition contests as well.

Allen went for a second opinion on his injured foot last week and coach Chuck Pagano shared some of the particulars after the team’s game against the Bills. Allen was in crutches and a hard boot at the game on Sunday and he will be similarly outfitted for a couple of weeks.

“We’re going to keep him off his feet, he’s in a boot, he’s on crutches,” Pagano said, via Mike Wells of ESPN.com. “They don’t want any weight on that foot for a couple of weeks. Nothing major. We expect to have him back sooner than later, and knowing Dwayne, he’ll do the necessary things he has to do as far as treatment goes and staying off that thing.”

Pagano believes Allen will “absolutely” be able to rejoin the team in time to play in the season opener. Allen had 45 catches as a rookie and is a solid blocker, which makes him a good complement to Coby Fleener at tight end assuming his foot cooperates.

4 responses to “Dwayne Allen will miss a few weeks with foot injury

  1. As important as Allen is to this team (And he is!), they better figure it out on kickoff cover teams…quickly!

  2. aaroncurryisbust says: As nothing of value was lost.

    First, it’s, “And nothing of value,” not “as nothing of value.”

    Second, it’s not funny when you post that same comment in every article mentioning an injured player. It makes you look particularly dumb when the player involved is good, like Dwayne Allen, meaning there indeed was something of value lost.

  3. arroncurryisbust, you’re on your way to trolling second to logicalvoice. That’s an accomplishment, I guess.

    The Colts looked like they haven’t been hitting in practice, Coby will toughen it up. Allen will be back.
    Preseason is like making out in J.R high. No pay off.

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